Product Profiles

Jan. 1, 2006
Golight Stryker's advantages shine through The Golight Stryker's low-profile, contemporary design combines style with performance in a remote-controlled

Golight Stryker's advantages shine through

The Golight Stryker's low-profile, contemporary design combines style with performance in a remote-controlled searchlight. A wireless dash-mount remote control allows for fingertip operation and eliminates routing a wiring cable from the spotlight to the controller. Golight's patented wireless hand-held remote control is also provided as a standard or optional accessory for all Stryker searchlights. Both controls can turn the spotlight on/off and rotate it 370° horizontally and 135° vertically. The Stryker also uses a new mounting system in which a separate stainless steel mounting plate is mounted to the surface and interlocks to the spotlight base for a quick, secure attachment. The Stryker lights have 500,000 candlepower and come with a five-year warranty. Strykers are available in chrome, white, and black finish.

For more details, contact Golight, Culbertson NE.

Versitex reefer panels join US Liner Co line

US Liner Co has added the newly engineered Versitex reefer panels to its line of reinforced thermoplastic panels. Versitex has greater strength than traditional FRP panels with no additional cost and has a newly designed multi-layered glass matrix that is thin and lightweight. Available in .065" and .085" thicknesses, Versitex panels also bear the patented backing that ensures consistent mechanical adhesion to the foam insulation, creating a stronger bond than FRP.

Contact US Liner, Cranberry Township PA, for full details.

Buyers Products can fulfill fuel-fill needs

Buyers Products Co has added a fuel-filler support bracket to its line. The steel bracket mounts to the chassis subframe and supports fuel-filling components. Pre-drilled holes provide easy mounting. It is black powdercoated for durability and corrosion resistance.

The company also has added a stainless steel fuel-fill dish to its products. These dishes are required for any pickup truck conversion, and the universal design is suitable for service, utility, platform, tire, dump, and van bodies; and wreckers. The dish reduces body prep time compared with a painted dish. Pre-punched mounting holes facilitate installation.

For full details, contact Buyers, Mentor OH.

Bosserman knows truck/tank combinations

Bosserman Tank & Truck Equipment LLC can custom-manufacture virtually any truck and tank combination to fit a company's needs at its 54,000-square-foot facility on 8.5 acres. Its line of trucks vary from portable restroom trucks to refined fuel delivery truck and trailers. Bosserman also stocks many different configurations of Amthor vacuum units in aluminum or steel, as well as portable workmate restroom units.

Eric Ferguson, the firm's salesman/engineer, has designed multiple trucks for various companies. He can be contacted for a quote on any truck combination that may be useful to a company.

For more information, contact Bosserman, Carey OH.

Hydraulic braking package includes HPB, Quadraulic

ArvinMeritor Inc and Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems are offering their new Premium Hydraulic Braking System for medium-duty truck and bus applications. The package includes Meritor WABCO's Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) — the next generation of its hydraulic actuation and anti-lock braking system (ABS) — and the Meritor Quadraulic hydraulic disc brake.

The HPB is a braking and vehicle control system for vehicles in Classes 4-7 and buses equipped with hydraulic brakes. This system provides three functions:

  • Does not require the use of an external source to provide power assist to achieve a low pedal effort.

  • Brake control functions, including ABS, automatic traction control (ATC), and electronic brake force distribution (EBD).

  • Optional auto-apply electronic parking brake control.

With a fixed-caliper opposed four-piston brake, the Quadraulic disc brake is designed to package within 19.5 × 6.75 inch and 22.5 inch wheel sizes. It is available in two piston sizes: 4 × 64 mm and 4 × 70 mm.

Quadraulic provides several performance and maintenance benefits as a result of its design. The fixed caliper eliminates a main concern often associated with rail slider or pin slider designs: external environment factors.

The enhanced robustness of this brake is complemented by simplified maintenance. When lining changes are required, only the lining retention bolt needs to be removed, and the new linings can be dropped into the caliper. An absence of caliper swing due to the fixed caliper design lets the brake hose remain untouched during the lining replacement process, eliminating the possibility of hose damage.

Brake caliper sizes can be interchanged by using the same torque plates and rotors, reducing aftermarket parts requirements. Reducing inventory requirements even further, the two caliper sizes provided with this brake (4 × 64 mm and 4 × 70 mm), use common brake pads (no unique inner/outer or directional pads), torque plates, hubs/rotors, and fasteners to attach the caliper to torque plate and rotor to hub.

For more details, contact ArvinMeritor, 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy
MI 48084-7186.

Fontaine International, LaneScan combat blind spots

Fontaine International and LaneScan LLC have announced a working agreement that will enhance safety and reduce accidents by virtually eliminating driver blind spots on the sides of trucks.

LaneScan's AutoView technology uses sensors mounted to a Fontaine fifthwheel to automatically rotate the right mirror so that it continuously keeps the right rear corner of the trailer in the driver's view — even on wide turns of 75 degrees or more — regardless of trailer length. It also makes blind-side backing maneuvers safer and easier by eliminating the driver's blind spot.

This advanced mirror technology also assists drivers in heavy traffic. With the push of a button, the driver can scan the blind spot before merging, turning, or changing lanes. Release the button, and the mirrors return to their normal preset position.

The fifthwheel-actuated AutoView is available exclusively on Fontaine fifthwheels. For more information, contact Fontaine, Irondale AL.

Phillips helps fleets win war against corrosion

Phillips Industries, a supplier of electrical sockets and connectors, helps fleets fight the war against corrosion with a simple solution. A foam socket seal being made available by the company can be quickly inserted in all sockets to immediately slow the effects of corrosion. Phillips' entire line of Sta-Dry electrical and air brake interface products have been designed to solve the problem of corrosion.

Contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 for more details.

Lucky ‘B’ to offer actuator

Trailer parts distributor Lucky ‘B’ Manufacturing has been selected as an authorized Sens-a-BRAKE distributor.

Differing from other electric-over-hydraulic actuators, Sens-a-BRAKE's new NA-1400 is powered by its own onboard air supply that generates impressive brake reaction times. Testing has shown the unit powering up to more than 1,000 psi in less than 0.29 seconds.

