ArvinMeritor unveils new chassis axle package for intermodal applications

ArvinMeritor, Inc., in conjunction with the International Intermodal Expo, introduced its new ChassiPak chassis axle package for the intermodal transport industry. The package will be available beginning January 2005.

As the intermodal industry prepares for more stringent federal regulations, the ChassiPak will support fleets in meeting the new standards with premium products for enhanced performance and longer life.

"The aim of this new package is to bundle our most reliable trailer products for the greatest value possible for our fleet customers," said Jim Sharkey, business unit director, Trailer Systems, North America. "In addition, we've extended our warranty coverage on critical intermodal components to further support this important industry segment."

The package includes Meritor TN-2670 axles, Q Plus brakes with MA212 premium linings, and ASAs equipped with corrosion-resistant cotter and clevis pins for intermodal applications. ChassiPak is a buttoned-up axle package, complete with spoke wheels or hubs and drums. Also standard is the B-Lock1 system for additional protection against moisture and rustjacking.

The assembly is available with the Meritor WABCO anti-lock braking system (ABS), and both axles are prepped with sensor blocks to accommodate either basic or premium systems.

As part of this new package, warranty coverage is extended on essential components. The TN-2670 axle beam carries a full seven-year warranty, and the extended-life wheel end system provides a three-year, 300,000-mile warranty on the wheel end.

Options for the ChassiPak include the LX500 extended lubrication feature for ASAs and the Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I. MTIS saves fuel and enhances the safety of trailers by keeping tires properly inflated with the existing trailer air supply. To complement the system, LITEFLEX composite leaf springs are available. In field tests, composites last 3 times as long as steel springs, and when overstressed, unlike steel springs, composites typically allow the vehicle to be driven to a repair facility.

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