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March 1, 2004
Deuce dump body bedevils its rivals with versatility Crysteel Mfg Inc has introduced The Deuce two-way dump body. The Deuce doubles work truck efficiency

Deuce dump body bedevils its rivals with versatility

Crysteel Mfg Inc has introduced The Deuce two-way dump body. The Deuce doubles work truck efficiency by combining rear dumping and side dumping in one body. This design allows operators to dump to the rear for typical applications as well as to the side for hard-to-reach places.

The Deuce comes in 9- and 11-foot lengths and up to an 11-ton capacity. Crysteel includes a five-year warranty.

For complete details, contact Crysteel, 52182 Ember Rd, Lake Crystal MN 56055.
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Mini Coils put new twist on trailer wire connections

Phillips Industries' new Mini Coils for trailer towing applications offer flexibility and convenience with sealed ends for moisture protection. Available in four- and six-pin connections, the 8', 10', and 12' lengths can easily be disconnected and stored. The new coil also provides superior recoil memory and abrasion resistance. Coil-style cable have been used in light- to heavy-duty trucking applications for more than 30 years, according to the company.

“Like all of Phillips' cables, the Mini Coil offers superior resistance to harmful chemicals like salts, fuels, and oils,” said Rob Phillips, general manager of production. “All Phillips Mini Coils are factory-wired and molded to match OEM wiring specifications.”

For more information, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.
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Quietflex systems ready to ‘make some noise’

America's Body Co has launched a line of van interiors, Quietflex storage systems. Using composite materials and steel in the construction of the product, Quietflex is a quiet, flexible, durable, and impact-resistant work bin rack system.

Specially developed composite shelves reduce metal-on-metal rattle. These composite shelves offer more cubic storage and shelf space and are lighter weight than traditional all-metal work bin rack systems.

The modular design allows a van interior to be customized to suit specific needs. Quietflex provides the flexibility to quickly modify shelf height and install additional shelves, dividers, lockable doors, and shallow or deep drawers without removing the system from the van.

Quietflex composite shelves are strong and more durable than steel. The shelves are made from a composite material that will never rust or dent. End panels and safety partition are constructed from steel and use the same mounting points that have been proven in more than 200,000 installations.

For more details, contact America's Body, 3 Acorn Dr, Oakwood Village OH 44146.
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Grote back-up lamps last up to 100,000 hours

Grote Industries says its new single-system and dual-system LED back-up lamps use fewer white LEDs than other models.

Tim Brooks, the firm's director of product development, says, “Grote SuperNova LEDs last up to 100,000 hours — equivalent to the life of the trailer. As a result, fleets can install LED back-up lamps once, then practically forget about them.”

Grote designed both single- and dual-system LED back-up lamps to cover all applications. A trailer designed for a single back-up lamp will use the single system. A trailer with space for two back-up lamps will use the dual system. The single LED back-up lamp emits the same amount of light as two dual-system lamps. Therefore, both systems emit the same amount of light, as mandated by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

SuperNova LED single-system (part #62401) and dual-system back-up lamps (part #62391) feature the company's male-pin DoubleSeal electrical connections. This system uses a proprietary O-ring seal that reduces the threat of water leakage into the connector. The firm's “Plug and Go” technology lets fleets retrofit to SuperNova LEDs from their old incandescent lamps in a snap because the connections are the same.

Contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250 to obtain more information.
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Freedom Switch enables wireless winching

Superwinch announces the Freedom Switch line of wireless winch controls and handlebar-mountable switch accessories for the company's ATV (all-terrain vehicle) winches. The Freedom Switch kit includes both a handlebar-mounted switch hard-wired to the winch, coupled with a complete wireless remote that gives instant “on” and “off” from up to 150 feet using a keychain remote. Also available are a handlebar-mounted switch kit for those not requiring wireless winch control and an upgrade kit to retrofit the handlebar winch control for full wireless operation.

With Freedom Switch, snowplows mounted on ATVs can be raised and lowered using a winch and the handlebar-mounted switch. The Freedom Switch is easy to operate even while wearing thick mittens or gloves.

Each Freedom Switch kit is designed and packaged using color-coded wiring and connection points, self-aligning connectors, and all components needed to quickly install the switch. Freedom Switch can be used on all Superwinch ATV electric winch models.

For full details, contact Superwinch, Winch Drive, Putnam CT 06260.
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Ball mount kits join Buyers' retail program

Buyers Products Co has added ball mount kits to its retail-oriented packaging and display program.

These ball mount kits feature a ball mount, with a towing ball attached and a hitch pin inside the tube. “We bundled everything the consumer needs and offer it as a package,” said Buyers' Dave Zelis. “They don't need to look around for each of the components; it's all together.”

Ball mount kits are shipped to distributors in retail-display packaging. Kits are available in chrome or black powdercoated versions, are constructed of steel, and fit 2" receiver tubes.

For more details, contact Buyers Products Co, 9049 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.
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VR70 system does good under the hood

VMAC has launched the VR70 underhood air compressor system for the Ford 2003-2004 Econoline Van. This new kit is designed to fit 5.4L Triton V-8 gas engines.

According to the company, air-on-demand technology and 100% duty cycle is “like having a tow behind under your hood.” At 70 cfm and 175 psi, this dynamo can easily run a 1" impact tool or a 90-lb jackhammer. The compact design makes it possible to mount completely out of sight, freeing up vital work space and payload. A bulky air receiver tank is not necessary.

Contact VMAC, 1333 Kipp Rd, Nanaimo, BC,Canada V9X 1R3 for further information.
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ComposiLite-2: lighter, yet just as durable

Hendrickson has enhanced ComposiLite by incorporating new reduced-maintenance components while cutting suspension weight to less than 800 pounds — creating ComposiLite-2.

This product has aluminum beams, a new bushing design, and an improved stabilizer design.

Bronze bushings at the kingpin connection extend the life of the knuckle assembly. The new stabilizer design uses a cover to protect the stabilizer rod from dirt and debris throughout travel.

ComposiLite-2 maintains features introduced in the original version. A composite tie-rod provides a weight savings without compromising suspension durability.

