Product Profiles

Jan. 1, 2002
Lube truck built to take an off-road beating J&J Truck Equipment, a division of Somerset Welding and Steel Inc, has completed a new lube truck for use

Lube truck built to take an off-road beating

J&J Truck Equipment, a division of Somerset Welding and Steel Inc, has completed a new lube truck for use by an aggregates company to service heavy equipment at its stone quarry. The truck's heavy-duty body structure is designed to withstand harsh, off-the-road worksite conditions.

The truck is equipped with a 1,000-gallon diesel fuel tank, five 100-gallon oil product tanks with electronic level indicators, a 100-gallon aluminum antifreeze tank, and two grease drum systems. It also has a hydraulic air compressor, air-operated transfer pumps, underbody storage boxes, and a waste oil system for transfer of used oil. The truck's enclosed rear compartment includes an aluminum roll-up door that protects the reels and meters, which are individually labeled for convenience and safety.

For more details, contact J&J Truck Equipment, 422 Riggs Rd, Somerset PA 15501.

Draw latch combines leverage, longevity

Protex Fasteners Ltd now manufactures the 41-1292, a longer-handled, heavy-duty draw latch combining leverage with fast operation and longevity. A spring-loaded safety catch engages to hold down the long lever in the closed position. Constructed of stainless steel, the 41-1292 has a breaking strength of three tons.

The product will fasten two surfaces on large enclosures and containers — chambers, cages, silos, hoppers, vessels, tanks, and tankers.

This overcenter fastener incorporates screw adjustment of 19 mm (altering the overall length from 241 to 260 mm) to allow for fitting tolerances and compensate later in service life for any compaction of a seal or wear of the two surfaces. Adjustment is executed in situ by rotating a trunnion, which then hooks over its mating catchplate. The new draw latch is supplied with baseplate and a pin sealing facility.

More details are available from Reader Inquiry Department, Protex, Arrow Road, Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom B98 8PA.

Atrol II monitors vehicle activity, idling time

Abbott Enterprises Inc has introduced its Atrol II Activity Recorder to public and private fleet supervisors. The Atrol II now not only will monitor and record daily stops and starts of a vehicle, but also engine idling time. The user then can pinpoint any excessive engine idling. For more details, contact Abbott, 901 W Fourth Ave, PO Box 9026, Pine Bluff AR 71601.

Ramp-Ready Slider offered on Vantraax

Hendrickson offers its Ramp-Ready Slider for the Vantraax air-ride slider suspension system line. While eliminating heavy spacer tubes, this Ramp-Ready Slider (HKARL 46K) delivers the technology and weight-saving advantages of Vantraax.

This 46,000-lb-capacity slider system, patent-pending, installs on any trailer using standard industry body rails with 4" or 6" pin spacing. Retrofitting trailers becomes a matter of changing out bogies and installing a ramp.

The Ramp-Ready Slider accepts ramps that install in a 30"-wide and 6½"-high space. Ramps are available separately from trailer manufacturers.

The K-2 slider design provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio and full-length pads. The patented “K” bracing reduces weight while increasing durability. This design also opens interior spacing for easier plumbing and maintenance.

Vantraax features Hendrickson's rigid axle/beam connection combined with the Tri-Functional Bushing. The Quik-Align feature simplifies axle alignment. An optional longitudinal air tank, designed for the K-2 slider, is also available.

For full details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Tecor provides paint booth equipment

Tecor Inc, a paint booth manufacturer, has entered the national marketplace with a full line of standard and special paint booth and paint kitchen/mix room equipment for the industrial aerospace, military, and large-vehicle users.

For more details, contact Tecor, 848 W 79th St, Bloomington MN 55420.

Mini trigger locks come in two styles

Eberhard Manufacturing Co is offering its line of mini trigger locks designed for small access panels, vehicle compartment doors, and industrial cabinets. Offered in both key-locking and non-locking styles, these mini trigger locks are available in two finishes: black and chrome. The locks have a minimum grip range of 0.10" to a maximum of 2.66". For more information, contact Eberhard, PO Box 368012, Cleveland OH 44149-9712.

ST230 tire line gains a size

BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires is adding another size to its ST230 product line with the 245/70R19.5 LRG, an all-wheel-position highway radial tire.

This tire's shoulders help resist wear in high-scrub environments. The design of the tire, with five ribs and four grooves, helps facilitate water evacuation, allowing for better handling.

The tire was designed with more than 1,200 miniature sipes, which help to provide traction and resistance to irregular wear. For more information, contact Michelin North America Inc, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

Brake shoe enamel improved

Haldex Service Centers have introduced a new OEM-type, rust-inhibiting, red oxide dipping enamel for Haldex remanufactured brake shoes. This improved coating, with more than double the salt spray test endurance of the previous coating, will provide greater rust protection. Paint adhesion and coverage to the bare shoe are enhanced, and the red/orange color enables better visual shoe identification.

Shure-Step III elevates safety

The Shure-Step III is designed to make elevated chores safer and easier. These steps can be stacked for access to hard-to-reach places, and they won't tip or slip while in use. The Shure-Step III is 39 inches long, 15 inches wide, and weighs 16 pounds. Should this step ever get squashed, just set it aside for a couple of days, and it will pop back into shape.

To obtain this product, phone 800-273-7866 or access

Webb adds brake drums

Webb Wheel Products has added a new series of brake drums to its Platinum Series product line. The Platinum brake drum is available for all popular truck and trailer axles, with additional applications to follow.

This brake drum was developed using a new material for which Webb has a patent pending. The product delivers extended life through low wear, resistance to heat checking, and strength. High heat transfer properties of the material combined with its strength creates a lightweight brake drum that offers superior performance. For more information, contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.

Kit converts Jeep front hubs

MileMarker Inc's manual front hub conversion kit provides strength and ease of maintenance, and it will replace non-serviceable parts found on 1984 and newer XJ, YJ, and TJ Jeeps.

For more information, contact MileMarker, 1450 SW 13th Court, Pompano Beach FL 33069.

Kenworth provides ParaLift Ultra steerable lift axles

Kenworth Truck Co is offering the new Hendrickson HLUS-2 ParaLift Ultra steerable lift axles for vocational applications. Single HLUS-2 ParaLift Ultra steerable lift axles are available on Kenworth's C500, T600, T800, and W900 models. Two and three HLUS-2 ParaLift Ultra lift axles are also provided on T800 and W900 models.

Hendrickson HLUS-2 ParaLift Ultra lift axles have a maximum capacity of 13,200 pounds. The new ParaLift Ultra has a two-piece knuckle design versus the one-piece knuckle design of the previous ParaLift Ultra model.

Kenworth has also made aluminum hubs and the Dana-Spicer Low Maintenance System (LMS) hub package standard on steerable pushers rated through 13,200 pounds.

Super II-190 merges the best of two series

Combining components from two series of units, Thermo King Corp's new Super II-190 trailer refrigeration unit is designed to let food distribution and grocery companies select the features most important to them.

