Product Profiles

Aug. 1, 2002
Straight-axle Light-Trac fulfills trailer needs In combination with Ridewell Corp's RLT-230 Light-Trac self-steering truck-mount suspension system, the

Straight-axle Light-Trac fulfills trailer needs

In combination with Ridewell Corp's RLT-230 Light-Trac self-steering truck-mount suspension system, the company has designed Model RLT-230-S, a self-steering trailer version with the same performance characteristics. The integrated lift unit includes suspension, brakes, and fabricated axle. It may be used in the pusher or tag position and is rated at 13,200-lb capacity.

Different in the trailer version is the 70.06" KPI straight-axle design compared with the drop-center axle on the truck-mount version. With a 12.5"-18.0" range of mounting heights, no subframes or spacers are required for installation. Further advantages are the unit's 27° wheel cut and its 21.8" package space.

The pre-assembled, parallelogram-designed RLT-230-S self-steers with constant axle caster that comes pre-set, as does the alignment. The system keeps axles on the ground when cornering for tight turning and allows tires to track consistently with the trailer, virtually eliminating tire scrub.

Other features include 38"-44" frame widths, urethane bushings, dual self-centering stabilizers, and 15 × 4 S-cam brakes with auto-slacks and 20" chambers. Weight of the entire unit ranges from 874-917 pounds depending on wheel-end equipment selected. For more information contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

New ladder rack helps save users' backs

A new ladder rack designed by a truck equipment distributor for distributors is available from Buddy Carroll and Houston TX-based Pickup Equipment Inc.

The Save A Back ladder rack uses automotive shock absorbers instead of single-source hydraulics to make it easy and convenient to position ladders.

Twin lifting arms pivot smoothly on bronze bushings throughout, while stainless steel fasteners secure the rack without the possibility of rust and corrosion.

DuPont powdercoating provides the ladder rack with a durable finish. Designed to fit full-size vans, the Save A Back ladder rack comes partially assembled from the factory. For more information, phone Pickup Equipment Inc at 713-699-8700.

Versatility is buzzword with beehive-style light

Peterson Manufacturing Co's new LED beehive-style light functions as a clearance, side-marker, or rear-tracking light. The 2" lamp houses five brilliant diodes which, when illuminated, produce a “Star Wars” pattern. They are ideal for air cleaner panels, cab, or sleeper panels. These LED beehive lights operate from 8 to 16 volts and are available in amber or red. For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Backup warning system alerts driver audibly, visually

Superior Signals Inc's Guardian Alert Model 1700 back-up warning system has a microwave radar sensor and a dual alarm system. The Model 1700 alerts drivers audibly with a 95-decibel interior indicator and visually with three LEDs.

The sensor, which rests in an environmentally sealed housing, mounts to the rear center of a vehicle and is wired to the vehicle's reverse light system. The alarm, which mounts in the driver's compartment, plugs into the sensor wire. Detection range extends about eight feet across the width of the vehicle and about 36" up and another 36" down from the center of the sensor mount, totaling 6 feet. The alarm sounds only when an object enters or is detected in zones of 3, 6, and 12 feet, which is factory-adjustable.

For more information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Chassis Saver guards against corrosion

Magnet Paints offers its Chassis Saver underbody coating, formulated to prevent automotive and truck corrosion without use of primers and topscoats. Chassis Saver chemically bonds to rusted metal to create a hard, glaze-like nonporous finish that resists road salts, gasoline, oil, battery acid, and other solvents.

This product can be applied to bare or rusted metal via brush, roller, and all types of spray equipment. High solids content and high-build properties ensure that edges are completely covered with just two or three coats. For surfaces exposed to sunlight, Magnet's Series 9000 Magnacryl acrylic enamels or Series 5000 Magnatron acrylic polyurethane can be applied over Chassis Saver to guard against ultraviolet rays while imparting color strength and a high-gloss finish. Chassis Saver also accepts other manufacturers' topcoats.

Chassis Saver emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of less than 2.09 pounds per gallon (250 gpl), and it is free from lead and chromate hazards. For more information, contact Magnet, 336 Bayview Ave, Amityville NY 11701.

Slam latches designed for smaller cabinets

Eberhard Manufacturing Co's #1030/1031 Series finger-pull slam latches are suitable for use on smaller cabinets. Available in key-locking and non-key-locking versions, the slam latches have a flush design for panel thicknesses of .075" to .875". They are easily installed in a 2" round hole.

Both slam latches come in either matte black or matte white finishes. All-metal components are constructed of 300 Series stainless steel.

The easy-to-operate, pull-ring housing and mounting bracket are constructed of an ASA/PVC alloy material that offers weather and chemical resistance as well as flame retardance.

For more information, contact Eberhard, PO Box 368012, Cleveland OH 44149-9712.