Zero-torsion bushings spin freely to eliminate bushing windup. This provides more consistent down force and reduced lift force resistance; therefore, only one half the amount of force is required to operate the lift axle.

In-line air springs provide maximized packaging space and remove the risk of possible driveline interference. ComposiLite-2 measures 23.5" from front edge of hanger to centerline of axle, which is 1.25" shorter than the original version allowing multiple axle configurations.

ComposiLite-2 provides 9" of lift, 13.5" of total axle travel, and a wheel cut of 28°. For additional information, contact Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems, 277 N High St, Hebron OH 43025.
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Alarm warns of trailer back-up maneuvers

Hendrickson has unveiled an automatic trailer back-up alarm system for improved awareness of backward vehicle movement in areas of limited maneuverability and visibility.

Trailer manufacturers can install the audible alarm system on new vehicles, or it can be purchased through the Hendrickson aftermarket network for retrofitting.

With rearward trailer movement, the system activates a loud warning sound to help alert bystanders and other drivers in areas such as congested dock operations and near crosswalks and walkways that the vehicle is moving in reverse.

A wheel-end direction sensor reads the ABS tone ring activating the alarm, a 97-decibel repeating pound pulse, after one-half of a reverse revolution of the tire. The alarm ceases two seconds after the trailer stops or immediately upon any forward movement.

This system comes in a kit, which includes a direction sensor, electronic control unit, wiring harness, and alarm. The electronic module features an additional output that may be wired for a warning or back-up light (not included in the kit).

The stand-alone, automatic system requires no communication with the tractor and has reverse polarity protection and reset fuses. For additional information, contact Hendrickson International, Trailer Suspension Systems, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.
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Rubber Seal provides an edge

Trim-Lok Inc's new Rubber Seal is made out of custom formulated EPDM sponge rubber compound and comes in various specially designed shapes. All Rubber Seals come with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with your choice of adhesive options. Rubber Seals are also offered without tape if requested.

For a free catalog and samples, contact Trim-Lok, 6855 Hermosa Circle, Buena Park CA 90622-6180.
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Neoprene diaphragms optional on MGM brakes

MGM Brakes offers neoprene diaphragms as an option on several of its brake chamber models.

Neoprene is a versatile, synthetic rubber offering resistance to oil and other chemicals. This material is also characterized by physical toughness and resists damage caused by flexing and stretching. The ability to perform reliably over a temperature range of about -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F) ensures reliable operation.

For more information, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.
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IMT adds full-drop design

IMT Corp has added a full-drop design to its line of Ingersoll axles.

Developed for use on trailers with extra-low floors, boat trailers, and other specialty trailers, the drop extends the full width of the tube between the brake components. The IMT Full Drop Axle can also be used in pusher applications, on trucks requiring a low tube position to allow clearance for auxiliary gear.

Mounted with F22 spindles, the Full Drop Axle has a load capacity of 20,000 pounds and is supplied with 16½" × 7" brakes. With F12 spindles, the axle's capacity is 13,200 pounds and fits standard 15" × 4" front axle brakes.

For additional information, contact IMT, 347 King St West, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada N5C 3K6.
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Bullet, Cannon explode onto dump body scene

Benson International has a new ship-out dump body program featuring two new all-steel dump body designs. Named the Bullet and the Cannon, the new body designs are designed for flexibility in both dump truck operations and distributor installation programs.

Both designs have a high strength-to-weight ratio and come in various ship-out configurations that will allow the body dealer to quickly custom-assemble a body to fit any make or model of truck. Both bodies handle asphalt and aggregates, but the heavy-duty Bullet is designed to handle 24" and smaller rock. The super-heavy-duty Cannon is designed to handle rocks up to 36" and demolition material.

In the same body size, a Bullet weighs slightly more than a heavily spec'd aluminum body with a liner, while a Cannon of the same size would weigh about 1,000 pounds more than the Bullet. Contact Benson, PO Box 970, I-77 & Route 14 South, Mineral Wells WV 26150 for more information.
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Oxygen plasma cutting system reconfigured

Hypertherm Inc has released the HySpeed HT2000 200-amp oxygen plasma cutting system. This newly reconfigured mechanized system incorporates Hypertherm's patented Coaxial-assist jet technology to boost cutting speeds on mild steel by as much as 50%.

The HySpeed HT2000 offers LongLife oxygen technology and SilverPlus electrode technology. LongLife delivers more precise control of cutting parameters to extend consumable parts life and reduce overall operating costs. SilverPlus features a silver-fused front end that effectively doubles electrode life in many applications compared with standard all-copper electrodes.

Designed to cut most metals from gauge to 2" thick, the HySpeed HT2000 and HT2000LHF (Local High Frequency) offer production piercing of 1" (25-mm) mild steel and maximum piercing up to 1.5" (38-mm) mild steel. No dross is produced over a range of steel thicknesses and cut speeds.

Both HySpeed models are dual-gas systems that cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials with a range of plasma gases and shield gases. The patented shield technology protects the nozzle against double-arcing during cutting and piercing.

For complete information, contact Hypertherm, Etna Rd, PO Box 5010, Hanover NH 03755.
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Matrix siping gives XDN 2 drive tire an edge

Michelin has introduced the new XDN 2 drive tire with Matrix multi-dimensional siping. The benefit of Matrix siping is that the individual tread blocks work together as a solid rib to deliver long, even wear. Matrix siping alone also allows the tread blocks to function independently when needed, incorporating 1,300 biting edges for wet traction and superior performance on hard-packed snow and icy surfaces.

Michael Burroughes, market segment manager for regional, on/off-road, and urban tires, Michelin Americas Truck Tires, said, “The full-depth 25/32" sipes offer superb traction throughout the life of the tire. The sipes run across the tread, from edge-to-edge, and are coupled with multi-dimensional Matrix-designed groove walls for optimum biting edges and water and snow evacuation.”

The new 27/32"-tread-depth tire is being offered in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5, 275/80R24.5, and 12R22.5 sizes. For full details, contact Michelin, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.
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TPEC coatings let trailer roofs beat the heat

TPEC coatings have solar reflectivity ranging from 60% to 75%, better than conventional trailer roofing materials, with reflectivity of 5% to 25%, and metals, with low emissivity ranging between 20% to 60% depending on surface finish and condition.

