Product Profiles

Dec. 1, 2003
ABB provides new robotic arc welding cell ABB Inc has released the FlexArc C robotic arc welding cell, a newly redesigned model in its FlexArc product

ABB provides new robotic arc welding cell

ABB Inc has released the FlexArc C robotic arc welding cell, a newly redesigned model in its FlexArc product line. The palletized frame design has been modified to improve operator protection by providing minimal access to the work area with only four viewing windows of protective weld screen.

FlexArc C uses the IRB 1400 robot and IRBP C positioner, with the increased capability of holding either 1,100 or 2,200 pounds (500 or 1,000 kg) per station.

The positioner is integrated with the robot controller, and interchanges with the robot when signaled by the operator. A weld screen barrier separates the operator from the welding. The positioner uses the same drive systems and software as the robot.

Options for the FlexArc C cell include the ABB automated calibration system BullsEye, a torch cleaner assembly, SmarTac tactile sensing, AWC, through-the-arc weld tracking, welding torch water cooler, photo-optic light curtains, fume extraction hood, and tooling fixtures.

For further information, contact ABB, 4600 Innovation Dr, Fort Collins CO 80525.

CL-707 pulls out the stops on productivity

Cincinnati Inc unleashes the productivity of high-speed laser cutting by reducing machine downtime for material changes. A “super-size” version of the CL-707 high-speed laser cutting system offers a combination of linear motor drive and an 8' × 20' cutting table.

This table allows multiple sheets to be loaded and processed in one continuous operation to realize extended laser cutting time. The table size allows up to five 4' × 8' sheets to be loaded sideways, two standard 5' × 10' sheets to be situated lengthwise, or extra-large material to be accommodated for specialized manufacturing.

The CL-707's dual-pallet design allows one table to be unloaded/reloaded while the second table is being processed. Changeover takes seconds to keep the laser cutting.

Proprietary linear-motor axis drives make fast work of large parts or batch processing of smaller parts with accelerations exceeding 2.0 G and head positioning speeds of up to 10,000 inches per minute.

The CL-707 comes with a choice of two resonator designs: 3,300-watt diffusion-cooled resonator or 4,000-watt fast axial flow resonator. For more information, contact Cincinnati Inc, Box 11111, Cincinnati OH 45211.

Receiver Spreader crushes chunks efficiently

Sno-Way International Inc has released a new 9-cubic-foot Receiver Spreader for Class III hitches. The Receiver Spreader has an easy-to-use, open-to-full-close flow control that allows the user to spread between four and 30 feet. There are two control options: a solid-state variable-speed control and an on/off control. This spreader also has a Chunk Buster system that crushes chunks more efficiently than an auger system with less amp draw.

For full information, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.

Robot attains ultimate power, range of motion

Nachi Robotic Systems Inc's SC700DL ultra-heavyweight robot is the newest robot in the SC series. This six-axis robot is the most powerful to date with a tool payload of 700 kg. It also has a sizable range of motion with a 4.8 meters vertical stroke and a 7.0 meters horizontal stroke.

The SC700DL was designed to transfer large, heavy work pieces that previously could not be handled with a robot, such as complete bodies-in-white or engine assemblies.

The fourth axis of the SC700DL robot has a link mechanism to mechanically limit the handled parts' inclination. All three wrist axes have adjustable mechanical hard stops to ensure safety during part handling. Software continuously monitors the inclination of the part to provide an extra measure of safety in handling.

The SC700DL uses Nachi's new AX controller that provides advanced system hardware, flexible programming, and a high-speed digital signal processor to facilitate advanced motion control. To obtain more details, contact Nachi, 22285 Roethel Dr, Novi MI 48375.

Plas-Pak Industries offers high-solids spray system

Plas-Pak Industries Inc has received patent allowance on its new Ratio-Pak HSS (high-solids spray) system.

A cartridge-based air dispensing system, HSS is a method to meter, mix, and spray-apply reactive, fast-curing compounds, including polyurea, polyurethane, polyaspartic, and other high-solids hybrid coating products.

The patented HSS spray nozzle was designed to be used with Plas-Pak's Ratio-Pak dual cartridges in ratios from 1:1 to 25:1 and capacities from 100 to 1,500 ml. The HSS nozzle can also be used with various low-pressure, cold-spray, meter-mix coating, and liner application equipment.

This spray concept is suitable for lab testing and compound development, in-field demonstrations and touch-ups, and smaller volume coating, sealant, foam, and liner projects. The portable HSS System is lightweight and easy-to-use. Maintenance and clean-up are minimized; all wet components are fully disposable.

