Byler Has Largest-Diameter Huck Fasteners

Byler Rivet Supply now provides Huck's largest-diameter, two-piece fasteners. Consisting of a pin-and-collar system, these fasteners are installed by swaging the collar on the pin. They are used in heavy construction, railcars, crossmembers, rear shock absorbers, and fuel tank brackets.

The first of these fasteners is the C50L, a two-piece lockbolt used in the railcar and locomotive industries. It is available in diameters ranging up to 1⅜" in various materials and head styles.

Another large-diameter fastener is the HP8, which offers fast, tamper-resistant installation. This bolt is mainly used in truck frame applications.

The last of these fasteners is the Metric HuckFit, designed for aftermarket applications that require a metric fastener. A two-piece pin-and-collar system with a fit-up thread, the HuckFit can be positioned accurately before fastening. These fasteners come in diameters of 12, 16, and 20 mm.

Byler also provides hydraulic tooling for any of these fasteners. For more details or a free catalog, contact Byler, PO Box 154093, Irving TX 75015.

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