Inter-Action Sessions to Address Topics Ranging From Government Relations to Web Site Development

Jan. 1, 1999
If you need more insight on a specific topic, the answers may be found in one of the Inter-Action sessions, a new segment in the NTEA's educational platform.The

If you need more insight on a specific topic, the answers may be found in one of the Inter-Action sessions, a new segment in the NTEA's educational platform.

The one-hour, small-group programs are designed to develop discussions among peer groups, covering issues and developing answers that pertain to the group.

NTEA staffers with knowledge specific to the various topics, will lead groups of no more than 15 registrants in discussion groups covering federal excise tax, Web site development, government relations, human resources, vehicle certification, employee training, public relations, and vehicle weight distribution.

Advance registration is required for the sessions, which are open to "full package" and "appropriate daily business package" registrants. Four sessions will be offered on Thursday, February 25, and another four will be offered on Friday, February 26. Attendance is limited to the first 15 registrants.

Mark Sidman, NTEA legal counsel, will facilitate the session on federal excise tax. Sidman is a partner in the Washington DC law firm Weiner, Brodsky, Sidman and Kider, PC, which has been the NTEA's legal counsel for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in federal excise tax and has written extensively on the subject. His focus for the NTEA has been to analyze the impact of legislation and regulation on the truck equipment industry.

David Lee, NTEA information technology director, will lead "Web Site Development." Lee has been with the NTEA for more than six years, first as publications manager, and then as developer of the Association's Web site, Lee has extensive knowledge of computer systems and Internet technology combined with previous desktop publishing experience. He plays a large role in keeping the NTEA site easy to navigate and load.

NTEA government relations director, Michael Kastner, will lead the session on government relations. Kastner has directed the NTEA's Washington office and government relations program since 1988. He monitors proposed legislation and lobbies for and against regulations that affect the industry. In 1996 he received the American Society of Association Executives' Government Relations Award of Excellence on the NTEA's behalf for its efforts in "overall program management at the federal regulatory level." Kastner holds a BA in political science from Michigan State University and is editor of the book "Creating and Managing an Association Government Relations Program."

Michael Scarfo, NTEA human resource consultant, will head up a session on human resources. Scarfo works with member companies to develop employee handbooks and resource materials, along with other human resource projects. His human resource experience comes from Ford, Gelman Sciences, and Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

NTEA technical services director, Louis Kleinstiver, will lead the session on vehicle certification. Serving in his position since 1988, Kleinstiver is responsible for addressing the technical needs of the membership, including engineering applications and regulatory interpretation and analysis. He is an instructor for the NTEA Truck Equipment College and also serves as staff liaison to several NTEA affiliate divisions.

Before joining the NTEA staff, Kleinstiver spent eight years with Fruehauf Corp at its world headquarters in Detroit. He holds a BS degree in automotive and heavy equipment technology from Ferris State College, Big Rapids MI.

Russell Dore, Ed D, NTEA education & training director, is slated to lead the session on employee training. Dore joined the NTEA as its first education and training director in 1997. He developed and continues to oversee the NTEA Truck Equipment College. He also coordinates the NTEA's Young Executive Network.

Dore has worked as manager of human resource development with Fruehauf Corp and as senior training supervisor with Boeing Co. Prior to coming to the NTEA, he was a consultant with such clients as General Motors, Ford, ITT Automotive Operations, TRW, MascoTech, Rockwell Automotive Operations, Tube Products, and Drawtite.

Dore received bachelor and master's degrees in organizational psychology from Michigan State University and a doctorate of education from the University of Washington.

NTEA communications director Joan Christophersen will facilitate the session on public relations. Christophersen has been a member of the NTEA staff since 1981. Initially hired to produce the NTEA newsletter, TENEWS, she became communications director in 1982 with public relations activities added to her responsibilities in 1987. In 1983 she was named meetings and communications director and became the primary planner of the NTEA's annual convention and trade show. In 1998 she became a part-time employee, retaining her communications directorship. Christophersen holds a BA in English and journalism from Oakland University (Rochester MI).

NTEA technical consultant, Richard Toner, will lead the session entitled "Vehicle Weight Distribution". Toner has served as NTEA technical services director and has owned a heavy-duty truck and trailer repair business. He created the NTEA's PC spreadsheets for vehicle weight distribution and center of gravity calculations.

Toner holds a BS in engineering from the University of Michigan.