Changes for Business Class M2

FREIGHTLINER'S Business Class M2 multiplex wiring system has reduced the number of wires by nearly half, and color-coding and ServiceLink diagnostic tools make maintenance and repairs quick and easy.

The Air Manifold Unit utilizes special modules that reduce the number of pneumatic lines and fittings and make it easier for dealers and body builders to change pneumatic options for different applications.

The new Smart Switch system enables switches in the cab interior to be easily interchanged or added without removing the dashboard.

It also has a new variable rate spring suspension that provides a smoother, more stable ride both loaded and unloaded. With up to a 55-degree wheel cut on the M2 106, it provides superb maneuverability on busy city streets or crowded loading docks.

The battery box can be mounted under cab for clean frame rails back of cab. All batteries come with a fused battery interconnect device for safe battery power.

A wide family of frame rails is available up to 7/16" × 11⅛" with ¼" c-channel inner reinforcement. Other features: clear frame rails back of cab; integral or bolt-on front frame extensions; rubber, leaf spring or air cab mounts; battery shut-off switch; left-hand and right-hand exhaust (horizontal or vertical); driver-controlled differential lock for traction control; left, right or dual 30- to 120-gallon aluminum fuel tanks (cylindrical on Business Class M2 112).

A newly designed dashboard features automotive styling, easy-to-read LED-backlit gauges and controls that are within easy reach. An improved blend air HVAC system fine tunes temperature control while three levels of insulation provide extra protection against noise and temperature extremes.

And for those who use their truck as an office, the Business Class M2 offers plenty of storage space. Items can be stored in the overhead console that comes standard, and storage options — such as a floor-mount compartment with writing surface, printer storage and 12-volt power outlet — can be added.

The hood is easy to open and features integrated splash shields that lift out of the way on both sides for greater accessibility. Frequently inspected components are strategically placed, allowing for faster repairs and adjustments. See-through fluid reservoirs reduce the time spent checking fluid levels and a removable floor section allows access to the transmission without removing the floor covering.

The standard, proprietary Donaldson PowerCore air cleaner is designed to go longer between replacements, yet still traps 99.85% of airborne particulates before they reach the engine. Freightliner has added a lube-free steering shaft, a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch, and suspensions that require no maintenance or lubrication.

Freightliner also has introduced its latest version of body builder information — the Business Class M2 Resource CD, Version 3.0, an interactive tool designed to help body builders, dealers, and customers construct the right truck for their business needs by engaging them in vehicle dimension design before a truck is physically built.

The M2 Resource CD, Version 3.0, offers digital spec'ing abilities for the complete Business Class M2 product line that includes the 100, 106, 112, 106V, and 112V truck models. Users can choose from a multitude of vehicle views, including exterior, interior, axle, engine, and component dimensions. The user is able to construct important dimensions of the vehicle, from the cab configuration down to the exhaust system, while utilizing this program.

First introduced in July 2002, the Business Class M2 Body Builder Resource CD has been upgraded in Version 3.0 to include improved graphics and an expanded viewing area, making dimensions and drawings easier to read and print. The extra room achieved by expanding the viewing area has also improved navigation. Scrolling through multiple pages has been minimized, and it is no longer necessary to return to the main menu to start new dimensional designs on a different area of the vehicle. Additionally, users can select a new base model through the top navigation bar.

Additional features on the new CD include the ability to save configurations and recall them later, eliminating repetition, and the ability to capture data codes in print mode for convenient reference. Chassis and body-relevant dimensions are also consolidated in the new version.

Also, Detroit Diesel announced that in 2007, it will launch three redeveloped engines: its two heavy-duty engines, the Series 60 and MBE 4000, and medium-duty MBE 900. Each engine provides a serious advantage to waste management customers, particularly in the collection and transfer, landfill management, and recycling/processing and composting business.

The standard displacement on the MBE 900 medium-duty diesel engine grows to 7.2 liters. Previous MBE 900 models covered the power range with four different engine configurations. The 2007 MBE 900 will feature just one displacement, which will offer more power and durability. The MBE 900 is available in ratings from 190 hp to 300 hp and 520 to 860 lb-ft torque. Also, customers will be able to choose between a standard power version of the MBE 900 featuring ratings of 190 to 250 hp and 520 and 660 lb-ft torque and a high performance version with 260 to 300 hp and 800 to 860 lb-ft torque.

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