Grease is the word? Not with use of PlateMate

Direct Dimension Inc's new PlateMate kingpin plate has a scientifically engineered self-lube surface that not only eliminates grease, but also outperforms it. PlateMate works continuously to improve maneuvering ability, especially during tight turns, backing-up and coupling operations, while reducing the stress and strain of steel grinding on steel between the tractor fifthwheel and trailer upper coupler plate. Even in bad weather conditions, drive-tire skids and bump-steering are nearly eliminated. Over/under-steer is also significantly reduced.

Plate Mate lowers operating costs by eliminating fifthwheel greasing operations, reducing upper-coupler wear, as well as lessening cab and chassis stress and fatigue. Its close tolerance design accepts standard SAE kingpins, and its weld-mount construction provides secure and reliable operation. The company guarantees this product for two years.

For more details, contact Direct Dimension, 8195 Pyott Rd, Lake in the Hills IL 60156.

Liftgate raises options for low-bed vehicles

Waltco Truck Equipment Co offers the MPF Series Flipaway, for low-bed vehicles. Available in 2,500- or 3,300-lb lifting capacities, this series has a two-piece level-ride platform. Wide-arm configuration lets the liftgate be mounted on vehicles equipped with a stationary receiver-type hitch for towing trailers.

The MPF Series Flipaway has a torsion-assisted folding platform that requires less than 40 pounds of force to open and close. This series is equipped with Thermalpak with Voltage Guard, which shuts down power to the liftgate before heat buildup or a bad ground can cause permanent damage to the liftgate motor. Other standard features include:

  • Self-lubricating, fiberglass-reinforced Teflon-coated bearings in place of grease zerks.

  • Closed-loop hydraulic system.

  • Hardened pins to reduce deflection and prolong bearing life.

  • Mounts on vehicles with bed heights as low as 38", with no more than 19⅝" of clearance needed from the rear sill forward.

  • Torsion-assist on each section of the Flipaway platform.

  • Auto-tilt feature tilts the platform down at ground level when lowering the gate, then levels the platform before raising.

  • Electronic cylinder locks.

  • Power-down operation.

  • Stationary and hand-held SuperSwitch controls let the liftgate be operated from ground or bed level.

  • Wiring complies with all TMC recommended practices.

  • Dual-lift cylinder design.

  • Cab shut-off switch allows operator to shut off power to control switches preventing unauthorized use of the liftgate.

For more information, contact Waltco, PO Box 354, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

For precision, variety, this bandsaw can cut it

Behringer Saws' new HBM440A enclosed bandsaw is suited for precision-cutting solid materials, pipes, or metal profiles. It has a cutting range of 17" in round material and 17" × 17" for squares, as well as various diameters and wall thicknesses for pipes. The saw can be used with either bimetal or carbide saw blades. Sawing unit, material clamping unit, and feed unit are pre-assembled separately as part of a flow assembly sequence.

Features of this machine include the ability to tilt the saw frame toward the operator, which simplifies saw blade changeover. Another benefit for users needing to saw an increasing amount of square or sectional material is the simpler implementation of a saw blade incline of up to 4°.

For more information, contact Behringer, Morgantown Business Park, 721 Hemlock Rd, Morgantown PA 19543.

Urethane sealants come in new packages

Bostik Findley Inc has announced new packaging designs for two of its solvent- and isocyanate-free urethane sealants. The firm's 2100SPS high-performance sealant and 1100 Fast Set (FS) are available in 10- and 20-ounce sausage packs that let workers dispense more sealant with less frequent reloading.

Sealant from the sausage packs can be dispensed with an air-operated, pneumatic applicator equipped with interchangeable nozzles, or it may be applied manually with a gun-type applicator. Nearly 2% to 3% of the product can be saved because of the reusable tip.

With a 60-minute skin time, 2100SPS has an extrusion rate of 220 grams per minute. The curing rate at 77°F and 50% relative humidity is about 1/4" thickness in 24 hours. After three days of full cure, 2100SPS resists ozone, ultraviolet light exposure, heat, and aging. The sealant also can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to 210°F.

Bostik 1100FS sealant cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture, forming a tough, flexible seal. At 77°F, the product is tack-free in 90 minutes and cures fully in 36 hours. Other physical properties of 1100FS — including 267-psi tensile strength, 880% elongation, and 37 Shore A hardness value — remain stable over time and in severe weather and environmental conditions.

For complete details, contact Bostik Findley, 211 Boston St, Middleton MA 01949-2128.

More accurate bending through laser usage

Strippit/LVD introduces Easy Form Laser for PPEB Series press brakes. An angle measurement device, this system uses a laser to monitor the angle in real time during bending, producing accurate results from the first piece.

