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Sept. 1, 2007
Henke meets plow challenges When Dan Lucas from Snowbird Ski Resort in Salt Lake City UT needed a bigger, higher snowplow for his CAT 966 loader he contacted

Henke meets plow challenges

When Dan Lucas from Snowbird Ski Resort in Salt Lake City UT needed a bigger, higher snowplow for his CAT 966 loader he contacted Henke Manufacturing to design, engineer and produce a plow to his specifications. The result was the new four-trip canister, 58“ high, Henke Heavy Duty REL plow designed for large-volume snow removal applications such as parking lots, airports, and municipalities. “It offers better visibility than other blades and holds position better,” said Lucas.

When the Alaska Department of Transportation asked snowplow manufacturers to provide a plow for a “contest”, Henke gladly stepped up for the challenge. After a two-year trial, Henke has received top marks for its Alaska Severe Duty Expressway Snowplow. Combining the technology of a straight reversible snowplow and a tapered discharge expressway design, a new product was born. A 4" × 4" × ¾" reversing circle along with a 4" × 4" × ¾" bottom angle add strength to this design for extreme duty applications. Henke's integral shield helps prevent snow blowback onto the operator windshield. This plow is now available nationwide.

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Speedwing simply puts snowfall to flight

The versatile Speedwing from Blizzard Snowplows combines the productivity of Blizzard's multi-position blade design with the control simplicity of a straight-blade snowplow.

Speedwing features include:

  • Multi-position design — The Speedwing defaults to a scoop position for straight-ahead plowing. When angled, the trailing wing falls in line with the blade while the leading wing maintains its forward position to reduce spillover and effectively use the entire blade width for higher-capacity wind-rowing. In addition, the wings can be fixed in a straight-blade position for back-dragging operations.

  • Economical investment — Compared with a V-plow, the Speedwing requires a lower initial investment and is engineered for reduced maintenance costs.

  • Patented spring and cable system — The heavy-duty system maximizes productivity while simplifying operator involvement.

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Ice*Meister senses precipitation formation

New Avionics Corp announces a new kind of ice detector for use in static-air applications: the Ice*Meister Model 9734 industrial ice-detecting sensor system

Once “tuned” for the application at hand, Model 9734 operates as a digital ice/no-ice indicator. At maximum sensitivities, it detects the incipient formation of any kind of ice, and even senses the condensation from human breath.

At minimum sensitivities, it distinguishes heavy ice from slightly heavier ice, and it detects the point at which rain has turned to ice. Suitable for use in hazardous, remote, unattended locations, it offers an optional de-ice heater for system reset.

The three components of Ice*Meister Model 9734 are the sensor head, cable, and interface board. Users provide raw input power and receive data output via indicator LEDs and isolating relay contacts; this helps avoid system ground loops. User interface board “tunes” the sensor head to specific applications. Options are available for the sensor head and cable assembly.

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XLS makes plowing possibilities plentiful

Using the new Fisher XLS (X-pandable Length Snowplow), without leaving the comfort of one's truck, one can expand and reconfigure the XLS blade into a number of effective plowing positions.

“From an eight-foot retracted straight-blade width to a 10-foot expanded width to a scoop width of nearly nine feet, the XLS clearly delivers a new level of performance,” said John Murphy, Fisher's director of sales and marketing.

The XLS will fully angle while in the scoop position to maximize plow handling and capacity. It also excels in windrowing. Since the leading wing can angle forward, it corrals more snow into the moldboard, virtually eliminating spill-off and effectively utilizing the entire blade width.

Fisher's Minute Mount 2 attachment system is standard on the XLS. Like all Fisher plows, the XLS features a Trip-Edge design that maintains the load when an obstacle is encountered. Access for more information.

Fabick provides a coating for all seasons

Fabick Protective Coatings Inc, the developer of the patented “poured-on” process, also offers a system to save time, money, and fuel for the snow removal industry. With the firm's coatings product sprayed onto the face of a plow, snow literally rolls off the face of the plow instead of just being pushed off the road.

Operators in Snow Belt areas have found this application to impact not only the effectiveness of plows, but also their life span. Since the snow rolls off the face of the plow, snow removal operators can plow at a higher speed. They can cast snow farther off the road, helping to reduce the size and height of the snow pile, resulting in a safer roadway and shoulders that stay cleaner for the motorists.

