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Dec. 1, 2008
Review critical weld data remotely Lincoln Electric has officially released the newest version of its software, Production Monitoring 2.0, which enables

Review critical weld data remotely

Lincoln Electric has officially released the newest version of its software, Production Monitoring 2.0, which enables remote review of critical weld data from the shop floor, the executive office, or the road.

Working in tandem with any networked Lincoln Electric Power Wave power source, Production Monitoring 2.0 software allows engineers and executives to stay connected with the shop floor from anywhere in the world, helping to ensure welding systems are working properly and problems are identified quickly and efficiently.

This software, available at no cost to all Power Wave owners, adds a new web browser-based user interface, a new data management system through Microsoft SQL server express, and support for Lincoln Electric's True Energy data.

The Production Monitoring 2.0 software also contains all of the benefits of Lincoln Electric's original program. In addition to monitoring weld data, it allows for storing and sharing of files, monitoring production tasks, setting weld limits and tolerances, and tracking consumable inventory. Welding machine faults can also be logged and e-mailed, while diagnostic troubleshooting can be performed from a remote location.

The new Production Monitoring 2.0 software is available on a set of CDs. For some systems, an additional Ethernet board may be required. Customers can order the CDs by calling (888) 355-3213 or by visiting the “Literature Request” section at and ordering S2.50.

MAXFORM helps speed parts handling

The MAXFORM hydraulic press brake from Cincinnati Inc. combines state-of-the-art forming speeds and part processing productivity with “smart” controls that speed and simplify programming, setup, and part handling. MAXFORM's industrial PC-based touchscreen control and Windows software eliminate two-thirds of the programming steps with conventional CNC controls, while advanced hydraulics and control technologies deliver cycle-eating ram speeds — up to 700 ipm.

The high-speed precision forming machine is available in 90- to 350-ton models and lengths to 14 feet. Exceptional ±0.0002“ (3 Sigma) repeatability delivers consistency for bending complex parts without deviation, drift, or error stacking. Cincinnati backs the MAXFORM with five-year parts and one-year labor warranties.

Comeq adds to PRIMELINE press brake line

Comeq Inc. has expanded its line of PRIMELINE Press Brakes with the addition of the S-Series CNC Servo Hydraulic Press Brake. The S-Series machine offers .0004± repeatability, and options found on more expensive machines. These machines come in sizes from 4' × 40 tons to 20' × 650 tons.

Standard equipment on the S-Series includes an easily programmed Cybelec DNC-60 controller, a powered X-axis, Y1/Y2 axes, a tooling package consisting of a gooseneck punch and four-way die, and on-site training.

Optional equipment includes the Cybelec DNC-880 2-D graphical controller, offline programming, CNC crowning, support arms mounted on a linear rail, powered R axis, and powered Z1/Z2 axes. The machines can also be made CE/CSA-compliant with the addition of Lasersafe light guards on the front and safety interlock switches on the rear and side access doors.

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Scotchman band saw an automatic asset

Scotchman Industries offers the SHA 1419 Band Saw with its Metal Fabricating Solutions. The SHA 1419 is a simple-to-use automatic saw that combines mitering capability with an automatic barfeed system. The barfeed uses an automatic shuttle vise feed system that handles up to 40 inches in a single stroke. This band saw's capacity is 14" × 19" at 90° and 14" × 14" at 45°. The standard Programmable Length Control (PLC) allows the operator to program the job, including both piece length and piece count. PLC takes into consideration the multiple indexes and blade kerf, making it easy to set lengths. The full-stroke vising and optional bundling attachment bundles up to the full capacity.

These 1419 horizontal band saws are available in both manual and fully automatic versions. They have a swing head for mitering without material movement; provide straight, accurate cuts; and are ideal for bundle cutting. With their massive heads, large blades, and array of standard features, these machines can handle tough applications for years.

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ANSYS improves POLYFLOW technology

ANSYS Inc. has released ANSYS POLYFLOW 3.12 software for analysis of plastic and rubber processing, glass forming, and food processing. This new version of ANSYS POLYFLOW technology is faster, more efficient, and can handle larger problems than previous releases, since it includes several new solvers and modeling features tailored for specific applications. Newly built-in is the ability to provide data to structural analysis software from ANSYS, which improves the accuracy of virtual prototyping predictions.

The addition of three efficient and robust solver — fully coupled, multifrontal, and iterative — means users can run simulations on much larger meshes than ever before. For example, 3-D simulations for dies containing more than 3 million elements have been converged on a standard high-end computer in just a few hours. Significant speed-ups regularly exceed 100 percent on large simulations compared with previous releases of ANSYS POLYFLOW software.

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