Bed lining can take a beating or a heating

Fabick Inc has developed the patented Poured-on bed lining process, which offers a mirror-smooth finish for cleaner load release. Tough enough for industrial uses, it can handle temperatures up to 350° F and wears better than steel. Benefits include:

  • Fast release
  • Self-leveling liners — airtight and waterproof
  • No bolts or holes
  • High-impact liners are sprayed directly to the surface
  • Easy repairs
  • No vapor or fumes
  • No overspray
  • No taping/masking

Applications range from dump and service trucks to trailer floors and walls, sand and salt spreaders, utility trailers and truck bodies. For more details, contact Fabick, 4118 Robertson Rd, Madison WI 53714-3119.

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