Easy Form Laser uses symmetrical measurement at the front and back of the die to determine exact value of the angle of the workpiece. The system projects straight lines composed of multiple light points onto the workpiece and the vertical part of the die, providing a measurement calculation every 20 milliseconds.

The sensing device transmits information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and subsequently recalculates correct depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.

Easy Form Laser does not extend the cycle duration and provides accurate results consistently. The system does not require calibration after each setup.

For more information, contact Strippit, 12975 Clarence Center Rd, Akron NY 14001.

Liberty models take a seat in Bostrom lineup

Bostrom Seating Inc, a business unit of Transportation Technologies Industries Inc, has a new line of seating products for the heavy-duty trucking market.

The Liberty Series comes in two models, the Liberty I and Liberty II. Both offer increased foam density with wider seat and backrest configuration. The new contoured seat design adds support while promoting improved circulation in the lower body. Both models also incorporate the new FlexSupport System, which is attached to the seat frame using specially designed torsion springs. The Liberty I is designed with a fixed lumbar support, while the Liberty II offers an adjustable mechanical lumbar support as standard equipment and an air-operated lumbar support as an option.

Liberty I's suspension system features 7" of fore/aft adjustment with a 5" ride zone. Liberty II's system offers a 9.5" fore/aft adjustment and a 5" ride zone using Bostrom's True Vertical scissor suspension with dual heavy-duty shocks.

Both models come in either mid- or high-back configuration, as well as a choice of high- and low-profile suspensions. Each comes standard with Bostrom's new Liberty cloth, a material that is durable, stain-resistant, and treated to repel moisture. IThese seats can be ordered with various other seat cover material choices including velour, vinyl, and Bostrom's extra-durable Cordura Plus.

For complete information, contact Bostrom, PO Box 566, 50 Nance Creek Industrial Blvd, Piedmont AL 36272.

SAF-T-Step facilitates access to cargo beds

Rodon Corp's SAF-T-Step was designed to provide safe, easy access to cargo beds of commercial and industrial pickup trucks and similar vehicles. SAF-T-Step features a single-step retractable ladder with removable cautionary hand rail. Mounted in a flat position on the inside of a truck tailgate, SAF-T-Step manually unfolds into the step position, and with the release of a pull-pin retracts into its storage area on the tailgate. Its compact design does not minimize bed storage space.

Constructed of a heat-treated cast-aluminum alloy coated with a non-slip formulated exterior paint, SAF-T-Step can withstand loads up to 400 pounds. It complies with safety codes of the insurance and railroad industries. SAF-T-Step includes a universal mounting kit for simplified installation with an optional second hand rail available. For further information, contact Rodon, 310 N 5th St, St Charles IL 60174.

Load Runner racks come with window guards

Guard against shifting loads in a pickup bed with new heavy-duty window guards for the Load Runner series of truck racks from Adrian Steel. The new optional Load Runner window guards have a 1.25" × 1.25", 13-gauge tube frame with expanded metal screening. Load Runner window guards offer maximum visibility through the cab window and strength to the rack from the welded design. Window guards require no drilling and conveniently bolt through pre-existing holes on Load Runner truck racks for mounting.

For complete details on these truck racks, contact Adrian, 906 James St, Adrian MI 49221-3996.

Wheel Boss designed for greater longevity

The Timken Co has developed the Wheel Boss single-source wheel-end system for standard trailer axles with a capacity of 22,500 pounds. Each component of the system supports longer life, greater fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs when teamed with Timken tapered roller bearings.

The Wheel Boss adjusting nut has a locking method that provides accurate bearing setting and superior retention on the spindle. Because the adjusting nut locks tight to the spindle, instead of a tang in the keyway, the spindle thread life is improved. A wear-resistant surface maintains the precise pre-load setting during operation.

Timken's patented HDL grease seal circulates grease within the bearing, keeping contamination out and lubrication in. The flanged outer seal case provides visual confirmation that the seal is fully seated. Another benefit of this grease seal is that it vents internal pressure and does not require a vented hubcap. Timken includes a nonvented hubcap that eliminates water and debris infiltrating the wheel end.

For more information, contact Timken, 1835 Dueber Ave SW, PO Box 6932, Canton OH 44706-0932.

Webb offers Platinum wheel-end assemblies

Webb Wheel Products Inc's Platinum wheel-end assemblies combining both Platinum drum and aluminum hub are provided for popular trailer axles and “R” series rear axles. Additional axle applications will be offered later in 2002. This combination saves up to 16 pounds per axle.

The Platinum brake drum was developed using a new material for which Webb has a patent pending. The product delivers extended life through low wear, resistance to heat checking, and superior strength. Laboratory testing confirms that high heat transfer properties of the material combined with its strength creates a lightweight brake drum that Webb says exceeds the performance of a standard brake drum.