Conventional roof surfaces with low reflectivity and high emissivity heat to 160° to 190° F at midday in summer. Metal or aluminum coated roofs with high reflectivity and low emissivity warm to 140° to 170° F. By comparison, TPEC roofs only reach 100° to 120° F (mostly less) in the summer sun.

TPEC can also increase the longevity of a reefer roof. Ultraviolet rays from the sun break down many conventional roofing materials. A TPEC surface reflects the sun's ultraviolet rays and slows down roof aging. It prevents corrosion; fights against growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and algae; and has good hail resistance.

Being a 100% acrylic elastomeric, TPEC reduces expansion and contraction of a reefer roof, which helps to keep roof seams from leaking. TPEC doesn't experience large daily temperature fluctuations so it undergoes less thermal fatigue. Lower roof and wall temperatures also reduce the rate of any chemical breakdown.

For complete details, contact SouthLand Enviro-Green, division of Responsive Solutions Inc, 97 E Quincy St, Riverside IL 60546.
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Sherwin-Williams primer cures in six minutes

Six minutes is all it takes for Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp's (SWAFC) P30 primer to cure when shortwave infrared radiation is applied, according to data sheets from Edwin Trisk Ltd. The curing time of the closest comparable product was about 10 minutes longer than the P30.

Sunderland, England-based Trisk has manufactured infrared finish drying systems for more than a decade. Seeing a need for data sheets that outline how paints cure under infrared radiation, Trisk went on to produce data sheets for every paint manufacturer in North America. In most cases, primers, single-stage applications, and clearcoats are listed on data sheets that Trisk supplies free of charge to distributors and body shops. For more information, contact SWAFC, 4440 Warrensville Center Rd, Warrensville Heights OH 44128.
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Cam Drawer Adjust saves installation time

Accuride International has incorporated a new time-saving feature into both the 3832 and 3832 heavy-duty self-closing slide models. The Cam Drawer Adjust (patent pending) offers installers a simple yet precise mechanism for vertical drawer adjustment. This solves the challenge of setting drawer reveals and may eliminate the need for a separate drawer front adjuster. The cam mechanism alters the vertical position of drawers up to 1/8". It is at the front of the slide to facilitate access and is actuated using a standard Phillips or Pozi screwdriver.

For more information, contact Accuride, 12311 Shoemaker Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.
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Open-shoulder drive tire built for regional service

BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires' new DR424 regional drive tire is designed to deliver superior levels of traction as well as smooth, even, and long tread life.

The DR424 features an aggressive, open-shoulder tread design with tread compounds tailored for regional service. It comes in 10R22.5, 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5, and 275/80R24.5 sizes, all in Load Range G.

For complete information, contact BFGoodrich, One Parkway South, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.
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Shrink Tube: the connection protection

Del City's Shrink Tube can provide extra strength and protection for connections. Offered in single-, dual-, and triple-wall, this shrink tubing is made of flexible, flame-retardant polyolefin. All three styles are offered in red or black, and in various sizes and lengths.

Translucent dual-wall shrink tube can give jobs a professional look. Each size is color-coded to gauge range according to industry standards. The 6" pre-cut lengths in a light red, blue, or yellow are also imprinted with gauge range.

Del City also offers heat shrink kits in a choice of three kits. Each contains 6" piece assortments of colors and styles contained in one carrying case.

To order, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.
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Slaggers are no slackers in cleanliness

Reducing the time needed to clean after thermal cutting, Messer-MG Systems & Welding Inc has introduced two advanced cutting tables with automated slag and smoke removal.

Slagger and Slagger One can move slag produced by oxyfuel or plasma cutting from the table floor to a pan or conveyor at the front. These tables use a bulldozer-type blade propelled forward to push slag ahead, cutting table cleaning to minutes.

The tables not only effectively clean tables but also create an improved plant environment by dust removal. Each table is divided into zones that cover the entire width of the table. Passing through all of the zones are one or more exhaust ducts to extract the smoke, allowing for all the advantages of “dry” cutting without the smoke.

Slagger, the company's standard-duty table, can be used with any plate material or thickness. Messer-MG's plasma duty table, the Slagger One, is designed for cutting plate of one inch or less. For additional information, contact Messer-MG, W141 N9427 Fountain Blvd, Menomonee Falls WI 53051.
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Master Bond epoxy adhesive cures rapidly

Master Bond EP51EL is a new two-component, flexible epoxy resin system developed by Master Bond Inc for high-performance bonding. The system has a 1-to-1 mix ratio, weight or volume. It cures rapidly at room temperature and has a setup time of 30 to 40 minutes; cure speeds can be accelerated by the use of heat. It is a 100% reactive system, and no solvents or volatiles are emitted during cure.

This adhesive has superior bond strength to many different substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, various rubbers, and most plastics. The cured compound exhibits a peel strength of more than 25 pli along with an elongation greater than 125%. It has electrical insulation properties, resists many chemicals, and can withstand thermal and mechanical shocks‥

EP51FL is recommended for use in cryogenic applications. It has a Shore D hardness of 12-15 and a Shore A hardness of 55-60. The adhesive exhibits a tensile strength of 1,150 psi.

Master Bond EP51EL has a mixed viscosity of 70,000-80,000 cps and is easy to apply. A paste version called EP51FLND is also available when a non-drip system is required. EP51FL is available for use in pint, quart, gallon, and five-gallon kits. It can also be obtained in syringe and gun applicators.

For full details, contact Master Bond, 154 Hobart St, Hackensack NJ 07601-3922.
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New line of Dana Spicer axles near debut

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems Division has a new family of single-speed, single-drive axles.

The new Dana Spicer S23-190, S26-190, and S30-190 (S190 Series) axles begin production in November 2003 and are offered in either a straight truck or tractor-trailer configuration.

Dana has designed the axles to perform well with vehicles outfitted with future drivetrain ratings of up to 2,450 ft-lb of torque, and up to 700 horsepower.

The S190 Series has a wide face width with 470-mm (18.5") primary hypoid gearing. A range of ratios — 2.69 to 7.83 — is available with the S23-190 model to allow for flexibility in spec'ing options. The S26-190 and S30-190 models offer a ratio range of 3.42 to 7.83.

