Cat Announces New Engine Line

Low Emissions Plus High Performance Equal Clean Power Engine Line from Cat

Caterpillar Truck Engines says its new Clean Power engine line delivers lower emissions levels than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently requires, without sacrificing performance, fuel economy, driveability, or serviceability.

The Clean Power 3126E, available since March 1, delivers up to 12% fewer nitrogen oxides. New heavy-duty Clean Power engines include the C-10, C-12, C-15, and C-16, all of which will offer up to 8% less NOx than previous engines.

Ratings range from 175 to 330 horsepower for midrange, and 355 to 600 hp for heavy-duty. All are certified for both EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements. Three mid-range ratings 207, 216, and 230 hp are also certified to meet the low-emissions vehicle standards required for participation in the Clean Fuel Fleet Vehicle program being implemented in designated non-attainment areas of the United States.

The next generation of Clean Power engines will feature a new emissions control strategy: Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology (ACERT).

For full details, contact Caterpillar Engine Division, PO Box 610, Mossville IL 61552-6110.
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Hiniker V-Plow Fits Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks

Hiniker Co's new Model 1951 V-plow is designed for the new dual-wheel four-wheel-drive trucks from General Motors, Ford, and Dodge. The 9'-6" plow clears a 98" path in the fully angled position and a 101" path in the “V” position, exceeding the outer tire width of an F-550 with dual rear wheels.

As with all Hiniker plows, a quick-hitch mounting system simplifies installation. A joystick controller fits in the palm of the operator's hand.

Hiniker also produces an 8½' V-plow, as well as reversible C-plows and conventional plows for Ford, GM, and Dodge full-size four-wheel-drive pickups and light trucks. For complete details, contact Hiniker, 58766 240 St, Mankato MN 56001.
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Module Controls Up to 15 Power Locks

Harvey Co's new patent-pending plug-in Power Locking Control Module permits one to 15 power locks to be operated at a time. Switching to the third channel mode allows personnel and compartments to be operated independently. Two inputs trigger negative and positive. The module's response of .5 second assures long actuator life and user satisfaction.

For more information, contact Harvey, 20428-B Buck Ridge Rd, Grass Valley CA 95949.
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Open House Displays Whitney Innovations

Nearly 200 visitors to W A Whitney's 2001 open house saw parts flow through a manufacturing cell and participated in the introductions of new Whitney products.

Parts flowed from the 3400 RTC hydraulic punch/TRUECut plasma cutting fabricating center to a Pullmax brake and onto an ABB Flexible Automation robotic weld station. The plasma cut parts moved directly to the downstream operations without any clean-up operations. The new PlateSTORE automatic storage/retrieval system and the new PartHANDLER-II automatic load/unload system completed the cell with automatic material handling capabilities.

A new model of the TRUECut/hydraulic punch combination machine the 3700 SST debuted. The 3700 SST offers 55 tons of punching power, providing 38% more punching capacity. With 1/2"-thick plate, the SST punches 1.400"-diameter holes in 1020 mild steel; 1.167"-diameter holes in A36; and 1"-diameter holes in A572 Grade 50. Cutting speed is increased to 100% with the TRUECut-400.

An integrated load/unload system for the 3400 RTC, the TRUECut/hydraulic punch combination, was introduced. The PartHANDLER-II uses magnetic power to transfer plate from the PlateSTORE automatic storage/retrieval system (also introduced), and to remove larger finished parts from the 3400 RTC. Smaller parts are removed via drop door.

Whitney's entry into the plasma-only area, the new Advantage, was demonstrated for the first time. It offers ease of use; operator convenience; productivity; choice of plasma systems; and service, training, and support.

The PlateLASER 6000 paired with the PlateHANDLER automatic load/unload system, demonstrating speed and quality achieved when cutting stainless steel. Stainless parts are produced without dross, with 3/4"-thick cut at 10 inches per minute.

Guests attended seminars on “Power and Profitability of Single-Piece Flow” and “Tips for Maximum Performance,” and saw demonstrations of fabricators and portable hydraulic presses.

Bulitex Translucent Roof Panels Introduced

US Liner Co has introduced Bulitex translucent roof panels. These panels are now available for testing on dry van trailers. Bulitex is a multi-layered woven thermoplastic composite featuring ballistic capabilities. According to US Liner, the Bulitex manufacturing process produces a material that is thinner and lighter than FRP and plywood, yet is up to six times stronger. Bulitex protects new trailers and can extend the life of current trailers by years.

The company has made available a Hammer Challenge Kit, which includes samples of Bulitex and standard FRP, along with a ball peen hammer. Hands-on comparisons prove the strength and durability of the woven Bulitex over chopped-fiber FRP.

