Bulker designed for lightest weight

Feldbinder, which has specialized in dry bulk transports since 1975 (and liquid tankers as well since 1992), set out to build the lightest possible cement transport for this IAA show model. Most Feldbinder bulkers are of all-aluminum construction including aluminum subframe and hangers for the air suspension, so that wasn't an issue. Neither was the 3-axle running gear with aluminum single wheels mounting 385/65 R22.5 tires. That is standard.

Weight was stripped away by removing the hose tubes and hoses, which usually are available at the unloading site. The trailer has only a single manhole and a half walkway leading to it. Removing other non-essentials brought the tare weight down to 3,800 kg (8,360 lb) for this 35,000 liter (1,235 cu ft) cement hopper truck.

Feldbinder (FFB) has two manufacturing plants in northern Germany and one in the UK. It has sales, service and repair facilities in most European countries as well as overseas to the Far East. Its annual production is about 1,600 specialized tank vehicles. Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugewerke GmbH, Gutenbergstrasse 12-26, D-21423 Winsen/Luhe, Germany.

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