Product Profiles

July 1, 2003
Aero adds PowerPack springs to Easy Cover Aero Industries Inc has released a brochure introducing four models of its line of Easy Cover tarping systems,

Aero adds PowerPack springs to Easy Cover

Aero Industries Inc has released a brochure introducing four models of its line of Easy Cover tarping systems, featuring a PowerPack spring configuration. The new PowerPack sidemount spring assembly features a low-profile design for improved aerodynamics and protection from potential damage. To safeguard the springs from the elements further, they are encased in an aluminum clamshell-style casting. All the components are of polished aluminum construction.

The PowerPack assembly is offered in the 75 Series Easy Cover line, with various drive options: direct drive, cab extension, ground level, or with Aero's PowerPro electric motor. Contact Aero, 3010 W Morris St, Indianapolis IN 46241 for complete information.

Autocar expands Xpeditor engine options

Autocar Truck has added three new Cummins-approved ratings to the company's power plant line for its Xpeditor trucks.

Two additions to the line both have Cummins engines with cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) emissions control technology. The two 11-liter Cummins ISM-EGR engines are a model delivering 350 horsepower (1,350 ft-lb torque at 1200 rpm) and the 385-hp version (1450 ft-lb torque at 1200 rpm). The third engine is the Cummins-Westport 8.3-liter C-Gas Plus engine fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG). Currently offered only in the WXXL, it will be expanded to the entire Xpeditor lineup effective Sept 1, 2003.

The new ISM-EGR engines will be provided on trucks manufactured beginning Oct 1, 2003. The 350-hp engine will be offered on all models, and the 385-hp version will be available on WX and WXR models only.

Airgo tire inflation system stresses safety

Airgo Systems has unveiled the Airgo constant tire inflation system with stationary hub components and a venting process that does not jeopardize wheel end components.

The system is engineered to provide the safest possible method of transferring air to damaged or compromised tires. A case-hardened steel and carbon graphite rotary seal is installed outside the hub and vents externally. External venting eliminates the risk of hub pressurization, which lets fleet maintenance professionals maintain proper inflation levels without jeopardizing wheel-end components.

This system's patented, removable expansion plug for sealing the axle installs in less than two hours, does not require special tools, and can be removed for periodic cleaning of the axle. Airgo is compatible with all hubcap configurations (oil and grease) and axle specifications (pressurized and non-pressurized).

All hubcap components are sealed to eliminate water or debris from entering the hub area. The system's electrical switch is environmentally sealed, providing protection from the elements and eliminating dangerous spiking and sparks.

Airgo's engineering team designed a stationary system with no moving components in the hub area. The system has undergone tests including pressure washing, environmental, pressure relief, water immersion, rotary seal wear, flow, and expansion plug. This design is backed by a five-year, unlimited-miles warranty.

For more details, phone Airgo at 877-550-6111 or access

Drawer slide gains six mounting options

Accuride International Inc's new bracket kits offer installers six more mounting options for the heavy-duty 9301 drawer slide. Accessory brackets are designed for platform installations and provide four bottom-mount and two side-mount options.

Additionally, Model 9301 has been modified to accommodate a greater assortment of fasteners. Previously, installation required an undercut #10 machine head screw. Now installers may use a more readily available #10 or 1/4" hex-head screw, which provides increased shear strength.

The 9301 is a full extension slide that requires .75" of side space and features extra silencing during drawer closure. Load rating per pair varies from 150 to 500 pounds depending on slide usage. It comes in a selection of lengths up to a maximum of 60". For complete details, contact Accuride, 12311 Shoemaker Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Software alerts user to liftgate design issues

Maxon Lift Corp has implemented the SolidWorks Modeling System. This software allows Maxon engineers to perform strength, strain, and interference tests within a computer model, before any actual fabrications are manufactured.

According to Maxine Lugash Stratton, vice-president of operations, “SolidWorks reduces the number of potential errors that could be made with respect to interference and fit issues. On a regular CAD system, the software does not alert you to interference issues. This means that you must wait until the prototype stage to make sure everything fits, by which time it is usually too late. SolidWorks alerts you to most of these issues earlier in the process so that you can fix them right away.”

The tool enables designers to view three-dimensional, moving models from all angles. These models are then converted to flat print drawings, which completely eliminates draft errors. Maxon used SolidWorks in the design of its new BMR — A and MTB liftgates.