More information can be obtained by contacting Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.

International offers Xantrex inverter/chargers

Xantrex heavy-duty inverter/chargers are available as an option on International 9000i Series tractors from International Truck and Engine Corp. This inverter/charger transforms DC voltage from a truck's battery to household electricity so drivers can have the comforts of home while on the road. It also charges a truck's battery when connected to a 120-volt power source.

The inverter/charger provides 1,100 watts of continuous power and 3,000 watts of peak power. When connected to “shorepower” at a truckstop, terminal, or at home, all 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC loads run off the inverter/charger, while it simultaneously charges batteries using a three-stage charging algorithm. To protect batteries from excessive discharge, the inverter/charger features an integrated low-voltage disconnect system. For full information, contact Xantrex, 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4B5.

Landing gear system gives users a leg up

The Holland Group Inc announces the PowerLeg 20K Series electric-powered landing gear system for expedited freight, straight truck, gooseneck trailers, specialty trailer, and pick-up-and-delivery applications. Holland partnered with Quest Transportation Products Inc to develop the system.

The PowerLeg 20K is powered directly via the landing gear's transmission and provides torque necessary for efficient operation. A push of a button raises or lowers a load up to 20,000 pounds, and an in-cab control option protects drivers from bad weather and simplifies operation in tight loading dock situations.

PowerLeg technology provides speed to the ground and back at 1" travel every three seconds. The system can raise or lower a vehicle about 4.5 times faster than manual cranking.

This system easily adjusts to varying dock heights. Holland's floating riser nut reduces dock walk and ensures easy travel — especially on uneven terrain. A removable cushion foot absorbs more load shock.

The PowerLeg is precisely lubricated for high speeds, with protection from -65° to 250°F. Holland's 80,000-psi high-strength steel provides 140,000-lb static load and 27,000-lb side load ratings. A wrap-around leg cover prevents water penetration and improves durability.

Options include the Holland NoLube sealed landing gear system, Quest sealed control box with space for a 12-volt battery for stand-alone power, and in-cab controls that operate the landing gear without the driver leaving the cab.

Holland offers a full five-year parts and labor warranty. Contact the Holland Group, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099 for more information.

Turret punch press upgrade lengthens tool life, cuts costs

Enhancing an Amada CNC turret punch press with the new Air Blow System (ABS) upgrade from Automated Machinery Inc (AMI) will maximize tool life and cut maintenance costs, says AMI.

The company provides all the labor and parts to install the ABS, including an oil mist that automatically lubricates the punch and moving surfaces of the punch guide assembly. ABS tooling and punch guides must be used for proper application of the upgrade.

Other standard components installed during the upgrade include an ABS pump with filter and regulator; 20-ounce reservoir; operating solenoid valve; miscellaneous lines and fitting; a new striker, if needed; ABS Selectable by M-Code, and an on/off selector switch.

Once the upgrade is completed, AMI will adjust the drip rate to ensure proper operation. Customer assistance, part programs, tooling, and a machine operator will be needed to complete the run-off before returning the machine to regular production. The ABS Upgrade is warranted by AMI against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of installation. For more information, contact AMI, 1018 Seabrook Way, Cincinnati OH 45245.

Material handling system added to Global 20

Strippit/LVD has provided a new automatic material handling system for its Global 20 CNC turret punch press. The new automatic load/unload system reduces manual worksheet handling and efficiently processes materials up to .135" (3.5 mm). Material is loaded and unloaded from the same side of the turret punch press with a cycle time of +/-35 seconds. Both loading of raw material and unloading of finished nests is handled at the front of the unit away from the loader head.

The automatic load/unload system accommodates sheets up to 49.2" × 98.4" (1,250 × 2,500 mm). It features a full brush table configuration to reduce part scratching. The brush table and a hydraulic lift table work together to handle delicate part nests.

Standard features of this system include a double sheet detection device to prevent loading of more than one sheet at a time and a sheet separation device.

Strippit/LVD also offers optional automatic alarm and job paging devices that alert the operator to system malfunctions, facilitating “lights out” operation. For more information, contact Strippit, 12975 Clarence Center Rd, Akron NY 14001.

Plastic filters protect pumps, eliminate contamination

A selection of corrosion-free plastic filters from Industrial Specialties Mfg eliminate contamination on pick-up lines for air, vacuum, liquid, or oil applications.

Effective in protecting pumps on any downstream device, the filter design prevents clogging or blockage. Filters are available as either fixed filter assemblies or units that can be changed for filter cleaning or replacing.

The “mini” series provides filter media in 5-, 10-, 20-, 48-, 74-, and 130-micron screens. The “maxi” series comes in 5-, 10-, 35-, 65-, 74-, 250-, 270-, and 500-micron screens. Standard screens are nylon; 270-micron is polypropylene. Filters are color-coded for identifying micron size.