Suited for regional distributors and grocers who regularly haul produce or non-frozen products, the Super II-190 offers noise reduction and fuel efficiency. The Whisper-quiet engine, changes to the exhaust and intake system, along with added gaskets and acoustic foam, allow users with inner-city deliveries to comply with local noise ordinances. Addition of the optional electronic throttling valve (ETV) reduces the load on the compressor engine, resulting in 5% to 15% greater fuel efficiency.

With many of the same components as an SB-190, the Super II-190 comes standard-equipped with a Thermo King se 2.2 engine, a X430L reciprocating compressor, MP-VI Smart Reefer controller with Optiset, and Whisper-quiet operation. The unit features silicone coolant hoses, 12,000-hour service interval coolant, and optional EMI 3000, which extends maintenance intervals from 1,500 to 3,000 hours.

The Super II-190 also features options such as faster pull-down, temperature control, and increased fuel economy. The DAS system can log data from up to six independent temperature sensors. Thermo King's bulkheads and air ducts are also available and provide for temperature control throughout the entire trailer, in addition to an in-cab control system.

Fleetco air-ride suspension for Ford E-550

Fleetco Products Inc now provides its air-ride suspension for the new Ford E-550 chassis. Equipped with dual height valves, upgraded compressor, and air tank, this suspension system is available with an optional dump valve kit for kneeling capabilities. The suspension system is designed for builders of transit buses, ambulances, and haulers. For more information, contact Fleetco, 405 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert AZ 85233.

For quick set-up/processing, Helius shines

The Strippit/LVD Helius laser cutting system combines quick set-up and processing and superior edge quality in a 4' × 8' (1,250 × 2,500-mm) system. A hybrid-style design, the Helius processes mild steel up to 3/4" (20 mm) thick; stainless steel and aluminum (6061) up to 3/8" (10 mm) thick. A programmable Z-axis permits cutting of formed profiles or channels.

Helius features an external beam delivery system that ensures a stable beam path and simplifies alignment and maintenance. The machine table is positioned at a comfortable working height and offers access and visibility on three sides. An optional shuttle table expedites loading and unloading, since the operator can work on one table while the laser cuts on the other.

The GE Fanuc control reproduces programmed contours, producing acute angles at high speed. All parameters, diagnostics, and start-up procedures are displayed on a single color screen. The 32-bit control provides mathematical capabilities and a material library.

A built-in fume extraction system removes fumes and particles and filters them through a self-cleaning filtration unit. The system is available with 1.5-, 2-, or 3-kw laser power. Options include rotary axis for cutting tube and pipe, piercing sensor, and air blow/oil spray system. For more information, contact Strippit, 12975 Clarence Center Rd, Akron NY 14001.

Denison offers OASIS for refuse trucks

Denison Hydraulics has launched its new OASIS low-rpm hydraulic system for automated side-loading (ASL) refuse trucks.

The OASIS (Operate at Standard Idle Speeds) system allows an ASL operator to depress the brake while in a loading mode — typically at 750 rpm, the standard idle speed. The engine does not need to be revved to 1200 to 1500 rpm as required with standard hydraulic systems.

Refuse trucks that use the OASIS system consume less fuel and are considerably quieter. For more information, contact Denison, 14249 Industrial Parkway, Marysville OH 43040.

LED front/park/turn lamps enter market

Truck-Lite has unveiled both a Super 44 and a Model 60 LED front/park/turn lamp. The 4" Super 44 lamp is legal when mounted at least 4" from headlights. Lens and housing are manufactured from high-impact-resistant polycarbonate and completely sealed. The Super 44 lamp, which uses a SureSeal connector plug, is designed at 14 volts, .74 amps, and complies with SAE J1395 for the turn function. It is also designed at .10 amps and complies with SAE J222 for the parking function. Grommet- and flange-mount kits are available. The grommet-mount kit includes a 40700 grommet and SureSeal adapter plug (94706). The flange-mount kit is available in either gray or black and includes the same SureSeal connector. Diamond Shell hard-coated models are also offered. The Super 44 lamp is covered by the new LED Lifetime Systems warranty.

The LED Model 60 front/park/turn lamp can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Lens and housing are manufactured from high-impact-resistant polycarbonate, sealed in epoxy, and vibration-welded. The turn function draws .5 amp and complies with SAE J1395, while the parking function draws .1 amp and complies with SAE J222. The LED Model 60 lamp can be purchased by itself or in grommet- or flange-mount kits. Grommet-mount kits include a 60700 grommet and SureSeal adapter plug (94706). A grommet version is available with a Diamond Shell hard-coated lamp. Flange-mount kits also include a SureSeal adapter plug, and either black or gray flange. For more details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Meteorlite remote strobes come in choice of colors

Superior Signals Inc has debuted its line of Meteorlite remote strobe systems. Each system consists of a power supply that ranges anywhere from two outlets/20 watts up to 12 outlets/185 watts. Styles vary from the Hide-A-Way strobe light, which mounts in the headlight, brake light, or corner light; to the 6½" oval or 4" round remote strobe head, which may be flush-mounted on the vehicle or mounted in the firm's 16-gauge steel powdercoated boxes.

Each style is offered in a choice of amber, clear, red, or blue. Standard cables are available in 15' to 50' lengths.

For more details, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Sandwiform slices weight, production costs

Venture Industries' patented Sandwiform material is suitable for cargo load floors, engine shields, trunk panels, backrests, aerodynamic skid plates, spare wheel pans, and front and rear bumpers. Sandwiform is a recyclable, composite material consisting of a “honeycomb” cellular core positioned between two thermoplastic skins reinforced with glass and polypropylene. The thermoplastic skins, tough and meltable for reuse, have a degree of elasticity between 5 and 20 GPa, depending on fiber content and orientation. Thermoplastics used in Sandwiform provide greater compound robustness due to their tougher matrix. They also offer enhanced formability and functional integration, consist of less-expensive raw materials, and can be processed faster, says Venture.

Via thermocompression, production is a one-step process that takes about one minute, button to button. Simultaneous exposure to heat and pressure changes the “sandwich” to a thermoplastic composite, yielding high strength-to-weight and high stiffness-to-weight properties as well as a finished product that resists heat, impact and corrosion. Thickness ranges between 5 and 30 mm. Sandwiform's weight ranges from 1,700 to 6,000 grams/square meter, depending on skin and core materials.

For complete details, contact Venture, 33662 James J Pompo Dr, PO Box 278, Fraser MI 48026-0278.

Wilton semiautomatic horizontal band saw

Wilton Machinery's new 12" × 20" Model 7060 semiautomatic horizontal band saw has a semiautomatic design to deliver precise, trouble-free cutting. Features include a swivel control panel, six-contact-point blade guide assemblies, and patented three-jaw vise. The swivel control panel allows access to all machine controls from any side of the machine. It is mounted on a pivoting tube and can move from the front, side, or back of the machine.