Tape adheres to higher standard of excellence

Acrylic Plus Sealing Tape ST 1200 from 3M is engineered specifically for attachment of weatherstrips and seals. Based on proprietary technology from 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division, the tape offers several key advantages:

  • A black foam core for improved aesthetics and an original equipment appearance

  • A density designed for seal conformance over hem flanges and uneven sheet metal

  • Robust adhesion performance when exposed to various environmental conditions

  • A 25% to 30% adhesive wetout improvement over traditional 3M acrylic foam tapes used in sealing products

  • More adhesive contact with the vehicle

  • Meets/exceeds current OEM specifications

For more information, contact 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division, 3M Center, Bldg 223-1S-02, St Paul MN 55144-1000.

Electrastar regulates amount of trailer braking

Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction's Electrastar trailer-mounted brake actuator provides safe, smooth stopping for trailers equipped with electric brakes.

The Electrastar is a self-contained unit that is powered by a battery also mounted on the trailer. The Electrastar actuator uses a microprocessor and decelerometer to sense the amount of braking being generated by the towing vehicle. The unit then automatically adjusts its output so the amount of trailer braking is in direct proportion to the braking generated by the tow vehicle.

A battery charger built into the Electrastar draws power from the running light circuit on the tow vehicle ensuring that the trailer battery is always charged. Since this actuator mounts on the trailer, multiple tow vehicles can share a single actuator.

Electrastar actuators are designed for use in 12-volt systems on one-, two-, and three-axle trailers. For more information, contact Carlisle, 1031 E Hillside Dr, Bloomington IN 47401.

Castrol Elixion helps lower operating costs

Castrol Elixion 5W-30 is blended with synthetic-based oils and an additive package to improve fuel economy, reduce oil consumption, extend drain intervals, and lessen engine wear.

The company is introducing SynStat, a program administered by a team of independent fleet performance management specialists who will compare fuel usage data in vehicle's running with Elixion with those running on the fleet's usual oil.

Elixion also protects against wear, oxidation, soot, and piston deposits diesel engines produce. It carries the API CI-4 certification and can help maximize engine life. Elixion outperformed many CI-4 bench tests, including scoring 24% lower on crosshead wear and 20% lower on top ring wear than the test limits.

Castrol will provide its Labcheck fluid diagnostics monitoring service free for one year to let fleet managers gauge engine conditions while running with Elixion.

Elixion also offers extended drain capability up to 60,000 miles or more. For more information, phone 800-777-1466 or access the web site at

Pete has single-exhaust option for Cat engines

Peterbilt Motors Co now offers a single-exhaust configuration for its heavy-duty conventional vehicles powered by Caterpillar C10 and C12 engines, the company announced.

The new configuration — which reduces vehicle weight by 100 pounds versus a dual-exhaust configuration — features a single vertical muffler and exhaust stack mounted to the side of the cab, and a catalytic converter mounted under the cab.

“This new option is ideal for tanker and other weight-sensitive applications, as well as for heated dump applications in cold climates,” says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt assistant general manager. “Since the catalytic converter is under the cab, the exhaust gas can be easily routed to the dump body without violating air quality standards.”

The single-exhaust configuration is available for Peterbilt Models 379, 385, 378, and 357.

More capacity, versatility with V-300 Series

Thermo King Corp's new V-300 Series is designed for fresh, frozen, and deep-frozen applications on small trucks and vans.

Building on the modular platform of the V-200 series, the aerodynamic design of the V-300 series is the result of research and testing. The V-300 series offers increased capacity and versatility for larger direct-drive applications.

Features include Ultra Slim evaporators, expansion modules, and the speedy-clip system. Ultra Slim evaporators maximize load space and provide high airflow volume for temperature control. Expansion modules can add heating, bitemperature or multitemperature management. The speedy-clip system for hoses and connections makes installation faster and easier.

For complete details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

Consep helps keep fleets up and running

Haldex has launched a low-maintenance air pre-treatment condenser/separator designed for severe-service applications encountering extreme temperatures and humidity or requiring heavy loads and frequent stops. The Haldex Consep condenses, separates, and removes 90% of oils, liquids, and other contaminants from the vehicle's air brake system before the air reaches the air dryer.