Optional upgrades for the Dana Spicer S190 Series include:

  • Driver-controlled, full locking-wheel differential
  • Dana Spicer LMS hub systems
  • Dana Spicer Unitized Hub Systems (UHS)
  • Axle-mounted electromagnetic retarder
  • Spicer Life SPL or Series-10 yokes
  • Wide-track axles

All S190 Series axles qualify for the 250,000-mile initial lube drain interval when used in linehaul service and specified with a Dana-approved factory-filled extended-life lubricant, Dana's patented (U-Tube) axle breather, as well as LMS hubs, UHS hubs, or Outrunner wheel seals.

The standard warranty for the S190 Series is up to five years/750,000 miles for approved linehaul applications and with Dana-approved factory-filled, synthetic lube.

For more information, contact Roadranger Marketing, PO Box 4013, Kalamazoo MI 49003.
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In-head flash arrestor doubles torch safety

For double safety protection, Smith Equipment's new Dual-Guard torch series features an in-head flash arrestor coupled with three-tube construction that keeps gases separate until they mix in the head. Dual-Guard torches will be available beginning in August 2003 with 75°, 90°, and 180° head angles and standard lengths from 17" to 48".

The in-head flash arrestor weighs less than two ounces, and like all other components, it is covered by Smith's exclusive lifetime warranty and service agreement.

Smith designed Dual-Guard Torches for all cutting applications. Large-diameter, heavy-wall stainless tubes enable high-volume gas flow with the capacity to cut steel up to 24" thick. This torch features a forged manganese bronze “hammer style” head to reduce warping from heat; this maintains a positive seat with the cutting tip for best performance. Cutting tips can be changed by hand because the torches have Smith's “soft seat” tips that eliminate metal-to-metal seating. A new ergonomic handle with raised ribs reduces operator fatigue.

Other benefits of Dual-Guard torches include:

  • Reverse-flow check valves with a replaceable filter to stop contaminants

  • Reversible cutting lever that is easily changed for top or bottom mounting

  • “Ease-on-oxygen” control that prevents “keyholing” (burn-through) and slag blowback

  • Nickel plating to reflect heat for extended durability

For more information, contact Smith, c/o Inquiry Intelligence Systems, Attn: Marcia, 18 N Central Ave, O'Fallon MO 63366.
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Leyman makes its side liftgate even better

Leyman Lift Gates' new TLS 3500 side liftgate is an upgraded version of its TLS 3000, with enhanced features for better functionality and application.

The TLS 3500 features the new MaintenanceMinder2 power unit, which controls and records all liftgate functions. This power unit incorporates “smart” technology, brings advanced functions, and will help fleets measure and record liftgate performance and operating data while protecting the gate from damage. MaintenanceMinder2 includes a backlit LCD display that indicates key data during operation, eliminating the need for a separate hand-held reader.

This liftgate uses greaseless bushings at all pivot points and slide pads instead of greased rollers for the side liftgate's in-and-out motion. Not only is the TLS 3500 greaseless, but now the power unit box is also more accessible. The door has been moved to the rear portion of the gate so that the power unit can be easily reached.

Automatic over-the-road locks are now standard on all TLS 3500 lift gates. This safety feature has eliminated the use of chain locking mechanisms on the TLS gate. The auto locks are also mounted higher than on the previous model, and no longer use greased pivot points.

The TLS 3500 comes with adjustable tension arms for leveling the platform. Adjustable up stops and in/out stops are also provided. Other standard features include: marine toggle switch operation, power in and out, and lifting arms mounted near the center of the platform for a more stable, level ride.

Optional features such as a hand pump kit, collapsible hand rails, and cart stops are available. For additional information, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.
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Link LB20 ramps made longer for box trucks

Link Mfg has introduced longer LB20 mounted ramps for box trucks. The Model LB20 has been available to mount just inside the doors of standard cargo vans. The same ramp has been modified to fit on a box truck inside the rear doors. This keeps the ramp inside the box and free from snow and grime. Ramps come in lengths up to 10' and the same standard widths of 24", 30", and 36".

For more information, contact Link, 223 15th St NE, Sioux Center IA 51250.
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Sno-Way plows ahead with stainless steel

Sno-Way International Inc has added stainless steel moldboards to its commercial plow line. The 29 Series, 32 Series, and V Plows are now all available with stainless steel moldboards as well as steel and polycarbonate moldboards. Stainless steel snowplow blades require less maintenance, and they are long-lasting, sturdy, and efficient.

The company has added new models of stainless steel V Box Spreaders to meet the requests of snow and ice control contractors. In addition, Sno-Way provides stainless steel moldboards for Skid Steer Straight and V Plows. For complete details, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.
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Hub interacts with many other fieldbuses

Axiomatic Technologies Corp has released a fieldbus gateway and master control module, the CAN Hub. The unit can interact with many fieldbuses, including: CANopen, SAE J1939, DeviceNet, and Profibus. The CAN Hub can act as:

  • A master CAN hub to read measurement data from one bus and send commands to another.

  • A protocol exchanger to allow connection of three fieldbuses with different protocols, other industry-common fieldbuses, or customer-specific protocols).

  • A safety-relevant master to permit one communication line with data relayed to two buses with identical devices.

The gateway module can be used as a component or integrated with other Axiomatic CAN bus devices as part of a total machine control system.

The CAN Hub can offer maximum flexibility when building a CAN bus network control system. It allows the designer to build in a networked control system that interfaces to existing control modules using SAE J1939. Messages from a network are received, filtered, and retransmitted to another networked control subsystem. Up to three separate network fieldbus protocols can be used for a vehicle control system with maximum efficiency of data transfer over the networks.

The CAN Hub provides isolation and filtering for up to three fieldbus protocols. Two serial ports are available for downloading to a PC, laptop or other user interface. Real-time data is available through a diagnostic port. The unit can be programmed from a CAN master in the field. Custom protocols can be programmed on request. A PC-based configuration tool is used to set up the CAN ports and configure the messages. It is generic for all CAN fieldbuses.

