ATA warns states of price gouging

The American Trucking Assns. (ATA) today asked the fifty state attorneys general to be vigilant of potential diesel-fuel price gouging in their states. The ATA’s anti-gouging effort comes as the trucking industry faces record high diesel prices of over $1.70 per gallon, according to figures released February 24 by the U.S. Department of Energy.In a letter to each of the attorneys general, ATA president & CEO Bill Graves asked that they each "stand ready to utilize your state’s general consumer protection laws to combat such practices." "We saw numerous examples of gouging following September 11, 2001, and, through the vigilance of the states’ attorneys general, many successful prosecutions of this illegal activity," Graves wrote. Graves added that ATA wants the attorneys general to be on the lookout for more of the same should the U.S. become engaged in war with Iraq, an action that he said will surely place additional pressures on the world oil market. "America’s motor carriers just can’t afford such an uncalled for economic burden at a time when we’re working to help lift up our economy," said Graves. "Further, as America readies for war, the trucking industry is hauling the equipment, the ammunition, and supplies that our troops will need. Price gouging doesn’t just hurt our member motor carriers, but can hurt our troops as well."

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