Product Profiles

May 1, 2002
Swivel fittings supply access in tight spots A line of 360 swivel fittings from Industrial Specialties Mfg Inc offers design engineers easy access in

Swivel fittings supply access in tight spots

A line of 360° swivel fittings from Industrial Specialties Mfg Inc offers design engineers easy access in tight spots. Provided in brass, nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel, these fittings are available in straight connectors, elbows, and tees.

The fittings can be provided in 10-32 through 1/2 NPT male or female threads and in 1/16 through 1/2 ID barb. For further information, contact Industrial Specialties, 2741 W Oxford, Unit #6, Englewood CO 80110.

Michelin trailer axle tire resists chips, cuts

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has introduced the 275/70R22.5 XTY2 LRH, a new trailer axle tire developed for regional and highway use with on/off road capability. This tire replaces the current XTY and offers a new tread compound that provides enhanced resistance to chips and cuts and superior tread endurance. The XTY2 has a long tread life and good retreadability because of added crown reinforcement.

For more details, contact Michelin, One Parkway South, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

Though tiny, air control kit a big performer

Hendrickson International's new lift axle air control kit has a design so compact it will fit in an open DIN slot in the dash. The new inside-mount air control kit is 7¼" × 2⅜" and is also available in an outside-the-cab version.

Designed and built for lift axles, the kit eliminates 15 compression fittings, thus reducing system leak potential and installation time. Airflow of 31.7 cfm is provided, which is a 68% improvement from the current system. For additional information, contact Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems division, 277 N High St, Hebron OH 43025-5600.

Mini holder helps doors, panels get a grip

Eberhard Mfg Co provides the mini rubber door holder, designed to hold doors open or hold panels in place. Constructed of non-corrosive materials, this holder has two parts: a male stem and a female base, which provides a positive hold, shock-absorbing qualities, and quiet operation.

The holder is offered in two models. The #1-664-2 features a typical load rating of 22 pounds, a usable temperature range of -4° to +212° F; and a mounting washer hold of .25" diameter on the female component. The #1-668-2 features a typical load rating of 17 pounds, a usable temperature range of -13° to +122° F; and a tapped washer hole of 10-24 on the female component; the male component requires a #10 hex screw for mounting (non-furnished). Both styles have a minimum load rating of 6.6 pounds.

For more information, contact Eberhard, PO Box 368012, Cleveland OH 44149-9712.

Jerr-Dan unveils new initiatives for towers

Jerr-Dan Corp has unveiled the new Quick-Pick self-loader, Premier Series carrier, and Capital Express Finance Program.

Quick-Pick has a 90° pick-up and load capability and is designed for a large number of tows in a short period of time. This self-loader's variable-width aluminum body comes standard and features a low-profile tapered rear deck. Other standard features include an independent power tilt boom, which offers 76" of total boom reach and can be folded up for storage; a patented over-center L-arm locking device; adjustable and replaceable L-arm extensions; an ultra-low-profile crossbar assembly; an expanding-width grid box; and use of high-tensile steel in critical areas.

The Premier Series carrier combines Jerr-Dan's flagship carrier with the Kenworth T300 medium-duty truck. This truck has a 20° sloped hood, 50° wheel cut, one-piece windshield, and Daylite doors. Specifications for the Premier Series T300 include a Caterpillar 210-hp 3126 diesel engine; choice of Fuller six-speed manual or Allison five-speed automatic transmission; 26,000-lb gross vehicle weight rating; hydraulic brakes; aluminum 19.5" wheels; stainless steel-clad aluminum bumper; A/C; tilt steering wheel; air-ride driver seat: AM/FM/cassette radio; and two-year/200,000-mile warranty.

The Jerr-Dan Capital Express Finance Program has been created by the Network Capital alliance division of Sovereign Bank. Under terms of the program, Jerr-Dan distributors can now offer financing to customers for purchase of new and used Jerr-Dan towing and recovery bodies and equipment.

For full information, contact Jerr-Dan, 1080 Hykes Rd, Greencastle PA 17225.

Third arm helps hold three-axis workpieces

Valtra Inc's new, optional Z-Axis (third arm) malleable iron attachment for the Strong Hand 90° angle clamp allows welding of three-axis workpieces by providing X, Y, and Z clamping surfaces. The iron bracket attaches to the Strong Hand to create an integrated welding vise that allows the user to complete a three-point weld in one step. Equipped with an ergonomic cast-iron hand knob, the copper-plated spindle can quickly be adjusted in or out to firmly hold the workpiece in place. When welding is completed, the three-axis workpiece can stay positioned in the clamp, and cool, thereby reducing distortion.