For more details, contact US Liner, 2301-10 Duss Ave, Ambridge PA 15003.
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Safety Tow Unit Provides Alternative to Tailgate Lift

Tiger Line Equipment Inc offers the Safety Tow unit, which lets the user lower the trailer, move a load into position, and lift the load. This unit comes in two models the ST3000 (3,000-lb-capacity) and ST4000 (4,000-lb-capacity) and is designed to handle bulky items.

GVWR of the ST3000 is 4,050 pounds; the ST4000's is 5,150 pounds. Payload area for both measures 56" wide by 50" deep. The chassis has all-steel welded construction with a 1/4"-steel bucket. The parking jack offers 2,000-lb capacity.

Standard equipment includes electric brakes, black paint finish, and a hand winch. Options consist of an electric winch, surge hydraulic brakes, custom paint finish, spare tire and bracket, tiedown straps, and brake controller.

For full details, contact Tiger Line, 350 S Ohio St, Minster OH 45865.
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Bri-Mar Debuts Rascals

Bri-Mar Manufacturing introduces the Rascal Series of dump trailers, which includes the R610-7 and R610-10. These models are designed to carry and dump 3.5 cubic yards of material. Both these trailers feature a bed size of 6' × 10', two-axle electric brakes, safety cables, a 12-volt power unit, standard remote control, and a pump and battery box. They are painted in red or black, complete with one coat of primer and two coats of enamel. The R610-7 has a GVWR of 7,000 pounds and an empty weight of 1,860 pounds, while the R610-10 has a GVWR of 10,000 pounds and an empty weight of 1,980 pounds.

For more information, contact Bri-Mar, 1080 S Main St, Chambersburg PA 17201.
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Holland AirLite2 Technology Converts Trailer
Spring Suspensions to Air-Ride Suspensions

Holland AirLite 2 air suspension/slider system conversion technology is an economical way to increase the useful life of spring suspension trailers and increase trade-in value.

AirLite 2 technology makes converting trailers with a spring suspension to air-ride suspension fast and economical. More specifically:

  • Existing axles and brakes can be reused. AirLite2 uses the spring-to-axle connection technique spring suspensions use.

  • AirLite2 technology can be used with many 1/2" wall axles.

  • AirLite2 fits Holland Binkley, Hutchens, and Reyco mechanical suspension body rails (4" and 6" lock pin spacings).

  • AirLite2 conversion can be completed in four simple steps.

  • AirLite2 uses the same axle alignment procedures as spring suspensions. No maintenance training is needed.

  • Patented Qwik-Release reduces lock pin pull effort by 33%.

For additional information, request the AirLite2 conversion technology brochure #2097 by contacting Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.
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Catalog Illuminates Truck-Lite Product Line

Truck-Lite's full line of advanced LED and Harness Lifetime Lighting Systems is featured in a new 26-page catalog highlighting more than 200 LED products, more than 100 accessories, and all components for a sealed Series 88 Plug Together harness system. Products are categorized in clearly marked sections consisting of stop-turn-tail lamps, front park and turn lamps, marker-clearance lamps, cab markers lamps, license plate lamps, dome lamps, back-up lamps, mounting accessories, and Series 88 sealed harnesses.

Every LED product is shown with a color photo. The catalog gives detailed information on each lamp, including lens and housing material, voltage requirements and amp draw, kit components, recommended mounting applications, and plug specifications. Each lighting product is illustrated with a 3-D line drawing indicating all dimensions.

The Mounting Accessory section includes the most popular mounts that accommodate almost any application.

Series 88 Plug Together harnesses ensure electrical contact and eliminate the need for junction boxes. Detailed, full color illustrations depict every harness component needed to customize any trailer. Diagrams of typical 28-, 48-, and 53-foot van trailers and 48-ft flatbeds show all components necessary to equip each with a complete Series 88 system.

Details of Truck-Lite's LED and harness lifetime warranty, along with complete information on Diamond Shell protective hard coated products, are in the catalog.

Catalogs can be requested online at, by e-mail at [email protected], or by contacting Truck-Lite Co, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.
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Ridewell Corp Enhances RLT-230 Light-Trac

A reverse lock is now available for Ridewell Corp's RLT-230 Light-Trac self-steering integrated suspension system. The kit may be ordered factory-installed as part #6030019.

The main advantage of this fully automatic kit is that it allows the steering mechanism of the suspension system to self-center and lock so that the vehicle can back up with axle down and loaded, a desirable characteristic for lift axle air-ride systems.

Features include:

  • Pneumatic engagement.

  • Simple design with few moving parts.

  • Standard Type 20L brake chambers.

  • Automatic engagement of locking mechanism controlled by three-way solenoid valve.