For full information, contact Axiomatic, 5915 Wallace St, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 1Z8.
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Fastening Assurance System boosts quality

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co has introduced the FAS3000 Fastening Assurance System for enhancing built-in quality of products assembled with screw fasteners. Able to detect a range of off-spec fastening events as they occur, the FAS3000 can eliminate the need for assembly inspection procedures. Its flexible interface permits local or remote control and monitoring of fastening operations across many work stations.

FAS3000 control and monitoring is based on the time required between trigger (valve) opening and clutch (valve) opening to drive the fastener to the set torque value. The system thus can detect defects such as a fastener already tight, cross-threading, missing or stripped threads, wrong fastener, wrong hole depth, trigger released before torque attained, missing or extra washers, or missing or extra gaskets.

The system registers an “OK” or “Not OK” signal with coded error messages for each event and group of events (assembly). It counts the fasteners installed in each assembly and accounts for resets for cycle and entire assembly. Its eight fastener profile programs can be sequenced as needed to accommodate the mix of fasteners used in assemblies. Programming can be accomplished by keypad, remote upload, or by sampling of actual fastening events.

The FAS3000 can be furnished with a range of new Chicago Pneumatic industrial pneumatic torque shut-off screwdrivers or retrofitted to certain models by changing the modular control top. The fastening tool line compatible with the FAS3000 offers a torque control range from 0.4 to 30.0 Nm (3.5 to 266 inch-lb) with free speed ranges from 550 to 3,500 rpm.

For more details, contact Chicago Pneumatic, Industrial Business Unit, 1800 Overview Dr, Rock Hill SC 29730-7463.
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Universal lift kits work with keyless remote

Talegator Truck Accessories, a division of Electric-Life, has unveiled new universal lift kits designed to open and close tonneau covers and tailgates on all trucks by using a simple keyless remote. These universal kits combine remote control technology with new linear actuators linked using the latest plug-and-play technology.

With 250 pounds of lifting and closing force, the kits are designed to add security and value to a truck. The Ultimate Combo kit includes the Emergency Entry kit and is available as part number TG-3, or the entire system can be bought in separate kits. Installation instructions and all hardware are provided. Electronic installation is simple with a plug-and-play wiring harness. Talegator kits can be installed using tools found most garages.

For more information, contact Electric-Life, 5990 Northwest Hwy, Chicago IL 60631.
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Laser cutting machine has more work space

Trumpf Inc has produced a laser cutting machine for larger sheet sizes. The TC L 4050 offers the same speed and productivity advantages as the smaller 5' × 10', 5,000-watt TC L 3050, but with an expanded working area of 80" × 160".

The TC L 4050's drive system achieves traverse speeds in excess of 11,000 inches per minute and 2 g's of acceleration. Actual cut speeds exceed 1,500 ipm in thin material.

This machine also offers new features such as Trumpf's Pierce Control System, which actively monitors and adjusts pierce parameters to provide soft pierce hole quality at quick pierce speed. Additional features include pierce detection, dynamic power control, and control selectable micro-tabbing.

Like the TC L 3050, the TC L 4050 offers Trumpf laser technology including: Autolas Plus fully programmable focus system, DIAS capacitive height sensing, Sprintlas pierce on-the-fly, four quick-change cutting heads, and a user-friendly Siemens 840D PC control.

Contact Trumpf, Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington CT 06032 for more information.
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Impact wrench can loosen stubborn nuts

Ingersoll-Rand Co Ltd introduces its new IR2135Ti 1/2" ultra-duty impact wrench, which features the use of titanium for strength and weight savings.

The IR2135Ti delivers 1,000 ft-lb of torque that will loosen a nut tightened to 1,000 ft/lb in six seconds and 700 ft/lb of traditional torque output. Weighing 3.95 pounds, the compact IR2135Ti has easy-to-use forward/reverse push buttons for one-handed control and a professional touch trigger for smooth power delivery. In addition, the IR2135Ti incorporates an ergonomically designed handle and textured grip for comfort. This ergonomic design, combined with precision tool balancing, reduces fatigue during extended use.

The IR2135Ti also is available with an optional 2" extended anvil (Model IR2135Ti-2), suitable for wheel and tire service.

Further information can be obtained at 200 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Woodcliff Lake NJ 07677.
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Hadley Stuttertones warn of emergencies

Hadley Products is offering a complete line of Stuttertone air horns for emergency vehicle use only. They emit a powerful warning, a warbling sound readily identifiable as coming from a vehicle rushing to an emergency.

Stuttertone horns come in a round bell shape, in single- or dual-horn configurations, in lengths of 24½" and 30". They are provided with or without Hadley custom bell shields for snow or bugs. Air horns ordered with bell covers automatically come with a special, extended three-year warranty on part functionality.

Each Stuttertone horn is pre-tuned for optimal carrying power, and is ready for immediate installation. Testing has shown that Stuttertone horns will normally last more than twice as long as other horns.

For full details, contact Hadley, 2851 Prairie St SW, Suite D, Grandville MI 49418.
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Cordless riveter needs no compressed air

S-B Industries has introduced the BR-200M 12V cordless electric riveter. Equipped with charger and battery pack, the BR-200M is suitable for off-line and outdoor riveting applications where compressed air is not available. Its compact design, light weight, and longer strokes increase productivity. The BR-200M sets up to 3/16" rivets in all materials. It features a “Quick Set” trigger mechanism for rapid rivet placement and “Ultra Jaws” for longer jaw life, all packaged in a molded plastic carrying case for field use.

The BR-200M outputs traction power of 1,907 pounds, and is powered by a 12-volt N/Cd battery. With battery pack included, the tool is 12.0" long, 8.9" high, and weighs 4.4 pounds. Its four nosepieces in the auxiliary kit are 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16". For additional information, phone S-B at 800-543-1011 or access

SGI Altix now comes with MCAE software

SGI has announced that mechanical computer-aided engineering (MCAE) software applications are available on the SGI Altix 3000 family of servers and superclusters, the first high-performance Linux HPC environment capable of scaling to hundreds of processors with global shared memory.

Industries rely on MCAE applications to improve design quality and reduce design-cycle time and costs. By combining the HPC technologies of the Intel Itanium 2 processors, the open-source Linux operating system, and SGI NUMAflex system architecture, the SGI Altix 3000 family of servers and superclusters helps meet the needs of MCAE simulation environments for advanced product development.

