Brown designs smaller hazmat trailer

Brown Specialty Vehicles has designed a smaller version of its hazardous materials trailer. The new design, called the Sentry, uses a smaller truck than most large-city hazmat trailers and eliminates the need for a special-purpose vehicle.

“In our work with emergency management agencies, we recognized the need for a hazmat vehicle that would work for medium-size cities and small- to medium-size counties,” said Ron Smith, Brown's business development manager. “By utilizing a gooseneck trailer, we knew we could eliminate the costly chassis, which is normally the single most expensive item in building a special-purpose vehicle.”

Unlike the design of most hazmat vehicles mounted on medium-duty or larger vehicle chassis and intended for use in large cities, this model allows for an F-350 Ford, Dodge 3500, or GMC pickup chassis as the tow vehicle. The truck can be used for other functions when not pulling the hazmat trailer.

The Sentry uses R-O-M Corporation roll-up doors that give full access to slide-out trays and tool boards without the interference of swing doors. Specific storage needs can be designed as required.

The trailer has a 6,000-watt (6-kW) portable gas Onan generator for lighting; the generator is enclosed to protect it from the elements when not in use.

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