For more information, contact Valtra, 7141 Paramount Blvd, Pico Rivera CA 90660.

Air compressor blows away high energy bills

Gardner Denver's newest rotary screw package, the eXact RPM variable-speed air compressor, can save up to 40% on energy bills during part load applications. Designed to operate continuously at 100% full load, the VS240 model delivers 240 cfm down to 43 cfm (18% of full capacity). This airflow range fits the needs of plants that experience large fluctuations in air demand within a shift or from one shift to another. Maintenance points are accessible, and a small footprint frees up equipment space and simplifies installation.

The new DigiPilot controller integrates the frequency drive and operation of the eXact RPM into a single interface control. The DigiPilot also features enhanced self-diagnostic and protective shutdown capabilities, full text operating status, and service messaging and digital control. The eXact RPM can also be used as a trim unit in multiple-compressor arrangements without complicated sequencing controls. For full information, contact Gardner Denver, 1800 Gardner Expressway, Quincy IL 62301.

Parker Hannifin hoses resist abrasion, fit in tight spaces

Parker Hannifin Corp Hose Products Division's 451TC and 451ST multiple-wire braided hoses exceed SAE 100R17 and simplify matching abrasion resistance with applications.

The MSHA-accepted Tough Cover of 451TC hose resists hose-to-hose and hose-to-object abrasion, while 451ST with Super Touch polymeric cover protects in highly abrasive environments.

These hoses offer a one-half SAE 100R1 minimum bend radius, facilitating installation in tight spaces. The 3,000-psi constant working pressure through all sizes simplifies inventory control. Sizes range from 1/4" to 1¼" inside diameter. Designed to work with Parker's 43 Series fittings, hoses are compatible with the Parkrimp family of crimpers that allows users to make hose assemblies on their own.

For a copy of Bulletin 4480-B21-US, which features these hoses, contact Parker Catalog Services, 8940 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

Mini-Brute backgauge provides compact solution

Automec Inc's Mini-Brute backgauge fits on pressbrakes with up to 8" between side frames. Mini-Brute offers a compact solution for pressbrake gauging, where a single operator handles the workpiece. The DC servo-driven gauge has 20" of travel and comes with a 60" gauge bar. Mini-Brute includes a gauge bar fold-down feature that lets the operator quickly tilt the gauge bar out of the way so large workpieces can pass through when no CNC gauging is required.

The control is Automec's new CNC150, which includes 150 job storage, one- or two-axis capability, parts counter, backgauge retract on pinch point, and all calibration instructions printed on the front panel. Mini-Brute is available for most new pressbrake applications as well as retrofitting old pressbrakes.

For full details, contact Automec, 82 Calvary St, Waltham MA 02453.

Security seal number stays in unit's memory

Electronic security seals from Encrypta Electronics are easy to operate, reusable, and provide higher security. An electronic display shows the seal number, which the unit generates automatically when sealed. The four-digit, illuminated seal number is easy to read whatever the ambient lighting conditions or viewing angle. This seal number is retained in the unit's memory so it can be checked after the seal has been opened.

The new Crypta C2K seal uses solid-state electronics with a minimum of moving parts. It has a high tensile, stainless steel hasp that is passed through the handles or securing apertures of the door or shutter to be guarded and then secured into the body of the unit. This automatically generates a four-digit seal number that is shown on a large display. The number remains unchanged until the unit is opened. If the original seal number changes, this indicates that unauthorized access has occurred.

For further details, contact Encrypta Electronics Ltd, Waterside Court, Albany St, Newport, South Wales NP20 5NT.

Machine punches up Trumpf Trumatic line

The Trumatic 2010 Rotation punching machine features Trumpf's hydraulic punching head, all-tool rotation, quick setup and changeover features, as well as brush tables and a new 50" × 50" working range.

Changing all 10 of the TC 2010 R's tool stations takes less than three minutes. ToPs Light software, a standard component of this machine, lets users create programs offline or at the machine itself to accommodate last-minute changes.

The single-station punch head design and linear tool magazine allow any size or type of tool to go into every station on the linear tool changer — and even the punch head — at any time. Through use of the Multitool punching tools, the number of available tools can be expanded to up to 100.

Stroke rates for the TC 2010 R are 2,200 per minute for marking/beading and 900 per minute for punching (at 0.040" pitch). With a positioning accuracy of ± 0.004" and a repeatability of± 0.0012", the TC 2010 R guarantees accuracy at high speeds.