For more information, brochures, or free samples, contact Plas-Pak, One Connecticut Ave, Norwich CT 06360.

BCP system supplies speedier descaling

An automated BCP system designed to descale and remove rust from structural steel and plate fabrications, the Autoblast roll conveyor shotblast system cleans plate, steel channels, angles, tubing, and beams.

Provided in a range of roll conveyor blast cabinets, the Autoblast system includes heavy-duty blast wheels, efficient abrasive recycling, and a high-capacity, cartridge filter-type dust collector.

The machine's blast chamber offers welded construction and wear-resistant 12% manganese steel construction with in-line, replaceable wear plates. The four 12-bladed, TargetLok wheels distribute abrasive at a velocity of 300 feet/per second, while maintaining an even blast pattern.

A material-handling system and multiple sets of finger seals provide optimum abrasive retention in the extended-length vestibule. The abrasive reclaim system has a screw conveyor, a bucket elevator with multiply belt, cast-iron buckets, access doors, a zero-speed switch, and a cascade airwash abrasive separator for fine and coarse particle removal.

For more details, contact USF Surface Preparation Group, 215 Union Blvd, Suite 315, Lakewood CO 80228.

Telescopic crane can heft 14,000 pounds

Stellar Industries Inc's 14528 telescopic crane has a 70,000-ft-lb (9.68 ton-meter) capacity, with a maximum double part line lifting capacity of 14,000 pounds. This crane offers 28 feet of hydraulic reach while remaining several hundred pounds lighter — even with an additional extension cylinder and 28 feet of reach. The 14528 comes standard with a variable-speed, multi-functional radio remote control.

This crane uses a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/mechanical brake system. It has a 60 ft/minute winch line speed as well as a maximum hydraulic reach of 28 feet from the centerline of the crane. The 14528 crane has a hexagonal tube boom construction, which is standard on all Stellar cranes. This design minimizes boom flex to almost none and diminishes side-to-side movement.

The 14528 is available by itself or in a complete turnkey package that includes a choice of chassis, the new T3 heavy-duty 13-ft steel body, a variety of air compressor and tool drawer systems, and a portable generator and welding system.

For more details, contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

For some good vibrations, try Big Bertha

Vibco Inc's Model DC-3500 “Big Bertha” vibrator is ruggedly built and engineered for dump body vibration. A 12-volt heavy-duty DC motor drives the vibrator, creating 3,500 pounds of impact force that is transferred to the load in every part of the dump body without metal fatigue.

Big Bertha will move stubborn materials such as asphalt, clay, mud, fertilizer, chemicals, sand, or snow. Other applications include portable screens, batch plants, bulk grain haulers, ag-spreaders, highway salt, and sand spreaders.

The DC-3500 is sealed for protection against road dirt, weather, and corrosion and comes complete with mounting hardware and wiring kit for installation. Big Bertha jumps into action when the operator turns the switch from the comfort of a cab. For more information, contact Vibco, 75 Stilson Rd, Wyoming RI 02898.

AlcoTec bulk wire system reduces welding costs

Dee Zee Inc has improved productivity and reduced its welding costs by using AlcoTec Wire Corp's new AlumaPak bulk aluminum wire delivery system.

Dee Zee is a Des Moines IA-based supplier of aftermarket truck accessories and manufacturer of aluminum toolboxes. Its bodies are typically pressed from a single sheet of aluminum and have continuous GMAW seam-welded sides that provide a robust structure.

Grant Baird, welding engineer for Dee Zee, visited AlcoTec's booth at the American Welding Society Show in Chicago in 2002 and was intrigued by the AlumaPak, which has 300-plus pounds of tangle-free aluminum welding wire that feeds easily and ensures accurate wire placement on the weld joint during GMAW welding.

Baird, knowing that the most significant cost associated with production welding is often the labor cost, immediately saw the AlumaPak as a potential for significant savings.

At the time, Dee Zee was using AlcoTec aluminum welding wire packaged on 1-lb spools for its manual welding stations, and 16-lb spools for robot applications. Every time a spool of wire had to be changed, there was a period when the welding equipment was not welding. Baird's plan was to reduce the spool changes and convert non-productive downtime into productive welding time used to make product.

Dee Zee has calculated that its decision to move to the AlumaPak has saved, on manual welding stations alone, 13 hours of labor time for every barrel of wire that the company runs. Additional savings also were found on robotic stations of 1.8 hours' labor for each barrel used, and a savings of more than $1,000 per robot annually associated with replacement parts for de-reeling equipment no longer required.