When combined with Haldex DRYest or PURest air dryers, the Consep condenser/separator keeps fleets running trouble-free longer in spite of extreme temperatures and high humidity.

The circular path of the air through the Consep cools the air, causing oils, water, and contaminants to condense and separate from the air. Because of this process, the Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air system components caused by contamination. Meanwhile, when installed properly, it substantially increases air dryer desiccant life.

An integrated automatic drain valve purges contaminants periodically, while the built-in heater prevents freeze-up. Mounted between the air compressor and air dryer, the compact Consep requires no scheduled maintenance during its service life.

For more details, contact Haldex, 10707 NW Airworld Dr, Kansas City MO 64153-1215.

More versatility is ‘plus’ in Ultra Rod Plus

Hendrickson has come out with the Ultra Rod Plus torque rod replacement option for heavy-duty trucks and tractors.

The “plus” in Ultra Rod Plus represents added versatility. Empty end hubs allow the use of any cartridge configuration from existing Hendrickson torque rod cartridge inventory.

The Ultra Rod Plus 30" spacer end provides the capability to trim the torque rod length — just measure, cut, and weld. One-piece forging of both tube and spacer ends eliminates the standard end-hub assembly weld and provides greater structural integrity.

The addition of Ultra Rod Plus to Hendrickson's aftermarket line provides end users a choice between the original Hendrickson two-piece Ultra Rod assembly, which eliminates the bushing step, or the added versatility of Ultra Rod Plus.

In the stockroom. the two-piece Ultra Rod Plus requires only two part numbers eliminating multiple torque rod inventory and part numbers. Contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904 for further information.

Punch press enables use of Multi-Tool

Strippit/LVD introduces the Alpha CNC punch press, a single-station punching machine with productivity-enhancing features such as a Windows 2000 PC control and a CNC programmable indexing mechanism, which enables the use of an indexable Multi-Tool.

Alpha is a 30-ton machine capable of punching mild steel up to .312" (8 mm) at speeds of up to 400 hits per minute. It is equipped with a 40" × 50" (1000- × 1,250-mm) table and can handle sheets up to 40" × 98.3" (1000 × 2000 mm). The machine's open-throat design facilitates handling of large or oversize work pieces, which can be rotated 180°.

The machine's punching head uses standard, self-stripping, self-aligning thick-style tooling. Alpha can be equipped with a three- or eight-station indexable Multi-Tool. This allows the punch or the Multi-Tool index station to rotate bidirectionally, permitting tools to be positioned at any angle in 0.01° increments. Individual tools up to 3½" (88.9 mm) can be indexed.

Alpha has a steel fabricated, stress-relieved frame isolated from the floor using vibration-absorbing machine mounts. A stainless steel fabricated table supports movement of the workpiece assisted by a series of transfer balls combined with brushes, which allow processing of heavier materials. For punching thin material, an optional brush table is available. The X and Y movement of the work carriage is guided on precision linear slide ways powered through digital servo drives and driven by pre-loaded ball screws.

A regenerative hydraulic system with fully controlled ram provides 30 tons of punching force. Stroke length is programmable allowing for correct punch to die penetration settings and height adjustment for form tool applications. Temperature control of the hydraulic system is maintained with a recirculating heat exchanger.

For more information, contact Strippit, 12975 Clarence Center Rd, Akron NY 14001.

Ramsey adds HD234 worm gear winch

Ramsey Winch has added a new HD234 industrial hydraulic worm gear winch to its industrial product line. The HD234 has an 8,000-lb rated line pull (first layer) and a 34:1 gear reduction ratio. This gear reduction ratio with the double lead worm gear system generates a line speed of 44 feet per minute (top layer) at 15 gpm.

For more information, contact Ramsey, PO Box 581510, Tulsa OK 74158-1510.

For pick-up and delivery, these tires fill the bill

Goodyear has two new all-position tire lines that meet the demands of the Class 3-5 pick-up-and-delivery market. The G647 RSA/RSS and G614 RST tires provide high mileage, consistent tread wear, durability, and long casing life.

G647 RSA/RSS tires have an M+S rating (mud and snow) and provide superior wet traction through circumferential grooves and lateral blading. These tires also have an optimized tread radius to maximize tread life and reduce tread scrubbing. Both the RSS and RSA offer a special tire design and footprint shape that helps minimize shoulder wear conditions caused by tighter and more frequent turning in regional use.