Also new on the 13,200-lb-capacity RLT-230 are adjustable stops added to the fabricated axle assembly to control the turning angle, and a lighter-weight hub and drum for stud-piloted wheels. For more information, contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.
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DSP Brake Drums Install Easily, Accurately

Gunite Corp's new dual-step piloted (DSP) brake drums offer a bi-level piloting system designed to help maintenance personnel properly install and seat the brake drum quickly and accurately during routine wheel end maintenance procedures. The patented dual step pilot system uses the hub's wheel pilot to help align the drum accurately onto the hub's brake drum pilot.

The Gunite DSP drum virtually eliminates damage to the hub pilot from improper positioning during mounting. These patented DSP brake drums ensure proper alignment, thereby eliminating excessive runout and increasing the life of both linings and drums. For further information, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61108.
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Bevel-Mill Can Bevel Small Cutout Holes

Heck Industries has introduced a new beveling machine to bevel and deburr contoured metal parts and plates. The new Bevel-Mill Model S186 shape beveler will bevel any contour including cutout holes as small as 1½" in diameter. It will also work straight edges easily.

This compact tool uses standard long-wearing replaceable carbide inserts to bevel almost any material including stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and castings. Depth of cut is adjustable up to 3/16". The pneumatic motor will bevel at 10 feet per minute on shop air. The Model S186 also features a new Quiet Plus noise muffling system and ergonomically designed cushioned handles.

For complete details and catalog, contact Heck, PO Box 425, 1480 Old US 23 South, Hartland MI 48353.
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Service Trucks Unveils Model 2252 Body

Service Trucks International has introduced the Model 2252 heavy-duty service body, designed for the Ford F-550 Super-Duty chassis, with a minimum of 17,750-lb GVW. This body is structurally designed to accommodate up to an 8,000-lb crane. The body comes with cabinets 22" deep and 52" tall, along with standard features such as a raised 60"-high compartment for bottle storage, a 250-lb roll-out tray, pressurized cabinets, and aluminum chip guard.

For more details, contact Service Trucks International, 877 First Avenue NW, Sioux Center IA 51250.
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LED Strobing Lights Run Off Vehicle Power

Peterson Manufacturing Co has unveiled its new Piranha brand auxiliary LED strobing lights. These LEDs meet all SAE J1318 and J845 specifications and require no remote power supply, operating on a 12-volt system (operating range from eight to 16 volts). Features include printed circuit board technology and advanced optics.

These lights are available in both amber and red, and in both oval and round configurations. Mounting flexibility allows installation in horizontal, vertical, or any 360° position. The oval lights feature a triple-flashing function, and may be specified with either a synchronous or alternating control terminal.

Peterson strobing LEDs can operate on a vehicle's own standard power. Their low amp-draw will not drain a battery when operating while the vehicle is parked. Life of the lights is 100,000 hours, according to the company. For more details, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.
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Meteorlite Has 2-Million-Candlepower Intensity

Superior Signals Inc has debuted the Meteorlite 2000 series quad flash strobe. The SY22035 is designed with a built-in photocell for automatic high/low intensity (15 joules high and 7 joules low) of two million candlepower.

The SY22035 features an aluminum base with a combination flat and 1" pipe mount standard and may be purchased in either a 4½" low-profile or a 6¼" high-profile lens. The diameter measures 6⅜" for both high and low profile and has an operating voltage of 12 to 24 volts DC.

For complete details, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.
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Turbine Lets Brakes Stay Cool, Last Longer

Stemco has completed a national distribution agreement with Lynnfin Truck Technologies Inc to market BrakeTURBINES, a “brake cooler” using internal turbine technology.

BrakeTURBINES' patented louver design creates a turbine inside the drum. This turbine collects air and forces it out in between the drum and friction material whenever the wheels are in motion. This stream of air not only dissipates heat, but it also expels brake dust and other debris. The cleaning, cooling power of BrakeTURBINES can increase brake life by up to 150%. Since BrakeTURBINES are positioned inside the drum, they are able to consistently reduce surface temperature of the drum and friction material, lowering incidents of brake fade and providing more stopping power.

Manufactured from stainless steel, BrakeTURBINES require less than five minutes per wheel end to install during a brake job. BrakeTURBINES reduce brake noise by removing dirt and brake dust from the drum. Because drum and wheel temperatures are reduced, tires also run cooler. For full details, contact Stemco, PO Box 1989, Longview TX 75606-1989.
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MGM Brakes Issues New Master Catalog

The new MGM Brakes Master Catalog offers the company's most up-to-date information on its entire line of spring brakes and service chambers. This publication contains products ranging from double-diaphragm and piston-style spring brakes to remote mount actuators and service chambers. Its concise, color-keyed format has been designed for easy use.