The six-contact-point blade guide assembly consists of adjustable cam follower bearings mounted on eccentric shafts combined with carbide pads, positioned closest to the material being cut. The back of the blade rides on two load bearings mounted on a pivot shaft so both bearings share the load equally.

When the three — jaw vise is used for miter cutting, the angle of the cut can be pre-adjusted by loosening the handle on the back curved jaw vise.

The semi-automatic cycle enables the operator to initiate, with the push of a button, these steps: blade start, saw head frame down, blade stop, and saw head frame tip. For full information, contact Wilton, 300 S Hicks Rd, Palatine IL 60067.

EC2K service crane can lift up to a ton

Stellar Industries Inc has introduced the EC2K service crane, which has a 6,500-ft-lb capacity and has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,000 pounds (two-part) and 1,000 pounds (single-part).

The EC2K has an electric winch with a removable tethered remote control cable and a hand-operated brake for controlled rotation and stowage. The boom may be extended from 4-foot stowed position to 7-ft maximum reach. Total weight of the EC2K is approximately 240 pounds, and it mounts on the rear corner of a service body. For more details, contact Stellar, 280 W Third St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Millermatic welding packages enhanced

Miller Electric Mfg Co will incorporate gas hoses and regulators into its Millermatic 130XP and Millermatic Challenger 172 MIG welding packages. These packages already include a MIG gun and cable assembly, work cable with clamp, gas solenoid valve, a sample of flux-cored wire spool, adapters, and instructional videotape.

The Millermatic 130XP plugs into any 115-volt, 20-amp receptacle and weighs 69 pounds. The Challenger 172 weighs 80 pounds and uses 230-volt input power for welding thicker materials at higher duty cycles. Both units also include these features:

  • Cast-aluminum drive housing.

  • Miller's Tip Saver short-circuit protection for extended contact tip life and protection of internal components. The trigger reset makes it faster to restart, so no delay occurs while looking for the circuit breaker.

  • Wire feed speed tracking.

Millermatic all-in-one MIG welding units are covered by the True Blue three-year factory warranty. For more information, contact Miller, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

Pump technology for dispensing systems

Fluidic Systems is introducing a new pump technology for its PK2/PK3 component dispensing systems for plural component paints and adhesive/sealants. The system is based on a microprocessor-controlled DC drive coupled to the new patent-pending Linear Displacement Pumps (LDPs). The positive displacement pump system provides continuous-pulse free flow from 0 to 3,000 psi for air and airless applications. LDPs meter fluids with differential viscosities from water to pastes without clogging or slippage. They function without check valves that clog, pistons that pulsate, and without flow meters that can malfunction. LDPs have no slip factor and are volumetrically accurate.

For more information, contact Fluidic Systems, 2655 S Orange Ave, Santa Ana CA 92707-3738.

SuperSight systems add green-screen technology

Superior Signals Inc has added green-screen technology to its line of SuperSight collision avoidance systems. These systems allow the driver of a vehicle to view objects behind him.

The SuperSight system is equipped with a camera mounted at the rear of the vehicle and a monitor in the cab. Images show the driver what is behind the vehicle. The green screen monitor is used for both normal and extreme conditions such as darkness, heavy fog, rain, or snow. Military-type green phosphor offers three times greater contrast and readability in direct sunlight and eliminates eyestrain due to glare.

For additional information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Vari-Cool fan wiring kit has probe-type sensor

Perma-Cool's Vari-Cool adjustable electric fan wiring kit with probe-type thermal sensor features a 160° to 210° F adjustable thermal switch module with integrated circuit board construction.

A silicon chip, probe-type temperature sensor mounts between the radiator fins and ensures temperature readings to within ±1° F. The kit includes all components for single-fan applications. Pre-wired module wiring harness, fuse block power taps, in-line fuse holder with 25-amp fuse, wiring diagrams for single- and dual-fan applications, and illustrated bilingual instructions are included.

Dual fans require an additional 30-amp relay, part number 18902, sold separately. For more information, contact Perma-Cool, 400 S Rockefeller Ave, Ontario CA 91761-8144.

Toolbox Software simplifies ABS diagnostics, repair

New software from SPX Service Solutions simplifies antilock braking system (ABS) diagnostics and repair. Meritor WABCO Toolbox Software is a PC-based diagnostics program for Meritor WABCO hydraulic and pneumatic ABS. The software is available through SPX Service Solutions.

This software runs on a standard, icon-driven Windows interface that leads technicians through the process of identifying ABS faults. After identifying any faults, the program provides appropriate repair information. Everything the technician needs to know to return the vehicle to service is on the computer screen.

The new software works with D and E versions of ABS, Easy-Stop trailer ABS, includes brake bleed procedures for hydraulic ABS, and is compatible with several conversion cables. It is available on CD-ROM, which includes the program in English, French, and Spanish.

Thermoformed panels fit most cargo vans

Durakon Industries offers thermoformed plastic panels for van ceilings, doors, and walls as part of its commercial/industrial product lines. These van panels fit most commercial-grade cargo/work vans and are custom-made for each make and model. Van panels are made from thermoformed high-density polyethylene, processed to achieve a textured finish. Panels can be attached to doors and walls of a van's cargo compartment to protect vehicle from damage.

Included in this line is a twin-sheet thermoformed bulkhead panel that separates a van's passenger compartment from the storage area. This allows the driver to control the temperature in the front cabin without having to heat or cool the entire van. The bulkhead panels include a centrally located, clear-plastic window to permit light into the passenger cabin, providing a view of the rear window. For more information, contact Durakon, 2101 N Lapeer Rd, Lapeer MI 48446.

Roll-Rite adds side-to-side tarping system

Roll-Rite has added an automatic arm-style system to meet sealed-tarping requirements for straight trucks and longer trailers in watertight applications. This cable-free system is an alternative to manual or powered cable systems.

The front-mounted system uses Roll-Rite's patented knuckle-pivot technology and patented aluminum arm profile, as well as spring-bow cross supports constructed of the same metal alloy found in truck leaf spring. This system also features the TarpStretcher, a new electric gear motor engineered for side-to-side tarping. The TarpStretcher stretches the tarp down for a watertight seal. For complete details, contact Roll-Rite, 2574 School Rd, Alger MI 48610.

Slip-In truck bodies join FreshGuard line

Grumman Olson's new FreshGuard Slip-In truck bodies are designed for use in pick-up trucks and are suitable for delivery of produce, flowers, or seafood.

Designed to meet smaller refrigeration needs, the Slip-In is available in six or eight-foot lengths. Every unit features three inches of polystyrene insulation for better temperature control and hat-style aluminum flooring for improved airflow and drainage. The Slip-In simplifies upfit for popular lines of pickup truck chassis. Engineered for light-duty delivery needs, it can also be custom-built to any size pickup truck.

For more information, contact Grumman Olson, 1801 S Nottawa St, Sturgis MI 49091.