Sens-A-BRAKE also plans to release an ABS version of this product.

TriPac can eliminate unnecessary idling

Thermo King has launched the TriPac auxiliary heating/cooling temperature management system, also called an auxiliary power unit or APU. The TriPac eliminates unnecessary truck idling, keeps drivers comfortable, and saves money.

The TriPac system consists of a combination of components that provide an efficient method for providing sleeper cab heating and air-conditioning, truck battery charging, accessory power, and truck engine block heating. A Thermo King two-cylinder diesel engine powers air-conditioning compressor and a 12-volt alternator, both of which are the belt driven “automotive” style. These components power the air-conditioning system, keep the truck batteries charged, and provide tractor engine heat. The truck engine block is heated by incorporating the engine coolant systems between TriPac and the truck engine. This approach is effective because the engines warm each other while running, to ensure easy starting in all climates. The system even incorporates engine coolant temperature sensing via an Arctic option.

Cab heating is provided via a fuel-fired heater that is efficient and compact. Accessory power is delivered to the cab by providing 12-volt DC. If 120 VAC is required, an optional 12-VDC to 120-VAC inverter can be provided. These components are all incorporated via a programmable microprocessor. The TriPac control panel is backlit and mounts in the sleeper compartment.

For more details, contact Thermo King, Minneapolis MN.

Predictive Monitoring can pre-empt failures

Researchers at the Accenture Technology Labs have developed a system for fleet operators and OEMs that can determine equipment failures before they happen.

Predictive Monitoring, which is being tested on municipal buses in a major Midwest city, collects historical and real-time data from sensors and then uses analytic models to predict the future. The technology has applications for monitoring any type of vehicle, as well as for equipment used in other industries, such as power generation, utilities and continuous flow production processes (eg, pumps and compressors in chemical plants).

With Predictive Monitoring, developers build an information model for each asset that, based on mathematical modeling, can predict beforehand when things will break down.

The process begins by obtaining a set of healthy operating data that represents the various modes and functions of the equipment's standard operation cycle. Then real-time data of how the individual vehicle runs is compared with where the model says it should be. If it starts deviating from the healthy model, the system can then do some prognostics and predict the type and immediacy of a failure.

Manufacturers could save 51% in maintenance labor costs alone by using Predictive Monitoring techniques. Within industries like rail and utilities, Predictive Monitoring systems can lower the need for preventive maintenance and inspection by a reported 60%.

For fleet owners, use of Predictive Monitoring can reduce fleet size required to maintain a specific level of service and increase the interval between scheduled maintenance and overhauls by reducing unnecessary service.

For OEMs, Predictive Monitoring offers customers new and differentiating maintenance services. They can now ship customers parts before they are needed and proactively alert customers when their assets need maintenance.

For more information, contact Accenture Technology Labs, Chicago IL.

Air-cooled torches can take 300 amps

To reduce downtime, increase portability, and improve productivity, Weldcraft has introduced the CS300 and CS300V high-performance TIG torches. These are the first air-cooled torches to meet the demands of applications up to 300 amps (DC), says Weldcraft.

Part of the Crafter Series, the CS300 and CS300V combine heat dam and speed channel technology with a cable assembly to offer a 60% duty cycle at the rated maximum output of 300 amps. The CS300 and CS300V also increase portability without sacrificing quality or performance in field applications.

These torches eliminate the need for complex water-cooled systems, thereby reducing the amount of equipment necessary for field applications. The CS300V further improves portability through a gas valve on its handle that allows gas flow to be started and manually controlled without a gas solenoid in the power supply.

The CS300 and CS300V use existing WP-26 series torch replacement parts. These torches come weld-ready with all front-end parts needed for TIG applications and are available in 12.5- and 25-foot cable lengths.

For more information, contact Weldcraft Customer Service, Burbank CA.

HTB rear suspension for International 9000s

International Truck and Engine Corp and suspension manufacturer Hendrickson announce the launch of the HTB rear air suspension on International's 9000 Series trucks.

HTB is a lightweight, non-torque reactive suspension offering smooth ride and low maintenance. At 570 pounds including axle brackets, HTB saves up to 250 pounds of weight over industry-standard 40,000-lb-capacity suspensions. The weight savings is attributed to HTB's optimized design, featuring a parallelogram geometry that eliminates leaf springs and reduces components.

HTB's torque box system improves multi-axial stability and control.

The crossmember, frame hangers, and torque rods are efficiently designed to reduce weight while improving durability. Large, direct-acting air springs carry 100% of the vertical load, compared with trailing arm suspensions where vertical load is shared between air springs and leaf springs. This key difference provides up to a 34% ride improvement and reduces vibration and harshness.

HTB's centrally placed frame hanger eliminates the dual hangers found in a trailing arm suspension. Innovations like shock absorber mountings integrated with the torque rod further reduce complexity and part count.

HTB will be offered as optional equipment on International 9200i and 9400i long-haul trucks. For more information, phone Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems, Woodridge IL, at 630-910-2800.

Waytek has battery terminal solder pellets

Waytek Inc has added solder pellets to its product line to complement the brass battery lugs already offered. These battery terminal solder pellets are a fast method for attaching a battery lug to a cable, and they eliminate the need for crimping. Flux core prevents dirt and contaminants from hindering the soldering process. Pellets are color-coded to industry standards and come in gauge sizes 6 through 3/0.

For more information or to request a free catalog, phone 800-328-2724, visit, or contact Waytek, PO Box 690, 7660 Quattro Dr, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Filter captures dirt 5 microns in diameter

Heil Environmental's new in-tank hydraulic filter with a 5-micron absolute filtration rating captures hydraulic fluid contaminants as small as 5 microns in diameter. (In comparison, the diameter of a human hair is 40 to 90 microns.) This filter, now standard on all full-size Heil refuse collection vehicles, also offers 2½ times better filtration efficiency and more than double the dirt-holding capacity than the company's previous 6-micron absolute filter design.