Motoman upgrades ISO level

West Carrollton OH-based Motoman Inchas announced its recent upgrade to the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standard. Eagle Registrations Inc performed the ISO audit process, and Motoman passed with no compliance issues to address.

The new ISO 9001:2000 certification, which has an increased focus on a philosophy of continuous improvement, applies to Motoman facilities in West Carrollton and Troy OH, as well as the Yaskawa Motoman Canada Ltd facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

CB400 with Swing Align, FW17 fifthwheel added to product line by Holland Group

The Holland Group Inc plans to roll out the CB400 Air Suspension/Slider System with Swing Align for the North American van and reefer market. Swing Align is a new feature that provides quick, convenient axle alignment. The new design also incorporates a highly engineered cast trailing arm beam with new patent-pending bushing technology. These product advancements build on Holland's prior successes in their durable, high alloy slider subframes with Qwik Release pin pull feature.

The CB400 will be available during first-quarter 2004 and will be distributed to trailer OEMs in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Holland also has added the FW17 to its family of fifthwheels. The FW17 is manufactured with cast-steel construction, which allows for a maximum amount of top plate flexibility to accommodate shifting loads while still being able to reduce the rib and wall thickness to minimize overall weight characteristics.

This fifthwheel incorporates a patented release mechanism and adjustment system that reduces the force required to release fifthwheel locks while assuring a reliable and safe couple. This new technology minimizes the potential for driver and/or technician injury that can result from a heavy degree of release handle pull effort. The lock system has been enhanced by a patented technology covering the lock adjustment system.

The FW17 is compatible with all current Holland on-highway sliding and stationary mounting systems. It can be configured as a complete fifthwheel assembly with a mounting system or as a top plate for replacement of previous Holland in-services units. The FW17 also comes standard with an easy-grip drop handle to protect the handle from damage caused by a missed couple. It incorporates the same low-maintenance and safety features used on the FW35 and FW8 models. These include NoLube packet liners, grease retaining grooves cast in the fifthwheel surface, treated lock sets, an automatic secondary lock, and visual lock indicator. The FW17 is rated for 95,000 GVW, five-axle on-highway applications.

For more information, contact Holland, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099.

Goodyear to supply Volvo with truck tires

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has signed a new agreement to make its commercial truck tires the standard equipment used on all Volvo trucks produced for North America over the next three years.

Truck tires for Volvo vehicles are produced at Goodyear's manufacturing facilities in Danville VA and Topeka KS. The company will supply Volvo with the new-generation G395 LHS, as well as the complete Goodyear commercial portfolio of line-haul, regional, and vocational products.

Goodyear also has renewed its current standard agreement with Mack Trucks Inc, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group. The Mack agreement will run concurrent with the Volvo pact; both agreements extend through October 2006.

Hayes Lemmerz announces agreement with Hendrickson

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc's Commercial Highway & Aftermarket Group has a long-term agreement with Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems. This agreement covers the supply of Ductile Iron hubs and CentruCast brake drums for HN and HP trailer applications as well as development of future wheel-end components for the on-highway transportation industry.

Additionally, Hayes Lemmerz will continue to expand the supply of CentriFuse brake drums and Centrulite hubs to Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems for lightweight applications.

Sterling unveils new web site

Sterling Truck Corp has unveiled its enhanced web site, which is accessible at

The new site includes a Truck Locator feature that lets users search for specific trucks by dealer location, configuration, model, cab size, and transmission type.Users can download vocational reference guides that will assist them with properly installing bodies on Sterling vehicle chassis. Current Sterling customers are also provided printable coupons for service, listings of dealership repair specials, and online maintenance references.

Mack template helps dealers create web sites

To help its dealers enhance their on-line presence, Mack Trucks Inc is providing a template they can use to create their own web sites.

Offered at no cost to any dealer in the Mack network, the template package includes a home page, as well as sections for showroom, sales, parts, service, leasing, new and used truck inventory, careers, and “about us.” There is also a “specials” page where promotions or sales can be advertised, and three additional pages that dealers can use to create content specifically targeted to their businesses.

The overall look of the template mirrors that of the new Mack Web site launched in spring 2003, which was developed in conjunction with Imirage, a Lehigh Valley PA-based Internet service firm. This site, which receives an average of 200,000 hits, 4,205 visits, and 24,000 page views per day, was recently named 2003 Outstanding Web Site in the International Business category by the Web Marketing Association, and received an Honors award in the manufacturing category in this year's NOVA Awards competition.