For full information, contact Trumpf, Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington CT 06032.

13-pole plug ends risk of misconnection

Cole Hersee Co offers its 13-pole plug and socket by providing six extra contacts within the standard configuration of a tractortrailer connection. The 13-pole plug eliminates risk of misconnection by enabling operators to connect all trailer circuits with just one plug.

This plug surpasses SAE J560b performance standards and conforms to the requirement of interchangeability between 13- and seven-pole sockets. The seven standard diameter contacts use Cole Hersee's SpringGrip design, with a self-adjusting spring band to provide uniform contact with socket pins. The six small-diameter contacts carry up to 25 amps and maintain multiple contact points between plug and socket. Contacts float for proper engagement with all mating sockets.

The 13-pole plug adapts to various wiring combinations, including a twisted pair for advanced communication applications. A glass-filled, plastic construction prevents rust and corrosion, and an O-ring at the plug's end prevents moisture from reaching the contacts. A strain relief and grommet seal isolate the connections on the terminal from mechanical strain and provide additional moisture protection. For complete details, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, South Boston MA 02127-2467.

On the level: side gates can lift 2,500 pounds

Leyman Lift Gates' new series of low-maintenance truck side gates deliver level-ride operation, large platforms, and capacities up to 2,500 pounds. The TSG series has level-ride models with 1,850- and 2,500-lb capacities and 72"-wide by 34"-deep platforms.

The TSG features marine toggle-switch operation, greaseless bearings, and stainless steel pins. A power pack enclosure protects the pump and motor from dirt, water, road salt, and other contaminants. Each gate is equipped with a manual transit lock, and is shipped completely assembled.

Model TSG 1850LR (1,850-lb capacity) weighs 755 pounds. The gate is offered with a 72" × 34" platform with either a butt end or 8" taper. It also is offered with an optional 11" steel cart-stop retention ramp.

Model TSG 2500LR (2,500-lb capacity) is offered with identical platform configurations and is available with the optional cart-stop retention ramp. The 2500LR weighs 780 pounds.

For more information, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.

Bendix begins selling night vision system

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems shipped its first XVision units to the marketplace in December 2001, after 18 months of development and testing.

XVision is an infrared night vision system developed for trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. It uses an exterior-mounted, heat-sensing, infrared camera to detect and instantly transmit images to an in-cab display unit. The images help drivers see pedestrians, animals, and objects in front of the vehicle up to 1,500 feet away or more — three to five times farther than a driver can see at night with headlights. XVision's extended vision range gives the driver up to four times longer to react to potential road hazards than with headlights alone.

When viewing the display unit, the driver sees a real-time, black and white, thermal image of the road in which warmer objects, such as people or animals, show as bright white, while cooler objects, like bridge abutments, guardrails, or trees, show in darker shades of gray or black. The camera can sense temperature differences as slight as 0.4° F. Because the camera is not affected by light, the display image is not susceptible to glare from oncoming headlights. For full details, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

Special fastener plating withstands severe testing

A special plating that is used as an application to fasteners has been developed for Engineered Components Co (ECC). This plating, called CAD/JD5+, has been salt tank-tested with results that have exceeded 4,000 salt spray hours.

Four reasons to use cadmium (Cad) plating are:

  • Zinc is inferior to Cad, as zinc causes galvanic action when it comes into contact with aluminum. Testing shows that nearly one volt of electrical current flows between zinc parts fastened against aluminum.

  • Zinc, when compared with Cad, requires three times the thickness in salt spray testing if attached to parts other than aluminum.

  • Zinc is more microscopically porous than Cad.

  • Military Standards (MS) and Department of Defense (DoD) specifications were on the verge of being changed when tests revealed that zinc was substandard for military use. Currently, all MS parts remain Cad-plated.

For additional information, contact ECC, 1100 Davis Rd, Elgin IL 60123.
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Tapered-beam primary sheds 35-plus pounds

Hendrickson has unveiled the tapered-beam Intraax AANT 23K primary air-ride trailer suspension system. Tapered-beam technology allows Hendrickson to trim more than 35 pounds from the system. A narrower hanger design allows installation directly to trailer frames with flanges as narrow as 4" wide offering even greater weight savings.

