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Chinese light trucks for the UK

Yuejin UK plans to import light trucks from China later this year, according to Transport News Brief. The firm will start with a range of 3.5 tonners, imported with drop-side bodies. Tipper and box-bodied models will follow later in the year.

The trucks, based on a Nissan Cabstar model, are powered by a Toyota-based LPG engine.

"We see very good opportunities, particularly with local authorities and others working in areas where low emissions are a priority," said Steve Kusytsch, business development manager. "We're also looking for dealers, initially in the UK, to share in what we're sure will be a great success."

Yuejin plans to extend its sales onto the European mainland in the next two or three years.

More from Steve Kusytsch on 08 702 066 632 or [email protected]

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