The coating also keeps a plow from rusting during the off season as well as snow removal season.

E-mail Joe Fabick at [email protected] for more details.

Sno-Way's biggest blades yield big results

Sno-Way's largest plow series — the 32 — is the ultimate blade for contract plowers, municipalities, or large institutions.

The 32 Series plows are available in 8'-6", 9', or 10' blade widths in either low-drag polycarbonate, powdercoated steel, or durable stainless steel blade skins.

All 32 Series plows are manufactured using high-strength steel components and Flex Force Frame construction. Standard features include the direct linkage system, variable-height drive-in mount, and trip return Shock Killer system. Choose from two basic wired plow controls: a compact joystick or keypad. Optional features include Sno-Way's patented Down Pressure system for superior back dragging and wireless remote controls.

E-mail Jess Wiinamaki at [email protected] for complete information.

Meyer adds to arsenal of snow weapons

Meyer Products LLC has extended its line of contractor-grade plows and moldboards with the Drive Pro snowplow. This lightweight yet rugged commercial plow with a 22½" high by 6'-8"-wide 14-gauge steel moldboard is designed to make it easier for contractors to plow driveways, condos, or anywhere with a limited amount of space. Weighing just 350 pounds, Drive Pro can be used on most compact pick-ups and standard SUVs. The Drive Pro snowplow is built with Meyer's Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC) process and comes with heavy-duty 1½“ rams.

Meyer's rugged E-58H operating system is designed to maximize the Drive Pro's performance and ensure safe operation and functionality.

The company has introduced the E-70 Out-Front Hydraulic System, designed to be easily installed on a variety of medium-duty vehicles. The E-70 system works with the Aggressor X 10-foot long moldboards. It can be used with Class 4-7 vehicles, and is ideal for 27,000- to 33,000-lb GVW work trucks.

Meyer also offers extension wings for its moldboards, providing a much larger surface to move more snow faster. The optional wings extend the moldboard 10 inches on each side, and direct the snow toward the center of the plow. Wings attach to each side of Meyer's ST-Series or C-Series steel moldboards, but are not yet available for the poly moldboards.

Installation and removal of the extension wings is easy. Simply bolt the wings through the moldboard with two quick connect pins for added strength and durability.

E-mail Pete Robison at [email protected] for more information.

Spreader shows other units who's The Boss

With its 400-pound (6-cubic-foot) capacity and low-profile design, the new TGS 600 tailgate spreader from The Boss Snowplow is the ideal spreader for all winter applications of dry free-flowing materials, such as salt and de-icers.

The TGS 600 fits Class 3 and 4 receiver hitches and mounts/dismounts easily, saving time. It also features an adjustable-feed gate, adjustable material deflector, 12-inch poly spinner, internal auger with a chain link agitator, enclosed 12-volt high-torque motor and a variable-speed control with blast feature and overload protection. The spreader also comes with The Boss's two-year warranty.

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Power-V XT makes extreme duty easier

The Boss' high-performance Power-V XT, a new multi-position snowplow with a 37" flared blade wing, improves snow discharge for maximum performance.

Available in two models (the 8'-2" XT and the 9'-2" XT), the Power-V XT “Extreme Duty” plow is designed for the toughest jobs. Standard features of both models include:

  • Flared blade wings
  • Heavy-duty center section and pushframe
  • Reinforced moldboard
  • Snowplow sight system
  • SmartHitch2 attachment system
  • SmartTouch2 handheld control
  • Smartlight package
  • SmartShield paint finish with zinc primer
  • High-performance hydraulic package
  • Chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system
  • Two-year, factory-backed limited warranty

Whether operating the Power-V XT Snowplow in the scoop, V, angle, or straight position, The Boss delivers the strength to clear a path through any type of snow, thanks to a reinforced moldboard, heavy-duty center section and pushframe.

The cutting edge (patent-pending) is made from a material that sets a new standard for durability, offering twice the wear resistance of conventional cutting edges.