The Intraax AANT has a capacity of 23,000 pounds in ride heights from 13.5" to 17". In addition, Hendrickson offers the AANT with the X3 Tri-Base, a modular mounting subframe designed mainly for steel platform trailers. The X3 Tri-Base design increases lateral, torsional, and longitudinal stiffness to prevent trailer frame parallelogram deflections.

Options include long-life wheel ends including the HUS unitized hub system and HXS (Hendrickson Extended Service) brakes. For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

Add-A-Stack 5030 joins Force America line

Force America's Add-A-Stack 5030 valve complements the company's Add-A-Stack valve models 3500 and 4020. The 5030 valve was designed for full electro-proportional operation and offers pressure-compensated flows to 50 gpm and pressures to 6,000 psi. Ancillary manifolds allow for work port reliefs, anti-cavitation checks, float solenoids, and counterbalance valves. It can be configured for both gear pump and load-sensing piston pump systems. Valve sections can be compensated or non-compensated and have full manual override. Spool stroke limiters allow for independent flow adjustments of both A and B work ports. A dual-pressure mid-inlet accommodates high-pressure hoists while protecting low-pressure cylinders and motors. This makes the Add-A-Stack 5030 effective in high-pressure hook lift applications.

For more information, contact Force America, 1601 Airport Rd, Waukesha WI 53188.

Obstacle sensing device like having an extra pair of eyes

Rostra Precision Controls' RearSentry obstacle sensing device is designed for use in fleets, and is available for local delivery and medium-size trucks, utility vehicles, cargo vans, and private equipment.

Operating like an extra set of eyes for drivers, RearSentry detects objects that are not in clear view. It mounts out of sight behind or on the vehicle's rear bumper, and alerts drivers to obstacles up to 12 feet from the rear of a vehicle. It works in the dark and in poor weather conditions such as heavy fog, rain, or snow.

RearSentry uses microwave technology to warn drivers of an obstacle is in their path. The driver is alerted through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity as the object draws closer, and from an in-cab read-out display with green, yellow, and red lights. RearSentry comes with a five-year, 50,000-mile warranty. For complete details, contact Rostra, 2519 Dana Dr, Laurinburg NC 28352.

SL-330 hook-lift hoist joins flexible family

SwapLoader USA Ltd's new SL-330 hook-lift hoist has a lifting and dumping capacity of 33,000 pounds and is designed for single- or tandem-axle chassis with bodies ranging from 14 to 18 feet long. The SL-330 joins a family of hoists that range in capacity from 9,000 to 65,000 pounds. A three-year warranty is offered on all SwapLoader hoists.

These hook-lift hoists are designed to allow using one truck for different purposes by swapping bodies. In a few minutes, a dump truck can be swapped to a flatbed, a waste removal system, or a sander. This is all done from inside a truck cab.

The SL-330 incorporates sliding jib, dual-lift cylinders, slide-through body locks, dual-pivot rear section, and low-pressure hydraulics. For additional details, contact SwapLoader, 1800 NE Broadway, Des Moines IA 50313.

With Pro Air, breathe easy in face of hazards

The new Pro Air supplied-air-respirator (SAR) system from Axis Products protects against the hazards of paint mists and fumes, chemical and welding fumes, and dust from sand blasting and sanding. This system uses a smooth, quiet, and powerful turbine to provide a constant flow of about 7 cfm of cool, fresh air to the positive-pressure face mask. Breathing is easy because the user is never pulling air through partially clogged filters, and the part of the face covered by the mask is constantly bathed in fresh air. Connections are snap-together fittings, and the masks attach at a beltline hookup.

Approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the Pro Air system comes in various configurations for one or two users, with air supply hoses from 40 to 80 feet long and a choice of half-masks, full-face masks, and protective hoods for painting or sandblasting. The compact system can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet. Accessories are provided for remote air intake and through-the-wall air supply installations such as spray booths. All components are designed for commercial use and are covered by a full one-year warranty.

For further information, contact Axis, 155 Industrial Dr, Gilberts IL 60136.

Folding liftgate stays level with truck floor

With a large platform that stays level with a truck's floor, Interlift Inc's ILFS folding liftgate offers 3,300- and 3,800-lb capacities and can handle carts and general or palletized freight. It also is suitable for unobstructed dock loading.

Other features of the ILFS include:

  • A leveling joint that prevents lift rotation on the ground when unloading cargo.

  • Cab on/off switch, enclosed power pack, bushings at all pivot points, handheld remote, and hydraulic cylinder locks.

  • Optional DOT-compliant trailer rear underride guard, dual spring-loaded cart stops, trailer dock bumpers, and auxiliary truck and trailer kits.