Denison provides T6CCZ double-vane pump

Denison Hydraulics offers the T6CCZ, a double-vane pump for refuse trucks and other mobile applications. This pump is at the heart of Denison's new Oasis system for refuse trucks.

Manufactured in Vierzon, France, the pump incorporates the quality and performance features of Denison's T6CC series of vane pumps. Engineers have improved the T6CCZ by reinforcing its front bearing and the back bronze bushing through installation of a needle bearing. This doubles the permissible radial load compared with standard T6CC models, making it adaptable to applications where front pumps are driven off the engine crank shaft.

Features of the T6CCZ include pressure ratings of 4,000 psi maximum (275 bar), greater flow (3 to 31 gpm, 10 to 100 ml/rev), a wider speed range (400 to 2800 rpm), and up to 32 positions for mounting flexibility.

Besides refuse trucks, the T6CCZ may be used on mobile applications where direct drive on PTO cannot be used. For more details, contact Denison, 14249 Industrial Parkway, Marysville OH 43040.

Radial tire supplies long mileage, even wear

Built for long tread life, superior traction, and self-cleaning, the DR444 highway drive radial is the latest advancement in BFGoodrich truck tires engineering.

The DR444 comes with 28/32nds tread depth for long tread life. Tread and tread blocks are designed to add traction and improve wear. The V-shape groove design helps improve self-cleaning of the tread surface, delivering traction in all types of weather. For full details, contact BFGoodrich, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

Bendix adds lined shoes to its wheel-end group

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is offering new lined shoes as part of its wheel-end line. Rounding out the wheel-end group, this addition includes five classes of new lined shoes for all popular truck and trailer applications, with all five grades of material meeting FMVSS 121 stopping distance regulations.

New lined shoe grades include Premium, which meets tractor and trailer OEM specifications; Standard and Value for on-highway vehicles; Heavy Duty for refuse haulers, coal trucks, and other severe-duty vehicles; and OEM-approved Combination, featuring both Premium grade block and semi-metallic material. For vehicles that stop frequently or carry large loads, both the Heavy Duty and Premium grades are suitable.

The offering also includes brake hardware kits necessary for performing routine maintenance as well as shoebox kits, which have two shoes and all the appropriate hardware required for performing a brake job. For full details, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

Ausco releases TB.RV.1

Ausco Products Inc has released the TB.RV.1 (residual pressure check valve), which delivers quicker brake actuation. This results in shorter stopping distances when used with the Ausco TB.800 electric-over-hydraulic brake actuator and drum brake axles.

The TB.RV.1 reduces actuation time in drum brake systems by holding some pressure in the brake line when brakes are released. For complete details, contact Ausco, 2245 Pipestone Rd, PO Box 8787, Benton Harbor MI 49023-8787.

Hitch caps for racing fans

A new line of racing fan hitch caps (part #74000) is available from Reese Products. Racing numbers included in the kit are: #2 Rusty Wallace, #88 Dale Jarrett (Special Signature Series packaging), #3 to commemorate Dale Earnhardt, and #28 Ricky Rudd (Special Signature Series packaging).

These hitch caps are officially licensed from each racer's team, and numbers resemble the actual racer's number in terms of appearance and color. Each cap features a color label that is reflective. Caps are designed for a 2" receiver. For more information, contact Reese, 51671 State Road 19 North, Elkhart IN 46514.

Eaton offers ValueClutch replacement clutch

Eaton Corp has developed a new replacement clutch, which is designed to provide good value for older vehicles with low- to mid-level torque engines. The new Roadranger ValueClutch replaces the Eaton Fuller Remanufactured Cast Angle Spring clutch line, which no longer will be available.

The ValueClutch offers good performance with constant plate load, maximum cover ventilation, isolated pressure springs, and internal adjustment. For more details, contact Eaton, PO Box 4013, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

Seven-diode LED adheres to requirements

Peterson Mfg Co has added a new seven-diode LED stop/turn/taillight to its line of Piranha safety lighting products.

This lamp meets FMVSS 108 requirements while exceeding SAE specifications. The light is paired with a round lens featuring a series of concentric circles that maximize optical brilliance and clarity. Additional design features include a perpendicular plug port, space-saving narrowback configuration, and optional 4" grommet or flange mounts.

For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Ausco delivers precision braking control

Ausco Products Inc's Trail'r Brak'r combines a cab-mounted electronic brake controller, similar to electric brake systems, and a trailer-mounted hydraulic brake actuator, providing all of the advantages of hydraulic brakes on the trailer. Trail'r Brak'r allows a driver to control trailer brakes from the cab of the towing vehicle, offering load control and smoother stops. This braking system is designed for use with trailers up to 26,000 pounds gross weight, including single-, double-, and triple-axle designs.

For full information, contact Ausco, 2245 Pipestone Rd, PO Box 8787, Benton Harbor MI 49023-8787.

SB-III CR uses CO2 to control temperature

Thermo King's new environment-friendly, cryogenic-powered SB-III CR temperature control system uses carbon dioxide for heating and cooling. This eliminates the need for ozone-depleting commercial refrigerants. The SB-III CR system has 98% fewer moving parts than conventional systems, reducing operational noise levels.

This system soon will be available in Europe. Later in 2001, it will be introduced in the United States.

The unit is a high-capacity, one-piece, front-mounted, cryogen-powered cooling and heating unit designed for jumbo trailers. At the heart of the new system is Thermo King's patented vapor motor that drives the evaporator blower and brushless alternator. A propane-fired heater superheats the carbon dioxide for heating and defrosting.

For more information, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420.

System simplifies brake stroke status checks

MGM Brakes' new e-Stroke system enables heavy-vehicle operators or service personnel to conduct accurate brake stroke status checks. Sensors that are factory-preinstalled and precalibrated as an integral part of MGM service chambers and spring brakes convert air-brake actuator shaft travel into an electronic signal. A Chassis Communications Module (CCM) monitors these signals and outputs wheel-specific blink codes. These reveal whether a brake chamber is experiencing normal stroke, overstroke, or is not functioning. Dragging brakes also can be identified with the system.

Checking brake stroke status is simplified with e-Stroke. The need to crawl under a vehicle to determine stroke status of brake chambers is eliminated.

By being more aware of brake stroke status, necessary maintenance can be performed in a timely manner. This likely will help reduce traffic accidents due to out-of-adjustment or faulty brakes. Another benefit of e-Stroke is a lowering in service parts and labor costs due to better, more responsive preventive maintenance. Since the system functions as a diagnostic tool, finding and fixing brake problems early will save money.

For additional information, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.

Moldite an alternative to steel, aluminum

Moldite Technologies, a joint venture formed by Venture Industries and composites developer Moldite Inc, has developed Moldite, a new lightweight, high-strength material. The key to this thermal-set resin composite “sandwich” is in its core. It has a high stiffness-to-weight ratio and offers an alternative to ultra-high-strength steel and aluminum. This product actually floats, with specific gravity for most structures under 1.0.