The hydraulic system on a refuse collection vehicle provides the power to lift, pack, and eject trash. For the system to operate properly, it's critical that the hydraulic fluid be kept clean.

Heil engineers also made the new filter easier to install. The mechanic simply removes the housing cover and old element, drops in the new filter, and reinstalls the cover. All of the other loose parts common in other systems have been eliminated. Heil refuse collection vehicles already in the field can use the new filter as well, with the one-time purchase of a new housing cover assembly.

For more information, phone 800-214-4345, visit, or contact Heil, 6400 Building B, 5751 Cornelison Rd, Chattanooga TN 37411.

Six-rod suspensionprovided on 6900 XD

Western Star Trucks' proprietary extreme-duty six-rod suspension is now provided for order on the Western Star 6900 XD. This suspension is suitable for rugged applications such as off-road mining, logging, and oil field.

Weight ratings range from 85,000 to 110,000 pounds with AxleTech International SPRC 1927 tandem axles and 68-inch axle spacing. In the future, Western Star also will offer the suspension with an 85,000-lb weight rating with AxleTech SPRC 1735 tandem axles and 60-inch axle spacing; and a 72,000-pound weight rating with Sisu FR2P-32 tandem axle and 60-inch axle spacing.

Contact Western Star, 4420 Sherwin Rd, Willoughby OH 44094 or access for more information.

Dual Guard torches come in toolbox outfits

Smith Equipment now offers its Dual Guard oxy-fuel cutting torches in medium- and heavy-duty toolbox outfits. The toolbox outfits feature a high impact plastic with steel latches and can safely transport oxy-fuel equipment. The Dual Guard torch inside features a flashback arrestor built into the torch head and Smith's in-tip mixing technology with a three-tube construction to keep gases separate until they mix in the tip.

Dual Guard medium- and heavy-duty toolbox outfits are available in both the Combination Outfit, with a torch that can cut 6" to 8" (up to 203 mm) and weld ½" to 1" (13 to 25.4 mm); and the Hand (or Straight) Torch Outfit, with a torch that cuts 12" to 24" (305 to 610 mm).

Combination Outfits come complete with a torch handle, cutting attachment, oxy regulator, fuel gas regulator, along with cutting, welding, and heating tips. The Hand (or Straight) Torch Outfits includes a cutting torch, cutting tip, oxy regulator, and fuel gas regulators. The medium-duty toolbox outfits for both types of torches come with two cutting tips, while the heavy-duty toolbox outfits have three cutting tips. Both toolbox outfits also come with a lighter, goggles, hoses, tip cleaner, and operations and safety manual.

Dual Guard torches are covered by Smith's “Lifetime” warranty; Smith regulators are covered by a three-year limited warranty. For more information, phone 800-843-7912; fax 605-882-2100; access; or contact Smith Equipment, c/o Inquiry Intelligence Systems, Attn: Marcia, 18 N Central Ave, O'Fallon MO 63366.

Bayne cart lifters offer more efficiency

Bayne Premium Lift Systems introduces the BTL 208 RHK Series of cart lifters for rear and side loading refuse collection vehicles used in semi-automated collection. BTL 208 RHK lifters have a patent-pending design with a rotating hook to gently pick up and secure carts to the lifter. This design uses fewer moving parts and causes less lifter wear.

These lifters are less damaging to carts, as well. The lifters' spring-operated rotating hook automatically compensates for variations in spacing between the top lip of a cart and its lift bars. This prevents excessive pressure from being exerted onto the carts or the lifters. The lifters' cam drive also prevents premature unlatching and dropping.

The BTL 208 RHK Series comes with two standard faceplate angles that can be adjusted to permit the same lifter to fit a range of mounting heights and configurations. A single BTL 208 RHK lifter can work with sill heights ranging from about 37.5 to 41 inches. Those with trucks of varying sill heights may be able to use the same model of lifter on every truck, and stock fewer spare parts.

At less than 7 inches thick, the BTL 208 RHK is thin enough to mount on a rear loader equipped with commercial container latches, so the same vehicle can collect both residential and commercial routes. A cycle time of eight to 10 seconds also enhances productivity.

BTL 208 RHK lifters are powered by Bayne's patented Thinline rack and pinion rotary actuator for greater lift capacity at lower operating pressures. The Thinline actuator also uses fewer moving parts and offers greater resistance to contamination.

Lifters have a durable powdercoated finish and are backed by a two-year warranty. They are available with various arm lengths to suit most rear load and side load refuse collection vehicle applications. The BTL 208 RHK Series will work with most standard domestic “two-bar” carts.

For more information, visit or phone 800-535-2671.

Kenworth adds Eaton VORAD option

Kenworth Truck Co offers Eaton's VORAD Collision Warning System with SmartCruise adaptive cruise control as an option for Kenworth's T600, T800, T2000, and W900 models.

Eaton's VORAD system provides forward and side object detection through a forward-mounted antenna and one side sensor along with two visual displays. The system offers audio and visual warnings that alert drivers to objects up to 500 feet ahead, even around curves, and can detect and track up to 20 vehicles at a time.

SmartCruise is controlled via a forward-mounted antenna. It works with the truck's cruise control to automatically reduce truck speed when vehicles are within a predetermined range. The system reduces fuel to the engine and engages the engine retarder. When coupled with an Eaton automated transmission such as Fuller UltraShift, SmartCruise automatically downshifts to maintain optimal engine rpm.

APSCO receives patent for axial control

Air Power Systems Co (APSCO) of Tulsa OK has been awarded a patent for pneumatic self-correcting axial control that delivers anti-bind dependability. It is part of the firm's C-3800-DM series and features proportional control, no exposed parts, easy installation, and compact size.

This new proportional air cylinder designed specifically to operate any hydraulic directional control valve is used on equipment such as refuse trucks, snowplows, winch trucks, utility bodies, cranes, dump bodies, and dump trailers.

A floating piston assembly allows alignment between the shaft and internal bore, which enables self-centering and thus reliability in high demand situations.

For metal protection, ECK's the selection

Vantage Trailers, a trailer manufacturer based in Katy TX, is addressing the mag-chloride and cal-chloride issue by applying Van Nay's ECK coating between all dissimilar metals.