Manufacturing companies and research organizations employ commercial MCAE software from various independent software vendors. The list of MCAE applications immediately available for SGI Altix includes ABAQUS from ABAQUS Inc, LS-DYNA from Livermore Software Technology Corp, MSC.Nastran and MSC.Marc from MSC.Software Corp, and STAR-CD from CD adapco Group.

For full details, contact SGI, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View CA 94043.
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Eaton MD line gains service support tool

Roadranger Marketing has added to its line of Eaton MD (Mobile Diagnostics) products.The new MD-300 series diagnostics software for the PC diagnoses heavy-duty commercial vehicle electronic systems via an SAE J1587 diagnostic link and a Windows-based intuitive graphical interface.

MD-300 software functions include data monitoring, fault codes, and reporting. It also can simultaneously monitor several truck components. A graphic vehicle interface displays vehicle components and their status — graphing up to four components individually or up to 15 collectively.

This software includes a patent-pending category parameter recognition feature. This capability quickly sorts and organizes Parameter Identification (PID) and Message Identification (MID) functions.It eliminates the need for technicians to know and manually enter the MID/PID codes by allowing them to select from a hierarchy-based menu system.

Additional features include:

  • Retrieving and clearing fault codes

  • Creating custom diagnostics and saving set-ups

  • E-mailing or printing reports directly from the software

  • Easy export of data for further analysis

  • Easily accessible SAE database information

  • Allows for Web-based solutions and software upgrades

  • Quickly creates, saves, and retrieves Vehicle Service Reports with various query abilities

  • Operates on Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP

Visit to see a schedule of training sessions. To order the MD-300 PC diagnostic software and other Eaton MD tools, visit Additional information is available by phoning 800-826-4357.
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Predator Series electrically controls braking

Dexter Axle Co has debuted its Predator Series line of electric brake controllers. The first model in the series is the Predator DX2, which operates all one- and two-axle trailers equipped with electric brakes. Dexter plans to introduce controllers for three- and four-axle trailers in coming months.

The Predator DX2 is an inertia-activated electronic brake controller. A patented pendulum sensor in the controller reacts instantly to any change in tow vehicle deceleration. When this change is detected, the controller applies the trailer brakes at the same rate as the tow vehicle brakes. The result is smooth, proportional braking between the trailer and tow vehicle.

Features of the Predator DX2 include a digital LED that displays voltage output and assists with leveling, a numeric gain wheel for precise and repeatable power settings, a versatile mounting range of -35° to 90°, and short-circuit protection that prevents damage to the controller. Dexter backs the Predator DX2 with a seven-year limited warranty.

The DX2 has an independent manual override that when activated bypasses the gain setting to deliver full braking power. This is different from many controllers on the market whose manual override is determined by the gain setting.

For additional safety, the DX2 illuminates the trailer's brake lights when the manual override is used.

The Predator DX2 comes complete with all mounting hardware, instructions, and a quick-reference card. For full information, contact Dexter, PO Box 250, Elkhart IN 46515.
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Potted strobe stands up to heavy vibration

Superior Signals Inc has added the Meteorlite 2000 series potted strobe to its line of products. The SY22012 and SY22037 are specifically designed for heavy vibration with the electronics epoxy coated to protect against moisture.

The SY22012 is a 10-joule strobe and the SY22037 a 15-joule unit; both offer 85 quad flashes per minute. Both strobes are multi-voltage ranging from any 12- to 48-volt DC applications. The Meteorlite 2000 series may be ordered in either high- or low-profile. The high-profile is 6¼"; the low-profile is 4½" high. Choices of colors include amber, clear, blue, green, and red. Each strobe consists of a polycarbonate base and has a combination flat and 1" pipe mount standard.

For additional information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.
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Smart Air Management System debuts

The newest innovation in a electronically controlled air suspension system is now available from Hadley.

SAMS (Smart Air Management System) is an electronically controlled air management system for Class 3-8 trucks and trailers with an air-ride suspension system. Vehicles such as buses, emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, light- and medium-duty vehicles, Class 8 tractors, specialty vehicles, and trailers. SAMS is not a “one size fits all” system. Each SAMS is custom-tailored for a customer's vehicle vocation and specific functional needs.

For vehicles without an onboard air source, management of the add-on air compressor is a critical air consumption and cost consideration concern.

SAMS reduces excessive air consumption experienced with a mechanical height control valve system. This, in turn, extends compressor reliability and life, potentially saving hundreds of dollars for each of the no-longer-needed compressor replacements. While compressor replacement may not be entirely eliminated, the savings over the life of a vehicle can be significant.

For more details, contact Hadley, 851 Prairie St SW, Suite D, Grandville MI 49418.
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Spirax gear oils join Shell lubricant line

Shell Lubricants has expanded its family of heavy-duty lubricants by adding the Spirax EW Extended Warranty SAE 75W-90 and 80W-140 gear oils. The new mineral-based gear oils meet the extended-warranty requirements of heavy-duty axles manufactured by Dana, ArvinMeritor, and Mack.

To gain the approvals, Shell subjected its lubricants to more than 50 million miles of field-testing under varied conditions and temperatures. Shell also conducted laboratory testing to qualify the Spirax EW lubricants under United States military specification MIL-PRF-2105E.

As a result, Spirax EW gear oils are now approved for 500,000-mile extended drain intervals for both Dana axles and ArvinMeritor axles equipped with pump and filter systems. The lubricants also are approved for use in Mack axles at 250,000-mile drains. The approvals allow fleets and independent truck operators to use Spirax EW gear oils for both service-fill and factory-fill at the same change interval specified for approved synthetic fluids, and still qualify for Dana and ArvinMeritor 750,000-mile extended warranty coverage.

Shell Spirax EW gear oils will be available in bulk, drums, kegs, pails, and quarts. Additional information is available at
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ArmorTuf provides high impact resistance

Kemlite Co Inc, a subsidiary of Crane Co, has introduced a composite liner panel called ArmorTuf. Manufactured with thermoset resin matrix and woven fiberglass reinforcement similar to bullet-resistant materials, ArmorTuf is designed for refrigerated trailers and as a long-term replacement for plywood liners in dry van trailers. It can also be used as the ceiling in a refrigerated trailer to help prevent damage from forklift loading operations.

