Buyers Products has contractor toolboxes

Buyers Products offers a complete line of contractor toolboxes to fit any pickup truck. The toolboxes, available in aluminum, steel, and polymer, securely store and transport landscaping and contractor tools. A comprehensive line of styles and sizes fulfills any storage need.

The company has a variety of toolboxes including crossboxes, lo-side boxes, pork chop boxes, and topside boxes. All of the toolboxes are designed to use truck bed space efficiently while keeping tools safe with secure locking mechanisms.

Crossboxes suspend from pickup side rails and provide easy access to contents from either side of the truck through two gull-wing-style or single lids. These boxes come with J-hook mounting hardware that does not require drilling into truck side rails. Cross boxes are available in storage sizes from 6.8 to 19.1 cubic feet.

Buyers Products lo-side and pork chop boxes are designed to be space-efficient with low profiles. Ranging in size from 2.75 to 6.3 cubic feet, the boxes can be used in combination with other toolboxes to maximize truck bed space.

Topside boxes, available in various dimension combinations up to 96 inches wide, are designed to provide easy access through continuous-hinge doors. Sealed to keep dust and moisture out, the boxes also include thick rubber pads to protect truck side rails.

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