Core materials can be engineered to exceed tensile strength of flanking long-fiber materials including carbon, glass, or aramid fibers. Materials that may be used with Moldite include Formica, wood, plastic, or metal on one half and high-strength fibers on the other. The Moldite “sandwich” eliminates the traditional layered approach and places the fiber within the structure to achieve stiffness objectives. Use of this product can reduce weight up to 90%.

Exhibiting high impact resistance, Moldite is more than six times stiffer per pound than steel, yet remains machinable. Products can be compression-molded or pultruded, with standard pultrusion profiles possible.

For more details, contact Venture Industries, 33662 James J Pompo Dr, PO Box 278, Fraser MI 48026-0278.

Best Bore line fills the bill with magnetic base drills

Heck Industries Inc provides a new line of magnetic base drills and cutters. The Best Bore line consists of:

  • Model B100, which offers superior magnetic holding and comes with a free coolant system and free carrying case.

  • Model B200, a variable-speed unit that comes with a free carrying case and optional lower arbor support. It accepts standard #3 Morris taper tooling.

  • Model B300, with a four-speed motor, free carrying case, and optional lower arbor support. It also accepts standard #3 Morris taper tooling.

For complete details, contact Heck, PO Box 425, 1480 Old US 23 South, Hartland MI 48353.

ATI develops line of hydraulic cylinders

Air Technical Industries (ATI) offers a line of cylinders made of seamless DOM tubing internally honed and polished to a mirrorlike finish. The end cap of the cylinder is built with an internal snap ring for easy disassembly and assembly.

Cylinder shafts are machined from high carbon 1040 steel, ground, polished and chrome-plated.

Glands and pistons are machined out of a material known as meehanite, which has high lubricating qualities for a bearing surface and is softer than the cylinder, to prevent scoring of the tube.

Packing seals are made from shearproof polyurethane material that has superior bearing characteristics and lower friction.

Ports are NPT 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" sizes depending on the cylinder and application. The standard cylinder mounting is a tube at the base and a hole through the shaft at the end. Many other mounting and rod end configurations are available. Standard cylinder bore sizes available are 1.75", 2.25", 2.5", 3", 4", and 5", with stroke lengths from 4" to 96". For more information, contact ATI, 7501 Clover Ave, Mentor OH 44060.

Grille inserts fit most full-size trucks, SUVs

Bully Truck Accessories has added stainless steel tube grille inserts to its truck accessory line. These inserts fit most full-size trucks and SUVs and are constructed from mirror-polished 1/2" stainless steel (T-304). Inserts mount over existing stock grilles; drilling or cutting of any parts is unnecessary. The inserts come with a lifetime warranty. For complete information, contact Bully, 14317 E Don Julian Rd, City of Industry CA 91746.

With a twist of the ‘T’, rotary handle opens

Eberhard Manufacturing Co is offering its stylized rotary “T” handles designed for small access panels, vehicle compartment doors, industrial cabinets, and other specialty uses.

Rotary “T” handles feature a low-profile rotary design with a brushed stainless steel receptacle. The handle requires only a slight twist of the “T” to release. A double-bit key cylinder is standard on all models. Available with mounting holes or blind-mount studs, the handle is 6.25" long and 3.88" wide. For more information, contact Eberhard, PO Box 368012, Cleveland OH 44149-9712.

Strobing lights don't need remote power

Peterson Manufacturing Co has introduced its new Piranha brand auxiliary LED strobing lights for emergency and service vehicles and construction equipment. These strobing LEDs meet all SAE J1318 and J845 specifications and do not require a remote power supply.

Three design features combine to produce strobing lights so advanced that they exceed virtually all SAE practices while operating on a 12-volt system (operating range from eight to 16 volts). These are latest-generation Piranha LEDs, printed circuit board technology, and Peterson's advanced optics.

Piranha LED strobing lights are available in both amber and red, and in both oval and round configurations. Mounting flexibility allows installation in horizontal, vertical, or any 360° position. Oval lights feature triple-flashing function, and may be specified with either a synchronous or alternating control terminal. For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Beefed-up webbing keeps loads in place

Kinedyne introduces Rhino Web, a new, abrasion-resistant webbing for cargo control tiedown straps. This webbing yields 30% more tensile strength after severe abrasion and is 30% thicker with a tougher surface. On the back of the webbing, Kinedyne has included service indicator lines in compliance with Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance standards.

Rhino Web is tested using conditions more demanding than standard abrasion testing. In standard abrasion testing, webbing is rubbed over a 1/4" hex bar with a 5-lb weight providing tension. Kinedyne's Rhino Test is a 2,000-cycle test using the rough corner of a cement block with 33 pounds attached.

The webbing will be available in both 2" and 4" straps; requests for special strap assemblies will be accommodated.

For complete information, contact Kinedyne, 3701 Greenway Circle, Lawrence KS 66046-5442.

PDQ Brightener revives, protects aluminum

PDQ Brightener from Alcoa Wheel Products renews aluminum's shine in five minutes and prolongs the life of the shine by protecting against dulling oxidation. It can be used alone or as a shine restorative between intensive treatments using Alcoa aluminum care system cleaner, heavy-duty polish, and sealant.

Alcoa developed PDQ for use on uncoated aluminum surfaces, such as wheels, fuel tanks, and toolboxes. Available in 8- and 16-ounce sizes, PDQ has specially tested Alcoa alumina abrasives, combined in a liquid form, so it spreads easily and works quickly. It can be applied by hand or with an orbital buffer. For complete details, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

U-Spin fastener clamp won't work loose

Huck Fasteners offers the Huck-Spin lockbolt in a U-bolt configuration with the U-Spin fastener. U-Spin's swaged-on, no-torquing installation forms a failproof clamp that won't work loose. Equalized clamping force is exerted on each bolt leg, for a level-loaded joint; retorquing is never required.

A high-speed, precision hydraulic tool is safe, quiet, and easy to operate. The manifold simultaneously swages two or four bolt legs at a time, providing swift installation cycles. For more information, contact Huck, PO Box 8117, Waco TX 76714-8117.

EnCapta software enriches CAD environment

Vistagy Inc has released EnCapta software, which extends the power of computer-aided-design (CAD) systems used to create three-dimensional product geometry. EnCapta augments CAD software by supplying tools for capturing and communicating specialized non-geometric design data vital for complete product definition.

EnCapta advances technology underlying Vistagy's FiberSIM software, which provides a specialized environment integrated into the CATIA, Pro/Engineer, and Unigraphics CAD systems to meet demands of composite part design and manufacture. With EnCapta, engineers can capture complex nongeometric design data for any specialized area of engineering and store it associatively with the CAD geometry. For more details, contact Vistagy, 486 Totten Pond Rd, Waltham MA 02451.