The puncture strength of ArmorTuf is almost four times greater than conventional liner panels and will save more than 90 pounds of weight verses a standard liner panel.

Not only is ArmorTuf more durable, but it enhances the interior appearance of the trailer and requires minimal effort to keep clean. The backside of the panel has been tested and adheres well to injected urethane foam and to other adhesives commonly used in trailer production. No special preparation of the backside is needed.

ArmorTuf is offered in a 0.05" and 0.075" thickness and in widths up to 104" and coil lengths up to 300 feet. Kemlite soon will offer ArmorTuf in a thickness of 0.100". For full details, contact Kemlite, PO Box 2429, Joliet IL 60434.
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Bi-metal saw blades resist tooth chipping

Valu-Pac bi-metal bandsaw blades from DoALL Co are sold in packages of three blades with the same pitch, width, and length. Blades feature an 8% matrix cobalt cutting edge for resistance to tooth chipping and a neutral rake tooth design for added tooth strength.

Matrix blades are offered in 1" width with either a 4-6 or 5-8 pitch and 1¼" width with a 3-4 or 4-6 pitch. Multi-pitch teeth reduce noise levels when sawing structurals, pipe, tubing, and other stock.

For further information, contact DoALL, 254 N Laurel Ave, Des Plaines IL 60016.
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Waytek fuse blocks can hold up to 12 fuses

Waytek has added heavy-duty ATO/ATC fuse blocks to its product line. These fuse blocks hold four, six, eight, 10, or 12 fuses. A durable dust cover is included, along with .250 male blade side insertion. Waytek also carries ATO/ATC fuses and fuse holders, fusible links, and mini/maxi fuses, along with high-amp and glass fuses.

For full information, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.
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Emergency spill kit keeps workplace safe

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants North America is offering the Castrol Emergency Spill Kit and oil recovery contact list to help keep workplaces and employees safe. This kit provides the materials to take immediate action in case of a minor spill (15 gallons or less). The spill kit features universal absorbents that can handle many types of spills including oils, alkalis, acids, fuel, chemicals, and contaminated water.

This kit has simple instructions and color-coded contents, and it all comes in an easy-to-carry bag. The kit contains:

  • Drum plug compound, which in many cases makes it possible to seal the source of the leak

  • Booms that help to contain the spill and protect drains, gutters, and waterways

  • Absorbent pads to soak up the fluid

  • Disposable bags and ties

  • Flame-retardant sawdust to soak up residues

  • Absorbent material

  • Special disposal bags with 15-gallon capacity to safely contain waste material

  • A list of used-oil recovery companies

Castrol has reviewed the used-oil recovery companies on this list to ensure that each company has the appropriate licenses and procedures in place to handle used oil responsibly. However, the firm will not be responsible for evaluation and initiation of these business relationships.

Interested parties can obtain the list by contacting Castrol, 9300 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore MD 21220.
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Rocker switches keep out dust, moisture

Contura rocker switches from Waytek Inc have a sealed front panel component to keep out dust and moisture. The Contura IV switch actuators support the designer by working with the curves, contours, and advanced styling of the latest panel designs. Many styles, colors, and lenses are provided. Upon request, Waytek can supply special circuit, identification, and terminal combinations. To order, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.
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Cover-Ups conceal wheel axles, lug nuts

RealWheels Cover Co Inc's new Cover-Up hub covers for aluminum wheels encase the axle and lug nuts and feature the patented Thread Lock bracket. There is no need to remove the lug nuts since the Thread Lock bracket fits over them, facilitating installation. The smooth appearance simplifies cleaning, and the front Cover-Up hub cover has a pop-in center for oil cap viewing.

Made from non-magnetic 304L stainless steel, the low-profile covers will not rust, pit, corrode, or turn yellow. RealWheels offers a lifetime mirror-shine finish guarantee and a two-year rebuffing warranty on all axle covers and simulators.

For more information, contact RealWheels, 3940 Tannahill Dr, Gurnee IL 60031.
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Trailer brake controllers sense braking effort

Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction has debuted a family of trailer brake controllers that delivers a new level of stopping power and control to the tow vehicle driver. The ElectraStar and HydraStar XL controllers are designed for electric and hydraulic trailer brake systems, respectively.

These new controllers have a patented microprocessor/accelerometer system that senses the amount of braking effort required and provides a smooth, safe stop. The Carlisle Command Center remote-control unit plugs into the tow vehicle's cigarette lighter (requiring no special wiring) and allows the driver to adjust for different tow vehicles, as well as assisting in troubleshooting.

Additional benefits of this technology include:

  • Improves the safety of hauling any trailer.

  • Standard tow vehicle electrical systems are sufficient to power Carlisle system (typical wiring systems are rated to 25 amps.

  • Controllers are trailer-mounted and easy to install.

  • Offers flexibility for shared trailers and rental fleets; simply move the plug-in Command Center.

  • Trailer applications include hauling boats, RV/campers, horses, cars, construction and farm equipment

  • Meets all DOT regulations and complies with CFR-393 federal braking requirements.

Contact Carlisle, 1031 E Hillside Dr, Bloomington IN 47401 for further information.
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All Alcoa aluminum wheels offer Dura-Bright option

Alcoa Wheel & Forged Products' patented Dura-Bright surface treatment option is now provided for its full line of 14" aluminum wheels in addition to other wide-base wheel applications.

Dura-Bright aluminum wheels resist corrosion and eliminate the need for polishing. Initially offered in 1999 for transit buses, Dura-Bright wheels offer a high-quality shine with a spray of soap and water. They're available for applications including truck and trailer, RV and motor home, and bus and motor coach.

At 71 pounds, the Alcoa 14" wheel carries a 12,800-lb maximum load rating. Switching from steel duals to an Alcoa wide-base wheel and tire assembly saves 318 pounds per axle — up to 1,272 pounds per tractor and tandem axle trailer.

For full details, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.
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For automatic arm tarping, Pulltarps offers the Ultimate

Pulltarps' Ultimate Aluminum automatic arm tarp system is for applications that require arms to deploy the tarp over a load.