Special compounds found in the G647 RSA/RSS extend tire life even longer by combating ozone exposure.

For more extreme P&D applications, the G647 RSS has an exclusive tread compound to handle high scrub applications. The G647 RSA comes in nine tire and load range combinations (for 16" to 19.5" wheels); the G647 RSS has five size and load combinations.

Goodyear's G614 RST tire was designed to handle the demands of trailer applications. With a stiff, solid shoulder and shallow tread, it works well when trailers are loaded to a higher capacity. It has a load range G rating that allows up to 3,750 pounds in a single application. This tire offers steel belt construction and rounded shoulder ribs.

For complete details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

RearSentry can accommodate Class 7-8

Rostra Precision Controls Inc is offering its RearSentry rear obstacle sensing system for Class 7 and 8 trucks.

The RearSentry system uses a microwave signal to detect obstacles up to 12 feet behind a vehicle. The driver is alerted to potential danger through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity and from an in-cab LED display that changes from green to yellow to red as objects draw closer.

Unlike other rear obstacle sensing devices that can be affected by weather or lighting conditions, the RearSentry continues to “see” obstacles in rain, sleet, snow, and darkness.

The system is compatible with conventional or cabover trucks and can be used with pup trailers from 32' to 38' to 53' trailers.

Designed for heavy-duty, low maintenance operation, the units are manufactured with heavy-duty die-cast metal plugs for multiple quick connects and disconnects. All RearSentry systems come with a standard three-year, unlimited mileage warranty policy. Leasing programs are also available.

For full information, contact Rostra, 2519 Dana Dr, Laurinburg NC 28352.

RBC provides Tyson tapered roller bearings

RBC Bearings is offering the Tyson tapered roller bearings brand formerly owned by SKF. These bearings have a logarithmic raceway profile that provides more uniform load carrying capabilities.

Enhanced performance is achieved in part through optimized roller flange contact and improved flange and roller end surfaces. The rollers, along with the inner and outer rings, are case-hardened. Other design improvements, including refined roller/raceway contact and surface finishes, enhance bearing operation.

However, the key to better performance is Tyson's design of the inner ring raceway. The special profile more evenly distributes light and heavy loads upon the total length of the race of the inner ring. Even under a heavy, misaligned load, Tyson's logarithmic design more evenly distributes stresses when compared with straight profile or circular crowning.

According to RBC, the Tyson bearings are manufactured under QS9000- and ISO 9001:2000-certified quality systems from a high grade of case-hardened bearing-quality steel. The complete roller bearing actually comprises two separate pieces, the cup and the cone. Tyson tapered roller bearing cups and cones can be purchased separately or as a set.

For more information, contact RBC, 60 Round Hill Rd, Fairfield CT 06824.

Intraax modified for autohaulers, drop-frames

Hendrickson has unveiled an integrated suspension system for autohaulers and drop-frame vans — the Intraax AANLS 20K.

Drawing on patented Intraax tapered-beam technology and design experience, Hendrickson developed a short-beam system in a capacity of 20,000 pounds that retains all Intraax durability and low-maintenance advantages.

AANLS 20K delivers an air-ride package that is more than 120 pounds per axle lighter than comparable suspensions.

While the lighter weight of the tapered-beam construction allows haulers to carry more cargo on each run, the AANLS delivers superior freight protection, performance, and durability.

Provided in ride heights from 6.25" to 12", the Intraax AANLS with its short-beam design provides a compact package for the tight confines of autohauler and drop-frame trailer designs. The system also offers a choice of 16.5" brakes or the smaller 15" brake configuration needed for 19.5" tires.

The AANLS provides all the features of the patented Intraax. These include the standard Cam Tube System that enhances S-cam alignment and extends brake bushing life and Hendrickson's neutral-toe axle that improves tire life and fuel mileage. For more details, contact Hendrickson, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2600.

Midsize crane body enhances IMT line

Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT) has unveiled the DSC20, a specially designed crane body rated for up to 20,000 ft-lb and engineered for small to midsize equipment maintenance and lifting applications. The DSC20 (DSC refers to “Diamond Series Crane” body) can use the IMT 2020 telescopic crane, a signature model in the IMT material-handling systems line.