Genesis Versa RC3L system accommodates larger parts

Genesis Systems Group (GSG) introduces the L Series Versa RC3 (Versa RC3L) system, which accommodate larger and heavier parts with higher weight capacities, longer tooling lengths and swing diameters, and larger robot models.

The patented, center-mounted robot design maximizes use of the robot work envelope by placing the robot in the turntable's center, closer to a workpiece. The robot on a Versa RC3L thus can reach larger parts than on a traditional turntable design.

Center-mounted design also provides a smaller footprint and is safer and easier to program due to orientation of programmer to robot. The programmer faces the robot and workpiece — natural programming orientation — and never stands in harm's way between the robot and workpiece.

The Versa RC3L is designed to handle high-volume production parts that require repositioning during the weld cycle. It offers tooling lengths up to 96 inches, a swing diameter of 40 inches, and weight capacities up to 1,200 pounds per side.

For more information, contact GSG, 8900 Harrison St, Davenport IA 52806.

Prestostart controls pneumatic pressure

Parker Hannifin Corp's Prestostart pneumatic slow-start fittings permit a gradual increase in pressure to a section of a pneumatic system whenever the system is restarted. This controls the speed at which cylinders recover their position, preventing internal damage. Fittings are available in two versions, one for mounting onto the FLR (filter, regulator, lubricator), and the other for mounting to the power valve. An adjustable needle valve controls the rate of pressurization, which is determined by the volume to be refilled. When back pressure reaches two-thirds of inlet pressure, the soft start valve opens fully to allow full working pressure into the system.

For complete information, contact Parker Hannifin, Catalog Services Dept, 8940 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060-2186.

Nystay patch puts fasteners in their place

To hold fasteners in place during transport and in automated assembly production lines, Nylok Fastener Corp has introduced the Nystay temporary locating patch. Designed for both threaded and unthreaded fasteners, this polymer is pre-applied 360° around the fastener and allows manufacturers to pre-install certain components. For more information, contact Nylok, 15260 Hallmark Dr, Macomb MI 48042-4007.

Compact gen-sets built for Kenworth trucks

A new line of TruckGen ultra-compact diesel generator sets helps owners and operators reduce fuel and operating costs while providing driver comfort. Now, the company has engineered its 3.5-kw gen-set to fit into most Kenworth stepboxes, or any of TruckGen's custom-built diamondplate aluminum boxes.

With more than enough power for a 10,000-Btu air-conditioner and other onboard luxuries, the UCT1-3.5 allows drivers to shut off their engines and still remain cool in summer and warm in winter.

At its normal operating speed, this unit consumes 1/10 to 2/10 gallon of diesel fuel per hour. The Goodyear helical-cut drive system allows the engine to operate at a noise and vibration level of 2800 rpm, while the generator spins at 3600 rpm.

Measuring 28" × 16" × 17" and weighing 160 pounds without the box, the 3.5-kw model can be installed easily, since the only connections are battery cables, fuel lines, and electrical cord.

A 3.5 kW model is available to fit into Peterbilt stepboxes and those of other rigs. TruckGen also manufactures 5.5-kw gen-sets in its ultra-compact line and offers optional 40-amp battery chargers. For more details, contact Next Generation Power Engineering Inc, 1732 St Johns Bluff Rd, Jacksonville FL 32246.

‘E’ Series hydraulic pump/motor assemblies

Stone Hydraulic Systems provides the “E” Series hydraulic pump/motor assemblies for a range of mobile, industrial, and agricultural hydraulic applications. These include aerial buckets and work platforms, auto transporters, auxiliary power units, pallet trucks, and hydraulic power on truck equipment.

“E” Series pump/motor assemblies offer a compact design, overall efficiency, and multiple section pump combinations. The assemblies supply pressures up to 4,000 psi with valving and porting flexibility. The SAE nine-tooth spline shaft provides superior torque transmission while eliminating the chance of tang slot wear and the possibility of imposed thrust loads on pump shafts. For additional information, contact SPX Corp, 5885 11th St, Rockford IL 61109-3699.

Single-pivot hooklifts part of Xchange line

Stellar Industries Inc offers 9,000-, 13,000-, and 20,000-lb single-pivot Xchange hydraulic hooklift loaders. The 9,000- and 13,000-lb capacities are designed for chassis with a cab-to-axle length of 84" to 130"; the 20,000-lb capacity is designed for chassis with a cab-to-axle length of 108" to 120".

The single-pivot design differs from the standard Stellar Shuttle hooklift in that it has only one pivot point in which it loads/unloads bodies and dumps the payload. Advantages to this design are lighter weight and fewer moving parts.

Single-pivot Xchanges, along with all Shuttle hooklifts, use permanently lubricated bushings and stainless steel pins throughout the hooklift. This eliminates the need for grease zerks and regular greasing. For full information, contact 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Rubber flooring supplies secure footing

D & W Inc's new black diamondplate rubber flooring provides a non-slip, easy-clean surface for cargo boxes and trailer ramps. The diamondplating pattern used in this rubber sheet emulates and complements chrome metal diamondplate generally used in cargo trailers and boxes. Black diamond rubber flooring is designed for cargo trailer ramps, lining cargo boxes, toolboxes, RV storage areas or holds, and other areas where traction and protection are needed.

Black diamond rubber flooring is made of a rubber material that is easy to clean, making it suitable for areas where gasoline, oil, or water may be spilled. The rubber flooring comes in a 4' × 50' roll for cutting and shaping, and is attached with standard contact adhesives. In independent testing, this flooring produced a slip resistance value of 0.5, classifying it as slip-resistant. For more details, contact D & W, 941 Oak St, Elkhart IN 46514.

MDR truck offers four-way maneuverability

Drexel Industries has announced its MDR (Multi-Directional Reach) line of narrow-aisle reach trucks in 4,500- and 5,500-lb capacities. The line offers lift heights to 29 feet, a 48-volt power system, and four steering modes. The vehicle will handle palletized products as well as long loads in aisles as narrow as 94".

A multi-directional steering system has four modes: standard, side-travel, diagonal, and circle. “Programmed-in” maneuverability permits steering in tight surroundings, narrow aisles, and around corners.

Ergonomic features include adjustable seat, headrest, and back support; swing-away control arm; support for both arms while driving; and quiet operation. For complete details, contact Drexel, 331 Maple Ave, Horsham PA 19044-0983.

Stemco enhances Integrated Sentinel hubcap

Stemco Inc has added applications for its Integrated Sentinel hubcap. The new hubcap integrates Sentinel technology directly into the hubcap with fewer components and greater wheel-end visibility. This hubcap offers all the features of Sentinel Technology: it is tamperproof, eliminates dirt and water contamination, reduces interior window buildup, eliminates driver overfilling, and delivers maximum protection to the wheel end.

For more details, contact Stemco, PO Box 1989, Longview TX 75606-1989.

