Brochure covers Western Star truck line

Western Star Trucks has published a new brochure on its line of highway trucks. Available at Western Star truck dealerships and online at, the brochure describes Western Star's heavy-duty trucks for on-highway, over-the-road use.

This brochure includes product descriptions; specifications data; information on cab, interior, engine, transmission, axle, and suspension options; and color photography of Western Star trucks on the road.

For highway applications, Western Star offers three models — the 4900 FA, 4900 SA, and 4900 EX (extended hood).

The 4900 FA has a set-forward front axle configuration in either 109" or 123" BBC (bumper-to-back-of-cab) measurement. The 4900 SA has a 50" set-back front axle and is also available in 109" and 123" BBC configurations.

Western Star's flagship, the 4900 EX, provides a 132" BBC and a set-forward front axle. The 4900 EX extended, conventional hood is designed for owner-operators seeking a more traditional look.

Star Light sleepers come in four shapes and sizes from 34" to 76". The sleepers feature a lightweight, quiet, and insulated design made of composite aircraft material designed to save weight and increase payload. All sleepers can be converted to day cabs, increasing resale potential.

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