Developed by Van Nay, ECK received a patent for the coating in 1997. The product is sprayed or brushed between any bolted assembly, and applied on hardware and in holes to prevent corrosion.

For more details, contact Van Nay, South Elgin IL.

Strip lighting provides low profile, high intensity

Dialight Corp offers high-intensity LED vehicle strip lighting designed for doorways, engine compartments, and other locations calling for a sleek, low-profile design. Lighting is supplied in lengths of 18, 12, and 6 inches (460, 305, and 150 mm).

Providing low power consumption and long life for reduced maintenance, the robust, vibration- and shock-resistant new fixtures have an anodized aluminum housing and shatterproof, polycarbonate lens (UL94 flammability rating) that projects a uniform, wide-angle beam for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Typical output is 300 lumens in a cool-white color. Lights are available in a 24-volt, external power version with a clear lens and a 10-to-30-volt, internal power version with a diffused lens. Storage temperature is -40° to +120° C.

For further information, contact Dialight, 1501 Route 34 South, Farmingdale NJ 07727.

Marathon Pac: More efficiency, easier disposal

ESAB's second-generation Marathon Pac bulk welding wire has an octagon shape and offers the same advantages as ESAB's previous design, as well as several improvements.

The new Marathon Pac allows operators to reduce their impact on the environment. Manufactured from recyclable and environmentally friendly corrugated board coated with a thin moisture barrier, the Marathon Pac simplifies recycling. This lower-density corrugated material has a broader range of use than high-density material, making it easy to break down and discard in a cardboard recycling container when finished.

Increased efficiency is another advantage of the Marathon Pac. The wire in it is spooled into the carton using a technique that eliminates cast and helix as the wire exits from the welding gun. This straight wire allows for easier feed, reduces feed motor wear, and enables precise placement of the wire in the weld joint. The added benefits are more arc time, fewer weld defects, and less wear and tear on equipment.

A wire conduit attachment provides support to the lid and permits attachment of the conduit when combined with a conduit connector.

Optional accessories include an accessory lifting yoke, which attaches to the side lifting straps of the Marathon Pac and makes placing it anywhere trouble-free. A four-wheel dolly is also available for easy maneuverability.

For more details, visit or contact ESAB, 411 S Ebenezer Rd, PO Box 100545, Florence SC 29501-0545.

Accuracy a big part of VICON Elite system

Plasma Automation Inc's VICON Elite, an accurate and versatile multi-functional processing system, offers users precision plasma and oxy fuel cutting, scribing, and drilling capabilities.

A specially designed gantry enables the use of a variety of standard and/or precision plasma power supplies as well as oxy fuel cutting heads, scribing tools, and drill heads. The high-speed dual drives enable the system to traverse in excess of 2,000 inches per minute while continuing to provide superior positioning and cornering accuracies, even at maximum torch cutting speeds. VICON Elite's precision dual linear guiding and worm gear drives with digital motors produce precise movement of the machined tubular gantry. Sharp, crisp motion generates accurate parts. Technology that includes proximity switches and fiber optic communication cables allow for optimum performance for the life of the machine. The ViSoft Cutting Software enables the machine to produce quality parts with superior edge quality and part accuracy on both corners and holes.

For more information, phone Plasma Automation at 800-563-8510 or visit

Air Lift RoadTamer brings comfort, control to towing

It's now possible for heavy-duty pickup truck owners to have both a comfortable ride and towing control with the new RoadTamer suspension system from the Air Lift Co. RoadTamer replaces a vehicle's rough-riding steel leaf springs with soft-riding air springs similar to those on commercial semi trucks.

RoadTamer combines a fully engineered air suspension, consisting of two control arms that connect the front factory spring mounts to the axle, and a control link (panhard rod) installed laterally between one of the control arms and the frame. The system controls axle movement to best stabilize and control the truck and cargo when pulling a full load, and it increases ride quality when the truck is empty.

The “brain” of the system is Air Lift's SmartAir electronic height controlled automatic leveling system. SmartAir is used in conjunction with an upgraded, heavier-duty compressor for complete hands-off control, regardless of the load. The system features an electronic control unit (ECU) calibrated to the truck's ride height at the time of installation. When the truck is loaded, the ECU automatically senses the truck sagging and turns on the compressor, filling the air springs to level the truck. When the truck is unloaded, the ECU again senses the height change and releases air from the air bags.

RoadTamer also comes with these options:

  • A “kneeling” feature, which allows the user to remove all air from the air bags to drop the rear of the truck for easier loading and unloading.

  • Select-a-Ride Shocks and Digital Damping System, shock absorbers with a nine-position damping adjustment capability. The shocks are manually adjustable, or they can be combined with Air Lift's Digital Controller for on-the-fly adjustment. (For trucks with more than 10,000-lb GVWR only)

  • An expansion tank, which increases the effective volume of the air springs by 35% and provides a smoother ride over bumps. Suggested for one-ton trucks and recommended for ¾-ton trucks.

The system comes with a two-year limited warranty. For more information, or for technical advice, phone Air Lift at 800-248-0892 or visit

Roll Advisor & Control systems a success

The Freightliner Group has installed almost 11,000 Roll Advisor & Control safety systems since beginning production about two years ago. Developed in cooperation with Meritor WABCO, the system alerts the driver to a potential rollover and/or automatically slows the truck to reduce the risk of an accident.

Roll Advisor & Control has two integrated components: Roll Stability Advisor and Roll Stability Control. Both use sensors integrated into the truck's antilock braking system. By tracking the truck's lateral acceleration and wheel speed, the system detects the potential for rollover.

Roll Stability Advisor is a training aid designed to advise the driver that he or she has operated the vehicle in near-rollover conditions. Warnings are communicated via the Driver Message Center, a display in the dash, directly in front of the driver.

When sensor data indicate that a rollover is imminent, Roll Stability Control sends a signal to reduce engine power, apply the engine brake, and/or apply the tractor rear service brake. This slows the truck and reduces the forces pushing the vehicle toward rollover. The trailer brakes will also be momentarily applied to assure that the combination remains stable and is slowed as rapidly as possible while remaining stable. When the vehicle becomes stable, power is restored and the engine brake is turned off.