Thermo King hoses, fittings can install at speedy clip

Thermo King Corp has introduced a quick way to connect hoses and fittings on small, vehicle-powered truck unit installations. Previously, hoses and fittings came as pre-assembled unit installations. As part of the TK 2000 Speedy Clip System, units will come with fittings, clips, and cages.

Units are now supplied with refrigeration hoses from the factory. Service Parts will supply dealers with a choice of individual cut-to-length hose kits, or they can buy hose in bulk. Bulk hose is supplied in 300-foot rolls in four sizes: #6, #8, #10, and #12.

To install the TK 2000 Speedy Clip System, the two clips are fitted over the hose, then the fitting is inserted into the hose. Next, the cage is snapped onto the fitting. The arms of the cage extend over the hose. (The cage acts as a guide for the placement of the clips — where pressure is needed for a tight seal.) Finally, the technician should slide the clips over the cage arms into the channels and crimp the clip with hand-held pliers.

For full details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

Haldex provides trailer ABS retrofit kits

Haldex Brake Systems now has trailer antilock braking system (ABS) retrofit kits designed for field installation and configured for 2S/1M to 4S/2M applications based on Haldex' Full Function ABS (FFABS) platform. All kits are 100% PLC4Trucks-compliant and meet March 1, 2001 FMVSS 121 standards.

Kits come in three versions. Full trailer ABS kits come complete with all necessary components, and condensed trailer ABS kits are for those that use ABS-ready axles. The essential trailer kits are designed for new trailer applications where a manufacturer supplies many peripheral items.

The company's Sales Bulletin L53339 has full details on these kits and others. In addition, Haldex has an updated Service Components Catalog L20315 supporting these and all its trailer ABS systems. To order a copy, contact Haldex, 10930 N Pomona Ave, Kansas City MO 64153-1297.

Reese Anti-Wobble Kits eliminate rattling

Reese Products Inc has unveiled the Anti-Wobble Kit (Part #13609), designed for use with any 2" square ball mount and hitch-mounted accessory. When inserted into a ball mount or accessory, the Anti-Wobble Device virtually eliminates the rattling of a ball mount or accessory. A special version of the Anti-Wobble Kit (Part #13613) comes complete with a lock for additional security of towing accessories. For more information, contact Reese, 51671 State Road 19 North, Elkhart IN 46514.

Lyncoach produces two new bodies

Lyncoach Truck Bodies has unveiled two new bodies.

The first is the Pup, a van body that can be installed on half-ton pickup chassis with a bed removal program offered by the chassis manufacturer. Body lengths range from 8' to 10'. This body can accommodate single and dual rear wheel chassis. Specifications include .040 aluminum side/roof, rivets on 2" centers, arched roofbows, plywood floor, rear rollup door, aluminum/steel rear end designed for flush entry, slat/E-track interior, and lower rub rail. The Pup is remountable onto other chassis. Some options include translucent roof, plywood interior, rear liftgates, side doors, side aluminum skirting, over-the-cab peakover, and custom sizes.

Lyncoach also offers a body for vending companies. Construction incorporates strength in all areas and uses maximum interior space. This body offers a side rollup door that can be ordered with a keyless entry, a door-ajar indicator lamp mounted in the dash, and can open and close with the touch of a button. An optional theft control feature keeps the chassis from being driven off. The interior is made of hardwood flooring with optional steel or aluminum overlay, fully lined walls, rear rollup or swingout doors, walk ramp, Chicago-style rear bumper, interior lamps, and custom shelving. Other options include liftgates, body painting, and lettering. This body also has .040 aluminum, anti-sag roofbows, galvanized Z-posts, hardwood floors with optional overlays, and various body lengths and sizes available.

For full details, contact Lyncoach, 810 Hwy 231 South, Troy AL 36081.

Drop-In solenoid valves have waterproof coils

HydraForce Inc's new flange-mounted drop-in hydraulic solenoid valves feature integral waterproof coils for 12- or 24-volt DC operation, several push-on termination options, and metal covers. Model SV98-T39 is now available, a direct-acting, balanced-spool, two-position, three-way directional control valve designed for low-pressure applications such as pilot systems or power shift transmission control. Other models are in development including a four-way, proportional pressure reducing valve, and a ball-type three-way directional valve.

For full details, contact HydraForce, 500 Barclay Blvd, Lincolnshire IL 60069.

Swivel gooseneck designed for MIG gun

American Torch Tip Co (ATTC) is offering a new swivel gooseneck for its line of Lightning MIG guns. The new gooseneck can be rotated 360°. This allows the user to weld in any position, and in areas not easily accessible using a fixed-position gooseneck.

Changing the gooseneck angle is accomplished by twisting the taper lock to loosen the gooseneck. Once in position, a twist holds it firmly in place. The gooseneck is available for Lightning and all model retrofits offered by the company. For more details, contact ATTC, 6212 29th St E, Bradenton FL 34203.

RBT Services provides fifthwheel lift chassis

The newest product from RBT Services is a fifthwheel lift chassis for Mack trucks. It can elevate 40-foot trailers up to 30° and 26-ft trailers up to 60°. This chassis is recommended for trailers up to 45 feet long, has a lift capacity of about 40 tons, a twin-cylinder hoist, and a heavy-duty leaf spring suspension.

These units come with an optional outrigger for use on uneven surfaces and are available for purchase or rental.

For more information contact RBT, 218 Corporate Dr, Elizabethtown KY 42701.

Liftgate eliminates manual folding of rails

Waltco Truck Equipment Co offers an MDR medium-duty rail-type liftgate for bottled gas deliveries with an auto-fold retention rail system and cam-close feature for easier operation.

The Auto-Fold MDR BG features steel retention rails that automatically open to the operating position as the liftgate platform opens. The rails also automatically fold up when the liftgate platform is returned to the stored position.

The Auto-Fold MDR BG also has a new cam-activated closing feature. The operator depresses the cam arm to automatically fold the platform as it is being raised into the stored position. This eliminates the need to rotate the platform manually to the stored position.

The liftgate also offers reduced maintenance, an adjustable torsion bar, reduced installation time, and lower replacement part costs. This liftgate has a 1,600-lb lifting capacity with a 36" deep × 89" wide platform and a 12" steel folding ramp. These options are also available:

  • SuperSwitch remote hand-held control.
  • Cab shut-off switch.

For more details, contact Waltco, PO Box 354, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

Mini paddle latch for small access panels

Eberhard Manufacturing Co has introduced its #4000 series of mini paddle latches designed for use in small access panels. This latch is available in stainless steel with satin finish, carbon steel with black powdercoat, or carbon steel with zinc finish.

The mini paddle latch is installed with single-screw, blind-mount fastening. The visible part of the latch measures 1.1" × 1.69" and is designed for a maximum panel thickness of .065".

For full information, contact Eberhard, PO Box 368012, Cleveland OH 44149-9712.

Glaciervan Plus brings thermal efficiency

Kidron Inc has introduced new Glaciervan Plus refrigerated truck bodies, engineered to provide controlled temperature protection for refrigerated and frozen products.