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When Lightning strikes, it spreads quickly

TruckCraft's new aluminum and stainless steel TC-160 Lightning can spread more than 10,000 pounds per hour of material using a truck's electrical system. Epoxy-coated, double-sealed motors with 303 stainless shafts provide variable-speed power at the flip of a switch, plus extreme reliability in any weather. This unit will mount to any one-ton dump body, yet can be quickly removed to free up a truck for other jobs. In-cab, lighted control provides independently variable motor speeds. TC-160 spreads any free-flowing material up to ¾-inch diameter.

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Task Force takes command of ice control

Henderson Manufacturing Inc announces the introduction of its new, all-in-one ice control product, the Henderson Task Force. This all-on-board unit delivers granular, pre-wetted granular or liquid de-icer on demand, all controlled from the truck cab. Tracking back to the garage to load specialized material for varying conditions is unnecessary. As conditions change, materials are already on board for instant switching.

Task Force incorporates all of Henderson's proprietary ice control products in one package. The Henderson FSH granular material spreader is the heart of the combination, while the Henderson LAS (Liquid Application Spreader) furnishes the pre-wet and liquid application functions.

E-mail Donna Meyer at [email protected] for more details.

Snowplow gives light vehicles versatility

Northman Snow Plows has released its 3100 Series “Lite Weight” snowplow to the market. Weighing less than 250 pounds fully installed, this plow will fit onto all lightweight pickups, SUVs, and Jeeps.

The 3100 Series plow has an adjustable height for low or high vehicles and will mount to any vehicle using a standard front receiver. It is equipped with pneumatic- or hydraulic-powered raise and lower control, powered left and right angles, as well as a powered attack angle that can be changed for ice cutting or snow moving.

While driving down the highway, the user can tilt the moldboard back to reduce drag and increase ground clearance. Instead of a bottom-mount frame, the 3100 Series is a top-mounted system for optimal back dragging. Other features include a stainless steel plow blade to reduce snow sticking, easy-adjust jack, a self-contained 12-volt system, and the new Fas-Tach clamp for easy attachment.

This plow is made with stainless steel, and the blade never peels or cracks. It comes in widths of 72", 78", or 84" with a height of 20". Optional light kit, 3/8" cutting edge, and skid shoes are also provided.

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Wide-Out's wings adjust to any conditions

Western Products' new Wide-Out adjustable-wing snowplow hydraulically extends its width and adjusts its configuration to effectively carry or windrow more snow.

With the movable-wing design, the user hydraulically controls each wing to transform the blade into the plowing configuration that best meets his needs — from an eight-foot straight-blade width, to a 10-foot straight-blade width, to a scoop position width of nearly nine feet.

Controlling the Wide-Out is easy with a responsive hand-held control unit that features backlit push buttons for all blade and wing functions. “Both wings can be controlled independently, or by simply holding the ‘scoop’ button both wings simultaneously extend into the scoop mode,” said Dan Bousman, director of sales and marketing. “Likewise, a ‘retract’ button simultaneously retracts both wings to the straight-blade position.”

Like other Western straight-blade plows, the Wide-Out has a trip-blade design with four trip springs for protection from hidden obstacles. The Wide-Out is easy to attach or remove with Western's UltraMount attachment system.

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SnowDogg line helps keep winter at bay

Buyers Products Co has introduced its SnowDogg line of professional-grade snowplows, which were custom-designed after detailed analysis and market research.

Key product features include a stainless-steel corrosion-free moldboard, which includes an installed molded poly deflector; 70° attack angle for excellent scraping, rolling, and throwing action; 1/2" cutting edge; heavy-duty covered power unit; and patent-pending quick-mount system.

The plow line is anchored by the SnowDogg EX extreme-duty plows. These plows are available in 7½-, 8-, and 8½-foot widths, and intended for 3/4-ton and super-duty trucks.

SnowDogg HD series plows are available in 7- and 7½-ft widths. These feature the same quality as the EX models, but include a shorter moldboard assembly for use on 1/2- and 3/4-ton trucks.

Two additional models are in the final design and testing process. The SnowDogg Vengeance is a V-Plow designed for durability and performance. “Smart” hydraulics and intuitive controls allow the blades to be moved quickly. The SnowDogg Storm is designed for smaller trucks and SUVs.

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