The system may also be installed with just the Roll Stability Control function. It is available on certain heavy-duty vehicles manufactured by Freightliner Group brands.

Reefer data management becomes easier with Carrier Transicold ReeferManager

Carrier Transicold's new ReeferManager software not only handles recordkeeping for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance, but also serves as a powerful service tool for the hauler.

Used with the Standard and Advance microprocessor controllers made for Carrier's X-Series single-temperature trailer units and Supra diesel truck units, ReeferManager combines Carrier's earlier DataManager and ServiceManager programs into a single, sophisticated application.

Compatible with Windows-based computers, ReeferManager provides access to vital data for tracking and evaluating system performance. Information from a reefer's Advance Controller can be copied to a DataShare PC card and then uploaded to a computer used by the fleet manager or owner-operator. Information can also be transferred via serial port. ReeferManager's report function produces customized graphs and tabular data reports showing system performance over time, providing assurance that the reefer is operating in accordance with specifications. Data files can also be exported and read using any spreadsheet program.

For the service manager, ReeferManager monitors a customized set of sensors and logs data for diagnostic purposes. The application is also used for programming the eight Advance hour meters for tracking start cycles, clutch engages, high-speed hours, engine hours, and switch-on hours.

ReeferManager can create 30 different environmental profiles that can be loaded into each Advance controller in the fleet. Called the IntelliSet control, it allows drivers to specify refrigeration parameters by matching trailer contents to a name on the Advance controller display — for example, “Lettuce” or “Seafood.” ReeferManager offers a single screen with intuitive layout.

For more information, visit or phone 800-357-7288.

Trumpf nozzle changer permits unattended setup

A new nozzle changer from Trumpf facilitates automated laser cutting operations. This automatic nozzle changer eliminates the need for operator intervention during job setup, enhances process safety, and provides more flexibility in unmanned multi-shift operations.

Laser cutting nozzles typically need to be changed to process a different material or sheet thickness, or when the nozzle is dirty or damaged. Through the use of an automatic nozzle changer and one cutting head, a large number of the cutting tasks — including those requiring nozzle changes — can be programmed to run as unmanned operations. The programmable nozzle changer periodically replaces dirty or damaged nozzles or exchanges the nozzle whenever changing material type or thickness.

For more information, contact Trumpf, Farmington CT.

Ironworker packs an 85-ton punch capacity

Scotchman Industries announces its new and improved Fully Integrated 85-ton ironworker with five built-in stations for versatility and dependability. This ironworker has an 85-ton punch capacity and a 10" throat depth, which can punch a 11/16" hole in 1" material.

The FI 8510-20M is made in America with many standard features that include 6" × 6" × ½" angle shear, rod shear that will shear 1⅜" round and 1¼" square rod, and a rectangular notcher that can notch 3" × 5" × ½". The 20" flat bar shear features a low rake angle with the ability to shear up to 1" × 12" and ¾" × 20" material. This machine comes standard with an electric remote foot pedal, punch stroke control with scale, jog control, keyed punch ram, punch gauging table with fence and scale, shear table and miter fence, and notcher table with guide and scale. The FI 8510 also accepts optional equipment such as press brakes, tube shears, picket tools, and special tooling.

Visit or contact Scotchman, PO Box 850, Philip SD 57567 for more details.

Pack converts conventional coolant to ELC

ChevronTexaco Products Co is offering the FleetFix Conversion Pack, which can convert conventional coolant used in heavy-duty vehicles and stationary equipment to an extended life coolant (ELC) without having to drain, flush, and refill the cooling system.

Once a cooling system is converted to ELC using the FleetFix, the coolant can have a service life of up to 600,000 miles/six years, or 12,000 hours (with extender addition at 300,000 miles/three years or 6,000 hours), and the customer should begin to see improved performance and reduced cooling system maintenance costs. In order to obtain the stated service life and performance benefits, products like Delo Extended Life or Texaco Extended Life Coolant Prediluted 50/50 must be used for top-up.

A single FleetFix Conversion Pack comes with enough fluid to convert five Class 8 trucks, or an equivalent amount of stationary machinery, with cooling systems between nine and 12 gallons. A component of the FleetFix Conversion Pack is FleetFix Conversion Concentrate, a concentrated version of the patented inhibitors found in ChevronTexaco ELC.

The FleetFix Conversion kit includes:

  • Five one-gallon containers of FleetFix Conversion Concentrate

  • 12 FleetFix Conversion test strips

  • 10 FleetFix Conversion Radiator ID stickers

  • Five mail-in post conversion coolant tests

  • Complete set of conversion instructions

  • Freeze point charts

For more details, access

Compound cures upon exposure to UV light

Master Bond Inc has developed UV19, a new low-viscosity, flexible ultraviolet light-curable composition formulated for fast, high-performance laminating, sealing, bonding, and casting. It is an optically clear, mobile liquid that cures readily upon exposure to UV light at ambient temperatures to a flexible strong solid with superior mechanical strength properties and adhesion to many different substrates. The UV19 system is 100% reactive and does not contain any volatiles. Its cure is not inhibited by air, and it exhibits minimal shrinkage when cured. UV19 has strong resistance to water and many other aggressive chemicals.

A viscosity of less than 300 cps at 75° F enhances UV19's utility for laminating as well as sealing, bonding, and coating applications. Its flexibility (more than 100% elongation) and adhesive properties make it attractive for laminating, sealing, and bonding to substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients. UV19 has a tensile strength in excess of 800 psi and high impact strength, abrasion resistance, and heat stability.

For complete details, contact Master Bond, 154 Hobart St, Hackensack NJ 07601-3922; or visit

Spectrum 1000 offers Auto-Line technology

The new Spectrum 1000 air plasma cutting and gouging system from Miller Electric Mfg Co offers increased flexibility with Auto-Line primary power management technology. Auto-Line allows automatic connection to any primary input voltage from 208 to 575 volts, single- or three-phase, 50 to 60 hertz. The patented Ultra-Quick Connect torch permits fast plasma torch connection and removal. Auto-Refire technology automatically controls the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple pieces of metal, reducing operator fatigue and increasing the lifetime of consumables.