Features include a polished aluminum housing with black accented cast-aluminum end plates. The low-profile arms with Pulltarps' Spiral Torsion Spring will handle trailers up to 40 feet long and are offered with side or underbody mounts. Ultimate Aluminum systems come with housing, arms, springs, motor, pre-wired dash panel, safety breakers, and 6-gauge wire.

For a free video and catalog or more information, contact Pulltarps, 1404 N Marshall Ave, El Cajon CA 92020.
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Mobile HVAC louver vent

Coyote International LLC has introduced a new low-profile vent for mobile air-conditioning and heating applications. The patent-pending Sonora louver is designed for slim-line ducting, shallow air plenums, or thick facing material applications.

A retainer is mounted with four screws, and the louver is snapped into the retainer. The Sonora also can be rotated 360°. For additional information, contact Coyote, PO Box 2221, Grapevine TX 76099.
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Airless table blaster offers better access, protection

Viking Corp has released the newest evolution of the 4-foot airless table blaster, the 48T.

This blaster incorporates a wraparound door feature for access to the table circumference. An angle-mounted wheel moves the blast wheel close to the work for complete coverage of the table surface. Cast chrome/moly plates protect the cabinet from direct impingement, while manganese alloy protects the rest of the cabinet.

The table liner is a replaceable manganese alloy plate that provides long wear and allows abrasive to drain away from the work. It also protects the bottom of the blast cabinet from wear. Viking employs more than 25% more standard cleaning capability using a 20-horsepower direct-drive blast wheel.

For more information, contact Viking, 3810 N Toben, Wichita KS 67226.
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Weight loss program pays off for Reyco suspensions

Engineers at Tuthill Transport Technologies have slimmed down several Reyco heavy-duty suspensions.

Two Reyco van sliders, the Model 19AR/RS1062 (with trailer manufacturer-installed axles) and the Model 20AR/RS3062 (with Reyco axles) have each lost as much as 47 pounds.

Much of the “slenderizing” process has come by the use of thinner but higher-strength materials in the suspension hangers.

Fixed-axle trailer suspensions have also benefited from these changes. The Reyco Models 20AR and 22AR now weigh as little as 485 pounds complete with axle. For more information, contact Tuthill, 1205 Industrial Park Dr, Mount Vernon MO 65712.
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War-Lok wins battle with would-be thieves

Based on the success of its Intermodal Barrier Box Security System, know as the War-Lok, Gabriel Technologies LLC offers the War-Lok T-Series for the truck transportation industry.

The War-Lok TL-10 is a cast-steel barrier box with a reusable, removable, keyed locking device that fits securely over the hasp of any trailer with swing-out doors. Once in place, the locking mechanism of the TL-10 and the trailer hasp are completely protected. A barrel-style key opens and closes the TL-10. For fleets, the TL-10 can be keyed all different, all alike or master-keyed. The TL-10 is numbered and bar-coded for easy tracking.

For dropped trailers, we offer the War-Lok TKP-10 kingpin lock. The TKP-10 was designed with the help of industry and law enforcement professionals. Using their knowledge, Gabriel designed a conical kingpin lock that is lighter than most high-end kingpin locks and wide enough to deflect the fifthwheel plate of a would-be thief's tractor.

The War-Lok TL-10, TKP-10, and customized detection seal can be combined for a complete trailer security system. It is sold in a kit called the TSK-10.

For more information, contact Gabriel, 17445 Arbor St, Suite 310, Omaha NE 68130.
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Thermal circuit breakers in three versions

Bussmann Automotive Products, a division of Cooper Industries, offers a new standard class of thermal circuit breakers. The new product family, called the Mid-Range 250 Series, was developed primarily for the medium-duty chassis industry and for specialized vehicles.

Mid-Range 250 breakers come in three versions: automatic reset, manual reset, and manual reset with push-to-trip. The extra push-to-trip feature allows the opening of a circuit path without disconnecting it from the power source.

All versions are provided in amperages from 10 through 50, and are formed with a rounded profile body and cover boss that allows a three-hole panel cutout mounting. Available with 10-32 stud terminals and nuts, the Mid-Range Series is produced with corrosion-resistant material; stainless steel lock nuts are optional. Additional features include:

  • Ignition protection (ABYC E-9/SAE J1171)

  • Branch protection interrupt rating (2.5k A per ABYC E-9)

  • Cover assembly with overmold gasket allows for integrated breaker-to-panel splash proofing

  • Same standard mounting centers used by other manufacturers. (1.574"/40 mm)

  • Two formats for mounting: eyelets for 10-32 clearance and threaded inserts for 8-32 clearance

Contact Cooper Bussman, 175 Hansen Court, Wood Dale IL 60191 for further details.
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JakPak slide-in unit turns pickup into a fire truck

The PolyBilt Co's JakPak turns a pickup truck into a fire truck. This slide-in unit features a 200-gallon integrated tank, along with compartmentation; it is designed to fit into any standard 8' pickup box. Ease of installation/removal allows a truck to be used for other purposes when the grass-fire season ends.

Made entirely of polyprene, a high- impact, non-corrosive material, the JakPak will not rust, crack, or corrode. Polyprene fabrication features the patented bent-edge technology, as well as high-tech extrusion welding for strength. The JakPak also employs a patented unibody design for maximum use of space.

The JakPak is provided with custom high-gloss paint and roll-up doors, or in an unfinished format.

For complete details, contact Polybilt, 2000 Anson Dr, Melrose Park IL 60160.
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Xpeditor cab is improved

The cab of the Autocar Xpeditor will offer operators more room, more comfort, and improved ergonomics thanks to changes being made to interior components on all trucks manufactured as of Sept 2, 2003.

Bill Dolesh, chief engineer at Autocar, says, “We found we could add extra space by simply redesigning same interior components and adjusting their position.”

Dolesh says the redesign gained 3" of belly room and 4½" of knee and leg room. These gains were due to a specially designed 16" steering wheel and relocating seats and seat belts rearward.

“We also made a change in foot pedal positions on our dual-steer, right-hand sit-down cab configuration,” says Dolesh, “spreading the pedals to a more comfortable 9½" on-center position that will improve ease of operation for the driver.”
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