For full details, contact Interlift Inc, 15939 Piuma Ave, Cerritos CA 90703.

Slugger MagForce size belies its capabilities

Jancy Engineering Co's Slugger MagForce portable magnetic drill is 11" high and weighs 27 pounds with power and performance of machines twice its size and weight, the firm says. Cutting capacity is 1⅜" by 2" deep. The unit has an integrated coolant bottle, which provides cooling through the center of the cutter, extending cutter life. MagForce employs a quill-type design that lowers the center of mass and improves stability. To complement the power increase, a new magnet design has been implemented for superior holding power. The MagForce Drill will operate at any angle, including inverted. For full details, contact Jancy, 2735 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport IA 52804.

Crane reaches new heights in performance

Maintainer Corp of Iowa Inc has come out with the new 3824 hydraulic crane. Features of this crane include:

  • Full hydraulic squirt boom from 10' to 24'. This speeds a job through increased pick height capability, and means less truck repositioning.

  • 100,000-psi yield strength hexagonal section inner and outer boom sections.

  • 6,350-lb lift capacity at 6'.

  • Proportional crane control, which improves load control and offers faster positioning of critical components.

  • Live swivel hook, which speeds positioning of loads, especially heavy components.

  • Optional planetary winch with increased line speed for reduced load pick-and-place time.

The 3824 is equipped with a high-torque swing motor and positive locking worm drive providing a full 600° of continuous rotation. The 3824 in-carry position requires only slightly more space than its predecessor model.

For more information, contact Maintainer, PO Box 349, 1701 S 2nd Ave, Sheldon IA 51201.

BZ Series liftgates offer auto-tilt operation

Waltco Truck Equipment Co offers a cantilever-style liftgate with a large-capacity, level-lift platform and a wide-arm configuration designed to accommodate a stationary receiver-type trailer hitch. The BZ-100 and BZ-150 Series Level Lift can be used on vehicles equipped with either roll-up or swing-type doors. Both series have these standard features:

  • Large, cantilever platform
  • Auto-tilt feature with memory
  • Hydraulically powered open/close feature
  • Adjustable tilt cylinders
  • Electronic cylinder locks
  • Thermally protected power unit
  • Dual-lift and dual-tilt cylinder design
  • Dual cart stops
  • Stationary push-button control box
  • Hand-held remote control
  • Weather-resistant power unit enclosure
  • Platform marker lights
  • Power shut-off switch prevents unauthorized use
  • Steel bumper pivots out of the way as the platform is lowered

Options include:

  • Foot-activated controls built into platform

  • Threshold spacer kit spaces the liftgate platform away from the rear threshold

  • Custom options for specific applications

For full information, contact Waltco, PO Box 354, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

Winches, hoists use straps to handle loads

Allied Power Products Inc's new line of Columbia brand power winches and hoists use a high-strength strap, rather than wire rope or chain, for load handling. A strap eliminates load rotation and spooling problems while being easier to handle, inspect, and install than wire rope or chain.

These units meet ANSI B30.5 standards. More than 100 standard models of strap hoists and winches are available in the line with electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic motor options. Hoist capacities of up to 5,600 pounds and winch ratings of up to 12,000 pounds are offered. Special designs and custom modifications are available. For full information, contact Allied Power Products, 6590 SW Fallbrook Place, Beaverton OR 97008.

Tommy Gate dual-drive units make lifts smoother, stabler

The G2 dual-drive series, Tommy Gate Co's newest liftgates, features dual hydraulic cylinders, new platform configurations, and standard treadplate steel platforms for full-size pickup truck, service, and utility bodies.

Dual hydraulic cylinders lift the platform with power on both sides, which is smoother and more stable. Adding an oversize platform to the G2 liftgate will not lower lifting capacities. G2 liftgates come in 1,300- and 1,500-lb capacities.

The full-size pump and motor unit is housed in the liftgate main frame box — protected from the elements yet easy to access. Hard-chrome lift arm pins, composite bushings, and accessible cylinders are included to simplify maintenance.

New platform configurations, including a 42"-deep model, are available, and each G2 liftgate model includes a taper.

All G2 models are standard with treadplate steel platforms. All platforms also include a taper. New platform sizes: 27", 38", and 42" steel platform loading depths and 38" and 48" extruded aluminum platform loading depths.

Complete details can be obtained by contacting Tommy Gate, 5112 N 40th St, Suite 203, Phoenix AZ 85018.