When using three-phase input power, Spectrum 1000 has a rated output of 80 amps at 150 volts DC with a 60% duty cycle at 230 to 575 volts and 50% at 208 volts. When input power is single-phase, Spectrum 1000 has a rated output of 80 amps at 150 volts DC with a duty cycle of 50% at 230 volts and 40% at 208 volts.

Spectrum 1000 is covered by Miller's True-Blue three-year factory warranty. For more information or to download a product spec sheet, visit, phone 800-426-4553, fax 877-327-8132, or write to Miller Electric Mfg, PO Box 100, Lithonia GA 30058.

Composilite line adds severe-duty model

Hendrickson's Composilite STS, a new 13,500-lb-capacity, severe-duty model, complements the Composilite ST family of lift axle systems. The Composilite STS uses nodular iron trailing arms and is recommended for refuse, logging and other predominately off-road applications.

Adding just 40 pounds to the Composilite ST suspension, STS weighs 867 pounds. It is provided in ride heights ranging from 8.5 to 18.5 inches.

Like the rest of the Composilite family, the STS is equipped with in-line air springs for added protection and a compact design. Zero-torsion bushings help eliminate bushing windup, and the two-piece knuckle design provides extended kingpin performance.

Visit the web site at for further information.

Signature Series includes four types of bodies

Maintainer Corp of Iowa Inc's newest series of bodies, the Signature Series, consists of four body types:

  • A 6000 Series tall tower crane on an 11' body. The body has a 6,350-lb hexagonal boom crane with 24" hydraulic reach, hydraulic outriggers, a 59"-high oxy/act compartment, 26" work bench bumper with vise mount, four tiedowns, closed center load sensing hydraulic system, 40-cfm hydraulic air compressor, and Maintainer's EZ Latch Aluma Drawer system.

  • A 10000 Series tall tower crane on an 11' body. The body has a 10,000-lb hexagonal boom crane with 24" hydraulic reach, hydraulic outriggers, oxy/act storage, welder mount angles on top street side rear, 26" work bench bumper with vise mount, four tiedowns, closed center load sensing hydraulic system, 40-cfm hydraulic air compressor, and the EZ Latch Aluma Drawer system.

  • A 12000 Series tall tower crane on a 14' body. This body has a 12,000-lb hexagonal boom crane with 24" hydraulic reach, hydraulic outriggers, oxy/act storage compartment, welder mount angles on top street side rear, deck plate overlay, 26" work bench bumper with vise mount, six tiedowns, closed center load sensing hydraulic system, 40-cfm hydraulic air compressor, and the EZ Latch Aluma Drawer system.

  • A two-ton lube body. The body has closed center load sensing hydraulic system, 25-cfm hydraulic air compressor, used filter bin/plumbed into evac system, 650-gallon diesel fuel tank, four oil tanks (two 60- and two 120-gallon), 60-gallon antifreeze tank, and 150-gallon evac tank.

For more information, visit or phone 800-831-8588.

Whatever the payload, X-Tra-Lift delivers

Stellar Industries Inc has developed the X-Tra-Lift Utility Pro loading device for full-size, dual rear-wheel chassis with a cab to axle measurement of 60".

The X-Tra-Lift Utility Pro includes a hydraulic/electric X-Tra-Lift loading system with a 1,300-lb (590-kg) lifting capacity and a 9-foot-long Knapheide Mfg brand utility body. It offers the versatility of a utility body for storage of tools and parts with the convenience of the X-Tra-Lift loading device. The X-Tra-Lift loads and unloads up to 1,300 pounds of payload while remaining level with the ground, and is completely stable at any level of the load cycle.

Options for the X-Tra-Lift include a wireless remote control, casters, tiedowns, various loading platforms and carriers, lights, and paint.

The X-Tra-Lift can also be purchased separately for installation in most domestic full-size pickup truck boxes. Contact Stellar, Garner IA, for more information.

Space*Kool alternative to reefer vans, cubes

A new model from SpaceKap is more versatile and more durable. The Space*Kool refrigerated utility body is an alternative to refrigerated vans and cubes, is a generic fit on any full-size pickup truck with an 8-foot bed, and can be quickly installed. With the Space*Kool, one's investment is not tied to a vehicle with a limited life span. Capitalizing on the high resale value of a pickup truck, the user is now free to replace his carrier vehicle more frequently. With 2"-thick double-wall insulation and inside-out gelcoat finish that ensures easy maintenance the Space*Kool is designed and built to provide decades of reliable service. The Space*Kool caters to refrigerated and temperature-controlled transport in agribusiness, seafood, frozen food, dairy, and restaurant delivery.

The SpaceKap line of utility bodies is fully customizable to meet the requirements of fleet administrators and small contractors. Thanks to a patented tiedown system, a SpaceKap can be installed or removed in minutes. The double-wall composite sandwich construction avoids condensation and will outlast any pickup truck, says the company.

For more details, phone 800-363-0655.

UltraShift HV designed for Class 6-7 vehicles

Eaton Corp has introduced the Fuller UltraShift HV (Highway Value) medium-duty transmission. Designed for Class 6 and 7 vehicles with diesel engines in the 195 to 260 horsepower range, the HV can handle torque capacities up to 660 ft-lb and loads up to 33,000 pounds GVW. Pick-up and delivery, service/utility, and recovery applications are suited for the operational characteristics of the HV.

A key feature of the HV is its “Hill Assist” feature. Hill Assist automatically minimizes rollback on up to 10% grades while the operator makes the transition from the brake pedal to the accelerator. Additional features and benefits of the HV include:

  • Warranty: Vocationally tailored warranty coverage for up to three years, unlimited mileage, parts, and labor.

  • Lubed for Life: provides lower maintenance and downtime costs over the life cycle of the truck.

  • Modular design: provides more rapid service and reduced service costs.