Samples are available. For further information, contact Industrial Specialties, 2741 W Oxford, Unit #6, Englewood CO 80110.

Tweakster repairs bent trailer door tracks

Repairing crushed, roll-tip trailer door tracks once meant cutting out the old track and welding in a new one. With Kiene Diesel's Tweakster, this process is eliminated. The Tweakster is a hand tool that's hammered through crushed track to open it, but a machined slot in the tool can also be used to “tweak” the track edges back into shape. Tweakster repairs take minutes and can be done on the trailer.

The Tweakster comes in two sizes: the K-1311 is designed for 1" track, and the K-1312 is for 2" door track. This same tool also can be used for repairing 1" and 2" roll-up garage door track. For more information, contact Kiene, 325 S Fairbank St, Addison IL 60101.

Rigidized Metals offers galvanneal treadplate

Rigidized Metals Corp manufactures galvanneal treadplate, a zinc-coated carbon steel product that can lengthen the life of most metal parts. Not only does corrosion resistance improve with this product, but also once painted, the paint will not peel off this surface.

Through this dual-sided, three-dimensional, embossing process, Rigidizing creates a weight savings from 14% to 17%.

For full information, contact Rigidized, 658 Ohio St, Buffalo NY 14203.

Lincoln inverter welding system small on size, big on flexibility and control

The Lincoln Electric Co's Power Wave 355/Power Feed 10 welding system consists of an inverter power source and an industrial wire feeder designed to work with Power Wave units. The Power Wave 355 uses Waveform Control Technology to produce optimal arc characteristics for almost any MIG or flux-cored welding application, including those on exotic alloys. The Power Feed 10, which communicates digitally with the power source, has a compact design and 350-amp rating.

The Power Wave 355/Power Feed 10 system provides complete control of all welding parameters at the feeder and allows the user/operator to select the right welding output waveform by using the Mode Selector Switch on the front panel of the Power Feed 10 wire feeder.

Digital communications between wire feeder and compact power source make setup easy and configuration flexible. The power source, wire feeder control box, and wire drive system can be separated to allow maximum flexibility when configuring a work station, with no loss of control or capability.

For more information, request brochure E5.145 by contacting Lincoln, 22801 St Clair Ave, Cleveland OH 44117-1199.

Welding travel carriage runs by battery power

The Bug-Gy-Vert, a battery-powered welding travel carriage from Bug-O Systems, uses a 14.4-volt rechargeable battery and has a magnetic base that carries a welding torch in the flat and vertical position. Rail is not required to run this machine; it uses guide arms to track and steer into the fillet joint.

The Bug-Gy-Vert features a torch oscillator, allowing the unit to perform weave welds. By providing constant travel rate and precise path control of the welding torch, the Bug-Gy-Vert will increase production, improve weld quality, and decrease welder fatigue.

For more information, contact Bug-O, 3001 W Carson St, Pittsburgh PA 15204-1899.

Head stock compatible with most robots

Pandjiris has designed a tabletop model robotic head stock. This product can be used in either indexing applications where repeated precise positioning of the workpiece is necessary, or in applications needing fully coordinated motion between robot and headstock. It provides simple integration for the remote indexing and jogging control and is compatible with most robots.

With a load capacity of 1,200 pounds at 12", this head stock offers a rotation torque of 3,800 inch-pounds and rotation speed up to 13 rpm. Table diameter is 15", and maximum backlash is one arc per minute. Information on this and other new products can be found by contacting Pandjiris, 5151 Northrup Ave, St Louis MO 63110.

Porta-Fab 45 operates wherever jobsite is

Scotchman Industries Inc's new Porta-Fab 45 hydraulic ironworker is designed for in-plant use or external jobsite operation. It operates on 110-volt power, weighs 640 pounds, and is supplied with a steel base. It is fully powered by a 2 horsepower, 110-volt AC motor. Standard features include a 45-ton punch, 4¼" throat depth, 6" flat bar shear, 3" angle shear, 3/4" round shear, and a tool table workstation.

Optional tooling for the Porta-Fab 45 includes a rectangle notcher, V-notcher, 8" and 12" brakes, pipe notcher, tube shear, and picket tool. For more details, contact Scotchman, PO Box 850, Philip SD 57567.

Del City crystal lamps stay trouble-free for life

Resistant to shock, vibration, heat, moisture, and corrosion, Del City's crystal lamps provide a lifetime of trouble-free performance. The 4" round and the oval sealed stop/tail/turn lamps are suitable for standard applications as back-up lamps. The sealed clearance marker lamp, offered in 2" or 2½" sizes, can be used in lighter-duty applications or for interior lighting. These lamps use standard two- and three-contact pigtails and grommets. Also available is the two-bulb, turtleback clearance marker lamp. Housing and lens are constructed from polycarbonate plastic and include the male pigtail pre-attached.