Standard Glaciervan Plus designs integrate advantages and options requested by refrigerated distribution fleets using Class 5, 6, and 7 chassis. Standard lengths range from 9 to 26 feet; four standard heights range from 84" to 108"; standard widths are 96" or 102".

Glaciervan Plus bodies accommodate mechanical refrigeration, holdover plates, or the Hackney Vari Temp 2000 system, maintaining temperatures as low as -20° F.

Up to 4" of foamed-in-place non-CFC polyurethane insulation envelope cargo, and glassboard interior walls further enhance insulation. A selection of floor systems permits refrigerated air to move beneath cargo.

Kidron's patented Pressure Pillow Seal rear-swing and curbside doors seal in the cold and keep out ambient conditions. Rear doors can be supplemented with curtains to speed temperature recovery after frequent door openings. Glaciervan Plus bodies have strong understructures with 3" steel I-beam cross sills. Extruded aluminum floors feature a 6" scuff band that can be increased to 24".

For full details, contact Kidron, PO Box 17, Kidron OH 44636.

Perma-Cool offers Cool Pack II fan assembly

Cool Pack II from Perma-Cool eliminates the factory fan, fan clutch, and fan shroud on 1988-98 Chevy/GMC pickups and 1992-98 Chevy/GMC Suburbans with 17" × 34" radiator cores for better cooling, increased horsepower, and torque. The 1/8"-thick 5052 aluminum assembly houses dual 14" high-output electric fans controlled by a 160° to 210° F adjustable thermal sensor with a digital temperature probe. The black powder-coated finish resists acid, fuel, and oil. Cool Pack II mounts solidly to the radiator core support (not the radiator) and uses the stock fan shroud mounting holes and fasteners. It is pre-assembled and wired and requires no drilling, cutting, or modifications. For more information, contact Perma-Cool, 400 S Rockefeller Ave, Ontario CA 91761-8144.

Portawattz provides performance guarantee

Xantrex Technology Inc has introduced the Portawattz 400 and 700 inverter models. The Portawattz 400 is guaranteed to run any 27" television and a videocassette recorder, while the Portawattz 700 is guaranteed to run any 5.5-amp power drill. If these models fail to run the specified products, Xantrex will give the buyer a free upgrade.

Portawattz power inverters typically are used in mobile environments, such as cars, trucks, RVs, and boats, to power AC products from a standard 12-volt outlet or a dedicated 12-volt battery. The compact Portawattz 400 includes DC cables for connection to a 12-volt outlet or directly to a battery. It is suitable for running TVs, VCRs, computers, lights, small power tools, or communication equipment while traveling, camping, or boating. The Portawattz 700 is most often permanently installed and connected directly to a vehicle's starting battery or a dedicated deep-cycle battery. This model supplies higher continuous and surge power than the Portawattz 400. Both models include heavy-duty DC terminals and mounting brackets.

For full details, contact Xantrex, 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5A 4B5.

New filter bypasses need for new helmet

Nassau International Inc's Focus AH-240 electronic welding filters eliminate the need to purchase a new helmet — just pop out the existing filter plate and install the AH-240. No batteries are required for this solar-powered auto-darkening welding filter (ADWF); no switches or adjustments are necessary either. Just view the intended position of the weld through the clear (shade 3) window and strike the arc. The window will darken immediately to a specified shade.

The AH-240 ADWF measures 2" × 4¼" and slightly more than 3/16" thick. It will fit in most welding helmets with 2" × 4¼" lens holders. Keeping the plastic cover lens in front of the AH-240 protects the ADWF from weld spatter and provides impact resistance for welder safety. For more information, contact Nassau, 24 S Lafayette Ave, Morrisville PA 79067.

Acer 2 adds simplicity, cuts production costs

Acer 2, an addition to ESAB Cutting Systems' line of gantry cutting machines, integrates precision plasma cutting and process automation tool developments to cut parts close to laser quality. Ease of use and productivity are enhanced when Acer 2 is equipped with ESAB's options: integrated flow control, vision PC control, and programmable cutting parameters.

The system is built on a gantry structure with a box-beam design; welded, stress-relieved components; and precision-machined contact surfaces. Acer 2 has a dual-side drive system, digital AC drive amplifiers, AC brushless motors, and planetary gearboxes. Way covers in each axis protect the ways and promote accuracy. Acer 2 provides travel speeds of 1,100" per minute, with positioning accuracy of ±0.005" and repeatability of ±0.001". Acer 2 offers a 6-foot width, with lengths of 12 or 24 feet. If the Cut-and-Mark option is not purchased, an optional air scribe marking system is available.

The patented Cut-And-Mark feature allows plasma marking and precision plasma cutting to be done with the same torch and consumables. Integrated flow control automatically switches from cutting to marking parameters, with zero set-up time. Using the same tool for marking and cutting enhances accuracy and shortens cycle times by eliminating tool offsets. This also avoids reduction in machine cross-cut width. Acer 2 uses a non-contact marking system, with an initial height setting to within ±0.005". For more information, contact ESAB, 411 S Ebenezer Rd, PO Box 100545, Florence SC 29501-0545.

Scale senses weight from various axles

Air-Weigh has introduced a new AW5700 on-board scale to serve customers specifying the Freightliner-marketed Airtek air suspension steer axle from Hendrickson. The scale also will be marketed in Europe through Air-Weigh Europe Ltd.

Designed to serve both straight and combination vehicles, the scale can be specified with various sensor inputs to measure weight directly from any combination of steer, drive, lift, and dual leveling valve air suspension axles. This scale also will satisfy demand from expedited freight transporters and motor coach operators for a straight vehicle on-board weighing system. For full details, contact Air-Weigh, PO Box 24308, 1730 Willow Creek Circle, Eugene OR 97402.

Transfer Flow has larger replacement tanks

Transfer Flow Inc has introduced larger replacement fuel tank systems for 1998-2001 Dodge short- and long-wheelbase quad cab pickups. For pickups with eight-foot beds, a 54-gallon tank is available. If the pickup has a six-foot bed, Transfer Flow offers a 45-gallon tank.

Both 45- and 54-gallon fuel tanks are made from a combination of 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel. They come with all necessary parts for installation, including straps, a rollover valve, and mounting hardware. For more details, contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico CA 95973.

Nut turns wheel loss into thing of the past

Patented worldwide, the Disc-Lock safety wheel nut is a vibration-and-shockproof lug nut that virtually eliminates the risk of wheel loss from trucks, trailers, and buses.

The Disc-Lock nut can be installed and removed like a conventional lug nut. However, it has a positive locking system with rising cams joined together to form one assembly. When subjected to road shock or vibration, the interlocking cams of the nut rise against each other. As the angle of the cams is greater than the pitch angle of the thread on the stud, a wedging action takes place and the nut locks and will not come loose.

For more information, contact Disc-Lock International, Suite F, 1924 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach CA 90277.