To obtain a catalog, contact MGM Brakes, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269.
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Vertical Lift Stays Level on Uneven Terrain

Interlift Inc's ILV vertical lift can ramp at different dock heights or keep a level position on uneven terrain. At the dock, the ILV lowers and moves out of the way, and its platform hinge is recessed for easy side loading. Its automatic leveling option allows the platform to find the pre-set horizontal position on its own, as well as tilt down at ground level only when the operator activates the controls. The operator does not need to adjust the tilt angle manually.

The ILV has a welded platform, bushings, and zerks at all pivot points, aerospace-quality components, and a weather-protected power pack. Its wide lift arm provides added load stability, while accepting a fixed hitch.

Safety features include: dual-cylinder stability, a cab cut-off switch, and hydraulic cylinder locks. The four-cylinder hydraulic system is standard. Cylinder locks are placed directly on the cylinder port, which restricts pressure to the cylinder. The platform is prevented from lowering unless controls are activated.

Interlift offers three different control stations: side control, hand-held remote, and optional foot controls in the liftgate platform. For full information, contact Interlift, 8433 S Chetle Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.
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Trailer/Truck/Body OEMs

Paul L Vikner, executive vice-president sales and marketing for Mack Trucks Inc, has become president and chief executive officer. Vikner succeeds Michel Gigou, who will become president and CEO of Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA). Both Mack and VTNA are part of Volvo Global Trucks, producer of heavy-duty trucks and related components. Mack has named Francois Dullaert senior vice-president manufacturing. He succeeds Denis Leblond, who is now senior vice-president powertrain. Dullaert has been with Mack's parent company, AB Volvo, since 1971.

Crysteel Manufacturing Inc has promoted Greg Grunig to territory manager for the Great Lakes Region, including Wisconsin, Michigan, and northern Illinois. Grunig previously was an inside technical salesperson with Crysteel.

Hino Diesel Trucks (USA) has named Jim Layman its national fleet sales manager. He has been in the trucking industry for 20 years and has experience with both fleet accounts and OEM fleet sales.

Danzer-Morrison has appointed John McGarry as Northeast Region sales manager based in Troy NY. Randy Howard will head the company's Southeast Region as sales manager based in Atlanta GA, and Kit Wells was named region sales manager of the Central Region based in Indianapolis IN.

Advanced Vehicle Systems has named Rick Hitchcock chief executive officer, succeeding company founder Joe Ferguson, who will remain chairman of the company. Hitchcock has served as AVS president the past two years and will retain that position.

America's Body Co (ABC) has promoted Brad Worthington to sales manager of Great Lakes Truck Equipment (GLTE), its division in Cleveland OH. He most recently served as inside sales manager for ABC's national account sales department.

David Engstler has joined Stellar Industries Inc as customer service manager. He served most recently as general manager at Unicover in Britt IA. Stellar also has promoted James Ellefson from tire service truck assembly technician to customer service representative.

Component Manufacturers

Alastair “Al” Brent has become director of operations for Accuride Corp's London, Ontario, Canada plant, Joel Mayne will serve as the plant's heavy-vehicle operations manager, and Jerry Fisher will serve as light-vehicle operations manager. Accuride also appointed Karen Matsui environmental health and safety (EHS) manager. Brent most recently served as director of special projects. Fisher joined Accuride's London operations in 1999 as logistics manager, and Mayne most recently served as EHS manager. Matsui joined Accuride as an environmental engineer in 1995.

Larry Brim has joined TODCO as a product design engineer. He has 12 years of experience in the plastics industry.

R•O•M Corp has hired Frank Ruchalski and Glenn Thomas as territory managers. Based in Framingham MA, Ruchalski will cover the company's Northeast Territory and brings to R•O•M more than 10 years of sales management experience. Thomas, based in Birmingham AL, will oversee the Central South region and has industrial and technical sales experience that spans 20 years.

The Caterpillar Truck Engine Division appointed Sarah J Anderson general manager, succeeding William D Mayo, who has been promoted to a position in the Track Type Tractor Division. Anderson previously served as general manager of the Caterpillar Service Technology Group.

Dr Klaus Bleyer has announced his retirement as chief executive officer of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, effective June 30, 2001. Bleyer, who leaves ZF after 12 years with the company, became the firm's CEO in 1990.

Nappanee Window has appointed Tracy Pierce as its new sales manager for the RV, Cargo, and Truck Trailer Division.

Industry Association Profiles

Walter B McCormick Jr, president and chief executive officer of the American Trucking Associations for the past four years, has resigned this position to become president and CEO of the United States Telecom Association.

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