Most Del City crystal lamps offer a hermetically sealed housing-to-lens construction that resists moisture, and have grease-filled terminals that prevent corrosion. They are compatible with competitive components. Crystal reflectors are also available.

To request a free catalog or more information, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

Iron hubs weigh less than aluminum ones

Gunite Corp has unveiled a new generation of its Ductilite ductile iron hub that actually weighs less than an aluminum hub designed for comparable axle rating. This patented casting configuration offers the reliability and durability of a cast-iron hub without adding any weight over a comparable aluminum hub.

Ductilite ductile iron hubs are available for all popular front axle applications up to 14,600-lb GAWR. These hubs are compatible with all vehicles in a fleet regardless of axle ratings, and they are compatible with all existing wheels and drums. A drive-axle version of this hub is being developed and will be introduced later.

For complete details, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61104-7092.

Brake-Link supports MeritorWABCO brakes

MeritorWABCO trailer brake diagnostics are now supported by NEXIQ Technologies' Brake-Link tool. The MeritorWABCO application will let trailer mechanics diagnose brake faults on its Easy-Stop and Enhanced Easy-Stop brake-equipped trailers.

A hand-held ABS brake scan tool, Brake-Link eliminates the need for monitoring blink codes by displaying text messages. Technicians also can use Brake-Link to view and clear current and historic faults. The tool provides more diagnostic information than blink codes. Brake-Link connects to tractors and trailers using the SAE J1587 communication protocol over J1708 buses. It is also compatible with the latest Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication protocol, which supports the federal mandate for in-cab trailer ABS warning lamp.

With Brake-Link, technicians can test a range of functions with a single solution, including battery voltage; the trailer's ABS Warning Lamp; wheel sensors; chuffing, holding, and exhaustion modulators; and retrieval of ECU information. Brake-Link may also be used as a PC-to-vehicle serial interface device for use with most OEM and NEXIQ diagnostic PC applications.

For full details, contact NEXIQ, 6405 Nineteen Mile Rd, Sterling Heights MI 48314.

Machine boosts production speed, cuts costs

W A Whitney Co's 3400 XP (Xtreme Performance) punch plasma combination machine boosts production speed and lowers costs. This model speeds production time by 30%. Fabricating time improvements include 50% faster rapid speeds; 80% faster torch ignitions; and 50% faster drop door speeds.

Plates up to 1,000 pounds, and up to 1/2"-thick mild steel, can be processed. The positioning area is 60" × 120"; nine tooling stations are located along the backrail. The Tool Caddy option adds 21 more stations, bringing the available tool count to 30.

Several material-handling options work with the 3400 XP including the PlatePARTNER loading system, the PartHANDLER-II load/unload system, and Automated Skeleton Removal. Contact Whitney, 650 Race St, PO Box 1206, Rockford IL 61105 for further information.

Hydraulic compressor built to fill a niche

The Model SHD-50Q hydraulic-driven compressor from American Eagle Accessories Group, a division of Stellar Industries Inc, is designed and built to fill the niche between the SHD-43AF and SHD-60AF compressors. It has an output capacity of 28 cfm at 100 psi and a maximum working pressure of 155 psi. The SHD-50Q is air-cooled with a canister air inlet filter. Its main function is to operate small air tools used with service trucks. This compressor has a cast-aluminum crankcase and cylinder heads, and it comes with a fiberglass protective cover. The SHD-50Q can be equipped with an optional hydraulic reservoir for independent operations.

For additional information, contact American Eagle, 280 W 3rd St, PO Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Rivet nuts, inserts work in blind situations

SpinTite and MaxTite blind threaded rivet nuts and inserts are offered by Atlas Engineering for use in blind attachment applications, where only one side of a workpiece is accessible for fastener installation and final component assembly.

These aluminum, brass, steel, or stainless steel fasteners come in a range of thread sizes and satisfy applications ranging from aircraft seat trays and automobile mirrors to electronics cabinetry hardware and appliance hinges, as well as closed-structure materials with minimum backside clearance, such as roll forms and tubing.

Installed from the accessible front side of a component, Atlas rivet nuts and inserts can provide permanent metal threads in metal or plastic sheets as thin as .010"/0.25mm. Their use eliminates any other hardware beyond a mating screw to complete component assembly.

These fasteners can be installed permanently anywhere in the shop or in the field (even after product finish is applied) using a hand-held portable tool. Product samples and literature are available. Contact Peter Timpanelli, Atlas Engineering, 1510 St Clair Ave, Kent OH 44240.