  • Abuse protection: electronic shift protection and clutch protection logic reduces the potential for drivetrain and clutch abuse.

  • Commonality: electronics modules and shift controls used on other Fuller manual and automated transmissions allow service providers to reduce service parts inventories and speed training and certification of technicians

Service support will be provided to HV owners by OEM dealer service locations, as well as the Roadranger service support system throughout North America. The UltraShift HV is in LQR phase (limited quantity release) with 500 units scheduled for production between now and March 2006. Volume production is scheduled for April 2006.

For more information, contact Roadranger, Kalamazoo MI.

Slide-In bodies can fit in pickup trucks

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is offering in-stock fiberglass Slide-In bodies for short routes and hot shot deliveries that fit 3/4- and one-ton pickup trucks.

Suitable for intercity delivery of low- and medium-temperature foods, fresh flowers, ice cream, catered meals, and other refrigerated product, the Slide-In features the technology of a standard Johnson fiberglass refrigerated truck body shrunk to a convenient, efficient delivery size. The unit also provides Johnson's thermal break design and truck body construction that keeps shipments colder longer. As with all Johnson bodies, the Slide-In provides long life, low maintenance, and high residual value.

Units are supplied with Carrier/Thermo King mechanical blower systems for fresh product, or cold plate refrigeration systems for both low- and medium-temperature products. Eutectic cold plate refrigeration systems for specific temperatures (+23°, +18°, +9°, -14°, -21° F) are fully independent and easily transferable from truck to truck by removing four bolts. Mounted to the interior ceiling and/or walls, the plates are designed to absorb heat and maintain proper product temperature during the delivery run.

For more information, phone 800-922-8360 or e-mail [email protected].

Haulmaax receives new configurations

Hendrickson introduces new configurations of its Haulmaax suspension system for ready-mix vehicles and 6-by-6 applications. The company developed a 72.5-inch axle spacing option to meet the needs of ready-mix contractors and a tall ride height Haulmaax for 6-by-6 applications.

Introduced in 2002, the Haulmaax suspension emerged as a new standard for rubber vocational suspensions in 40,000- and 46,000-lb capacities.

Hendrickson performs tests of its walking-beam technology in severe applications to help ensure dependable operation and driver satisfaction.

For more information, contact Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems, Woodridge IL.

Tectran has a handle on air line flexibility

Tectran Mfg Inc has unveiled a complete line of Aircoils and AirPower Lines that feature its new FLEX-Grip handles. FLEX-Grips are factory-installed, tapered, elastomeric handles that flex with air lines, providing kink protection in tight turn situations. They provide the operator with a color-coded, easy-to-grasp handle, with the thickest section of the tapered design protecting lines during repeated gladhand connections. The FLEX-Grip may also be installed on the tractor end of the air line, offering kink resistance in cases where the line is forced to bend near the tractor connection.

Tectran's new PRO-Flex aircoils, Armorcoil single-line and Magnum dual-line aircoils, and AirPower Line wrapped all-in-one straight air and electrical lines all include the FLEX-Grip handle on the trailer end and swivel fittings on the tractor end of each assembly. Options for severe cold weather conditions are also available.

For more information, phone 800-776-5549 or access

Tonneau provided for Honda Ridgeline

New from Access Roll-Up Cover is the 2006 Honda Ridgeline Tonneau. This cover, while adding to the appearance of a truck, also improves the performance. It is durable, accessible, stylish, and fits well.

Agri-Cover's patented design allows for tool-free direct tension adjusters and angled side rails that makes the Access Roll-Up Cover tight-fitting. Made of heavy-duty, double-coated vinyl, Access Roll-Up Covers have proven themselves in all four seasons. Access also come with the Premium Cover lifetime warranty, which covers every part of the tonneau.

Thermo King helps Roche serve Beantown

Family-owned Roche Bros Supermarkets is delivering refrigerated, frozen, and dry grocery goods directly to customers in the greater Boston MA area.

Roche chose Ford's E-350 Super Duty van for its extended length, then modified it by raising the roof 32 inches. “We needed the space to accommodate an estimated 10 to 15 orders per delivery period,” said Arthur Ackles, director of e-commerce for Roche.

Because Roche needed a refrigeration system with multi-temperature capabilities, it selected Thermo King's V-300 MAX TC 20 units with ES-100 evaporators. The company worked with Thermo King in the past and has been a long-time Hussmann customer, which is Thermo King's sister company within Ingersoll-Rand's Climate Control sector. Coordination of the van builds was mainly conducted by Boston Thermo King personnel.

After the van roofs were modified at the Norton MA Ford dealership, they were shipped to Sub Zero Van Liner Co in Brooklyn NY. Roche chose the company to install the insulation and van lining into its new van fleet. Much like liquid truck bed liners, Sub Zero's product comes out of the application gun at 200° F, is seamless, and cures within 24 hours. “A high-density foam insulation at least three inches thick is applied before the liner, ensuring temperatures as low as -5° F are kept,” said Greg Iovine Jr, owner of Sub Zero.

After the van liner installations, the vans were shipped to Boston Thermo King for V-300 MAX TC 20 unit installations and special van graphics application before final delivery to the appropriate Roche store.

Waytek stocks all kinds of 3M electrical tape

Waytek Inc offers a wide selection of 3M tapes and wiring products. Super 33+ tape from 3M, available at Waytek, is highly conformable and stretchy in all weather applications. Seven mils thick, it resists ultraviolet rays, abrasion, corrosion, alkalines, and acids, and it is flame-retardant with a temperature rating up to 221 degrees F. Two lengths are provided: 3/4" × 20' and 3/4" × 66'; free samples are provided while supplies last.

For more information or to request a free catalog, phone 800-328-2724, visit, or contact Waytek, PO Box 690 / 7660 Quattro Dr, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Copperhead Snake integrates power, ground

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces the new Copperhead Snake, a single-pole trailer liftgate cable that integrates power and ground wiring into one coiled cable.

The Copperhead Snake is a coiled 0-gauge power and a 2-gauge ground cable with up to two and a half times the charging capability of commonly used 4-gauge charging cords. It provides both the power and ground necessary to serve any 12-vott accessories, such as trailer liftgates.