No more manual pulling with new pin release

Tuthill Transport Technology's new ReycoGranning pneumatic pin release eliminates the need to pull slider pins manually. Operating mechanical slider pin pull mechanisms can require as much as 90 pounds or more of force.

This pin release's design applies a dual action-pure moment to the engagement shaft. This concept is stronger through the application of pure torque, which minimizes wear and tear.

The system is easy to use. Once the trailer brakes are set, the driver pulls the button actuator, disengaging the pins pneumatically. Now the slider can be repositioned safely. Once the slider has been repositioned, push the button actuator and the pins are released, free to engage into the body rails. Built into the system is a safety precaution that automatically engages the pins when the parking brakes are released to prevent the operator from driving away with a loose slider.

This pin release is compatible with the 86AR-RS1015/RS1035 and 19AR-RS1062 air-ride/slider designs and will become compatible with other slider systems soon. Contact Tuthill, 2715 N Airport Commerce, Springfield MO 65803 for further details.

Tooling system operates on ‘bump-die’ principle

XimmiX Heavy Duty H-Series tooling from S B Whistler & Sons Inc is designed to punch up to .250"-thick mild steel and guarantees hole location accuracy of +/-.005 or better. This tooling operates on the “bump-die” principle; therefore no die set or ram attachment is required.

H Series tooling reduces tool costs and eliminates the need for new tooling on every job, says the firm. Capital components such as corner posts and tool holders are purchased with the initial order. As new jobs are added, these components can be reused and amortized.

The small tool footprint allows denser tool configurations. Stampings are punched in fewer operations (hits).

For more information, contact S B Whistler and Sons, PO Box 207, 32 Main St, Akron NY 14001.

Telescopic crane handles mechanic service chores

The Model 5728 telescopic crane from Stellar Industries Inc is designed for mechanic service applications. Main features of the 5728 are 28 feet of all-hydraulic extension, and use of a hexagonal boom for added strength and durability. The 5728 has a 36,000-ft-lb capacity and can lift a maximum of 2,900 pounds at 12'-4". It uses a planetary winch system that operates at speeds of 60 feet per minute. A proportional radio remote control is also standard.

The 5728 is available by itself or in a complete turnkey package which includes a choice of chassis, a steel body, various air compressor systems, and a portable welding system. For further details, contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Epoxy vinyl ester resin premixed with antimony

The Composite Polymers Division of Ashland Specialty Chemical Co, a division of Ashland Inc, has introduced HETRON FR992Sb epoxy vinyl ester resin, which eliminates fabricators' need to handle and mix in antimony trioxide.

Ashland incorporates antimony, an additive used as a fire retardant, into its HETRON FR992Sb epoxy vinyl ester resin during production. That enables fabricators to make composite parts that meet Class 1 ASTM E-84 flame-spread requirements using a resin right out of the drum — without adding any further fire-retardant additives or synergists.

HETRON FR992Sb can be formulated days in advance of use without concerns about drift or antimony settling. It also improves consistency, hastens infusion and wet-out, and reduces costs and handling associated with antimony powders.

For more information, contact Ashland Specialty, 5200 Blazer Parkway, Dublin OH 43017.

Video system gives truck drivers extra eyes

Truck-Lite Co Inc's High Performance Video System gives drivers extra eyes to view critical areas around their vehicles — day and night — on a 5½" green phosphor screen. Green was chosen because the eye picks-up more subtle shadings for better image comprehension, compared with typical white phosphor screens. Contrast is easily adjusted to provide a greater range of tone definition in any weather or lighting condition.

The system's cameras, using Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors (CMOS), discriminate between subtle shadings and eliminates light bloom, a halo effect caused in other cameras by direct sunlight. Multiple cameras can offer full vision from a number of wide-angle cameras. Switching can be manual or automatic. The cameras pick-up light levels as low as 0.5 lux, making the system useful in virtually dark conditions. They can also function at 30,000 lux, or direct sunlight. Features include:

  • 5-1/2" green phosphor monitor, with day/night sensitivity and 400 lines of resolution

  • 3½" compact vision camera, displaying more than 300,000 pixels

  • 118° field of view

  • Field-serviceable heavy-duty cable (-50° to +160° F)

  • Adjustable mounting bracket with hardware

  • Operating temperature range -22° to +167° F

  • Camera range from 30,000 (sunlight) to 0.5 lux (virtual dark)

For complete details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Hot-melt adhesive shows how much has been applied

A new polyurethane, reactive, hot-melt adhesive has been formulated that shows how much has been applied through royal blue color's lightness or darkness. A lighter shade indicates bond strength might not be sufficient; a darker shade would mean too much adhesive.