Because it provides a more reliable power and ground, the Copperhead Snake offers a number of long-term benefits to fleet managers and owner-operators. It provides longer electrical component and battery life for liftgates and other trailer accessories because they receive proper voltage. It reduces downtime and road calls caused by poor grounding, and it reduces wear on other trailer components. Overall, these reduce the cost of ownership for the liftgate and other power accessories.

The Copperhead Snake can also be retrofitted easily since most fleets have single-pin sockets on existing tractor and trailer units. This saves fleets the expense of changing to two-pin socket systems. The Copperhead also comes with a heavy-duty spring and hangers so that it can be attached to the slide bar on the tractor.

For more information, contact Waltco, Tallmadge OH.

Superior expands warning light series

Superior Signals Inc has introduced its expanded 4400 series Meteorlite self-contained LED warning lights.

The SY4405 and SY4415 6.5" oval and 4.5" round models are multi-voltage 12-24-volt DC and feature a quint flash warning mode that can be wired to flash in a random or alternating pattern. Both models can be flange- or grommet-mounted.

Surface-mount LED warning lights are 12-volt DC and feature various flash patterns and sizes. Model SY4460 is 3.8" long × 1.9" high, SY4465 is 5.08" long × 1.48" high and has eight warning patterns. Model SY4470 is 5" long × 3.2" high and comes with 15 warning patterns.

For additional information, contact Superior, Olathe KS.

SimilAir: Smooth ride plus easy upkeep

Liteflex LLC, in association with partner ArvinMeritor, is introducing a new generation composite spring suspension called SimilAir. This system provides the ride of an air suspension with the maintenance simplicity of mechanical springs. The design is based on the same technology used in the Liteflex composite mono-leaf spring. It has proven to be more durable than steel, is corrosion-resistant, and does not sag over time.

SimilAir is 100 pounds lighter than standard steel leaf spring suspensions and is 250-600 pounds lighter than tandem air suspension systems.

Engineering testing at the Transportation Research Center has shown that SimilAir matches the ride quality of leading air suspensions, whether loaded or unloaded. Tri-axial accelerometers were used to quantify the ride quality.

If an overstressed situation should occur, SimilAir will not fail in a catastrophic manner, permitting the operator to deliver his load before driving to a repair facility. Rated at 22,400 pounds per axle, SimilAir uses aluminum overclamps and a microcellular urethane jounce bumper to ensure durability and a smooth, safe ride. It can be installed in any mechanical suspension. For more details, contact Liteflex, Englewood OH.

Monogram fenders can dress up a truck

New, mirror-finish stainless steel Peterbilt Monogram Half-Fenders from Life-Time Fenders let Peterbilt owners dress up their trucks with a permanently etched Peterbilt logo.

Not a Peterbilt owner? Not to worry! Most OEM logos are available along with the Texas Longhorn, flames, and the American eagle. Custom logos are no problem. Due to trademark restrictions, each monogram fender displaying an OEM logo must be purchased through its respective dealer.

Life-Time offers a complete line of stainless steel fenders for singles, tandems, and triples, as well as its aluminum, galvanized steel, and poly fenders. Pre-engineered installation kits are provided.

For more details, contact Life-Time, Canfield OH.

UltraShift LHP offers ‘two-pedal’ operation

Eaton Corp has introduced the newest member of its heavy-duty UltraShift family, the Fuller UltraShift LHP (Linehaul High Performance) transmission.

The UltraShift LHP was designed for on-highway applications where superior low-end and high-end performance, as well as ratio coverage, is required to handle varying terrain and load conditions. It provides fully automatic “two-pedal” operation, and can handle torque capacities up to 1,750 ft-lb. and loads up to 110,000 pounds gross combined weight.

The LHP offers 13 speeds plus a selectable low starting gear of 12.2:1, which has been designated by an “L” in the model nomenclature. It features progressive gearing that provides gathered ratios in the low-end and high-end gears that enable the engine to operate within a tighter rpm range. The LHP's three reverse gears provide maneuvering flexibility to take the stress out of backing up and trailer hookup.

Other features and benefits of the UltraShift LHP include:

  • Two torque capacities, both approved to 110,000 pounds GCW: 1,650 ft-lb and 1650 “M” (Multi-Torque) model with 1,750 ft-lb operation in top two gears.

  • Automatic starts, using a dry clutch module, based on the industry standard 15-½-inch twin plate, ceramic-facing technology.

  • Electronic shift protection and totally automated operation reduces the potential for drivetrain abuse.

  • Electronics, controls and XY shifter are the same as Generation 3 AutoShift reducing part count and improving serviceability.

The UltraShift transmission incorporates an advanced shift-by-wire system, using SAE-J1939 protocol to communicate with electronic engines. This transmission eliminates mechanical lever shifting and the mechanical clutch pedal, providing smooth, automatic shifting and vehicle launches.

For more information, contact Roadranger, Kalamazoo MI.

MW turns its Bulldog into a Gladiator

MW Supply is upgrading the Bulldog walk ramp design to become a lighter foodservice grade walk ramp: the Bulldog II or the Gladiator. The Gladiator walk ramp combines the strength of the Bulldog's side rail, its I-beam construction; with the true open grate traction of an extruded OSHA-approved walk surface. For fleets, this means:

  • 20% lighter (90 pounds compared with 114 for a 14' ramp).

  • True open grate, self-cleaning and serrated for better traction (per FHA).

  • Proven walk surface: 60 years, NASA, OSHA, ANSI.

  • Less deflection with heavy loads to minimize “spring.”

  • Higher side rail to avoid runoffs.

  • Rugged quality standards: ISO 9001:2000.

  • Less maintenance: No castings, no connectors — all extruded, all welded.

  • Cycle-tested with 500 pounds for 500,000 cycles.

  • Fits in all Bulldog, ROM, TODCO, and ITW carriers.

Although this upgrade effectively replaces the original Bulldog design, replacement parts for the Bulldog I are still available.

To learn more, contact MW Supply, Glen Rose TX.