Designated Pur-Fect Lok 34-969A adhesive, the product is a 100% solids, moisture-curing hot-melt adhesive designed for immediate handling strength, fast setting speed, and good deflection resistance. This adhesive provides full bond strength in hours and was designed for assembly bonding, panel bonding, and vinyl laminating.

Manufacturers can apply this product by roll coater or slot coater adapted for reactive hot-melt adhesives at an adhesive temperature of 250° F.

Data on physical characteristics and precautions are available from National Starch and Chemical Information Center, One Matrix Dr, Monroe NJ 08831.

Drill excels in tight spaces

The Slugger Air Force pneumatic drill provides light weight, high power, and small size. At 24 pounds and 6¼" high, the Air Force is suitable for confined-area drilling, such as between dual wheels and chassis on semi trucks. Air Force features include a permanent magnet that turns on or off by air power, a cutter capacity of up to 1 1/16" diameter × 3/4" depth, and ability to use Jancy's ShortSlugger cutters and frame cutters. These cutters allow the operator to drill multi-layered truck frames in a single pass.

For more details, contact Jancy, 2735 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport IA 52804.

System supplies more air, frees up truck bed space

Air on the Bumper, an underhood rotary air compressor system for most Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, provides 70 cfm at 175 psi from a bumper without taking up truckbed space. It provides an answer when a truckbed-mounted air compressor doesn't offer enough air and a diesel tow-behind air compressor supplies too much air.

Produced by Ingersoll-Rand Co, this system provides 70 cfm at 175 psi, 100% continuous-duty compressed air — more air than truckbed-mounted air compressors. The kit includes all required mounting brackets, pulleys, wiring harnesses, interconnecting piping, hoses, fittings, and hardware.

Ingersoll-Rand offers a three-year air-end warranty with use of genuine IR parts and lubricants. For more information, contact Ingersoll-Rand, OEM Systems, PO Box 1600/800-A Beaty St, Davidson NC 28036.

Axiomatic Speed Controller interfaces between battery, proportional solenoid valve

Axiomatic Technologies Corp has released the Speed Controller. This velocity controller with integral potentiometer is designed to interface between 12- or 24-volt battery power and a remote grounded proportional solenoid valve. The controller is suited for use in material-handling equipment and proportional hydraulic circuits found in mobile and industrial applications. Key features include:

  • Accepts a range of input operating voltages (12- or 24-volt DC nominal)

  • Manual control with a built-in potentiometer

  • Regulated output of 2 amps (adjustable)

  • Efficient control

  • Minimum output current adjustment to compensate for valve deadband

  • Fixed superimposed dither to reduce valve hysteresis

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Filter eliminates electrical noise

  • Compact size

  • Direct panel mount for remote control of a proportional solenoid

  • Packaged in a metal box version available with power on/off switch

  • Interfaces to a grounded solenoid (not supplied)

  • Operational from -40° to 85° C

For more information, contact Axiomatic, 5915 Wallace St, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Z8 Canada.

Rumber: solid potential as alternative material

An alternative to wood and other materials, Rumber boards are manufactured by a patented process from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastic. They are environmentally friendly and durable, impervious to water, and will not crack, rot, or split. Rumber is also termiteproof, easy to clean, and not affected by extreme heat, cold, or ultraviolet rays.

Used in horse or livestock trailers, Rumber serves as a cushioning surface, giving the animals firmer footing and reducing stress and fatigue associated with transport. These boards have a limited 20-year warranty for horse and livestock trailer uses.

As a composite material ground into pellets, Rumber can be used at 100% strength to create new products, or as an impact modifier additive to existing formulas. In either application, it can be injection- or rotational-molded. Rumber is being used in various projects by the Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado Departments of Transportation, with studies underway that could expand use of the material. For full details, contact Rumber, 621 W Division St, Muenster TX 76252.

Seamer takes on workpieces up to 20' long

A 20' flat sheet longitudinal seamer fully integrated with GMAW welding equipment can handle workpieces up to 20' long between .20" and 3/8" thickness.

Provided by Pandjiris, this seamer includes the firm's EZ-Link Controller, which puts automated equipment control at the user's fingertips. Welding and motion functions are coordinated by software that permits programmed sequence configurations in which speed control, travel start, and stop delays are preset. The controller monitors both the travel carriage and initiation of the weld sequence.

Pandjiris also supplies an integration package that includes powered vertical and horizontal slides for precise vertical and horizontal torch adjustments. Remote viewing of the weld is offered by a viewing system consisting of a solid-state color camera, monitor, control system, and setup lamp.

To facilitate loading and unloading of sheets into and out of the seamer, air-operated sheet elevators are provided. Elevating multidirectional rollers on the infeed and outfeed side of the seamer simplify transfer to the customer's conveyor system.

For more details, contact Pandjiris, 5151 Northrup Ave, St Louis MO 63110.