The door/hinge system eliminates potential rust problems and prevents tampering; the rear bumper was integrated into the crane body, including an outrigger, for strength — with a rigid, not flexible, frame. A new floor structure and side packs were developed specifically for the new body. Special attention was paid to the crane compartment and weld joints. They have been strengthened to provide extra load-bearing ability for a body this size.

The hinge-and-door design is based on the principle of a flush-mounted door with hinges concealed behind the door panel. The outside of the door panel will fit flush to the body, with a uniform gap around the door. This gives the body the freedom to flex without binding the doors. The design allows the door to swing open 110°.

For complete details, contact IMT, 500 Hwy 18 West, PO Box 189, Garner IA 50438-0189.

Adhesive forms strong bond in three minutes

National Adhesives, a unit of National Starch and Chemical Co, provides Pur-Fect Lok 34-907A hot melt adhesive. This adhesive provides bonds so fast that when plywood panels are laminated with it, three minutes after passing the nip roller, the wood fiber tears while the adhesive bond remains unbroken. Achieving such strength with conventional adhesives requires five to seven minutes — twice the time of Pur-Fect Lok 34-907A. This translucent, 100%-solids, moisture-curing product can handle panel bonding and other applications.

This product contains an ultraviolet dye and clearly appears blue under an ultraviolet light source. This enables manufacturers to apply just enough adhesive to achieve needed bond strength.

RV and other manufacturers can apply this adhesive with a spray, roll coater, or slot coater adapted for reactive hot melts. The ideal material temperature ranges from 250° F to 275° F.

For more information, contact the National Adhesives Information Center, One Matrix Dr, Monroe Township NJ 08831.

Laser Punch integrates essential functions

Finn-Power International Inc's Laser Punch (L + P) combination represents a proven technology and integration of punching, forming, tapping, and laser cutting in a single unit for varied working operations.

For optimum use of the L + P, a fabricator can use the turret punch press where it is easier or faster and the laser where it is most effective. The L + P allows the user to look at parts, materials, intricacies, time, and overall costs of parts to determine the optimum process for every production.

Features of the L + P include: a F6 turret punch press with a 60" Y axis and 100" X axis; a 2.5-kw laser with a capacity of 8 mm (.314") stainless and cold rolled steel and 6 mm (.236") aluminum; an auto index system that precisely rotates the punch and die in their tool holders using a single AC servo-motor system; programmable clamp settings with a third clamp setting to eliminate dead zones and allow 100% use of the sheet; programmable hydraulics; and quick-change cutting head.

A key advantage of the L + P is that the integration of laser and punch is accomplished with the part piece flowing from punch to laser without release of the clamps.

The 20-station turret punch press offers a choice of more than 100 tools with use of Multi-Tool. Flexibility is enhanced by use of the laser, which in essence becomes a 21st station.

For additional information, contact Finn-Power 710 Remington Rd, Schaumburg IL 60173.

Truck tire employs high-tech concepts

Yokohama Tire Corp's RY567 regional-haul radial truck tire provides regional haulers with extended mileage, increased traction, improved durability, and enhanced retreadability. Two sizes (295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5) are available at commercial tire dealers nationwide.

The RY567 provides MSC (Maintenance Saving Concept) and STEM-2 (Strain Energy Minimization). MSC combines design elements to make up a system of performance characteristics that reduce tire maintenance costs and vehicle downtime. STEM-2 technology redirects normally destructive internal strain, reinforcing the casing to allow multiple retreads.

Key RY567 design features include its 22/32" tread, which delivers long tread life; stone rejection block, to reduce stone penetration damage; a stress wear control groove near the sidewall, to reduce shoulder step-down wear; and a staggered step-notch groove configuration for wet and dry traction.

Small sipes in the outer groove help prevent irregular wear, while an extra layer of rubber embedded high on the sidewall guards against curb damage and sidewall punctures from other hazards. The tire also uses a newly contoured bead design, allowing the tire to seat evenly against the rim.

The RY567 is supported by an extended warranty covering the product for five years through four retreads.

For complete details, contact Yokohama, 601 S Acacia Ave, Fullerton CA 92831.

DeWalt cordless circular saw cuts cleaner

DeWalt Industrial Tool Co's new cordless 18-volt DW934K-2 heavy-duty 6¾" metal cutting circular saw cuts 2"-inner-diameter conduit and pipe in one pass.

With a 2⅜" cutting capacity, the DW934K-2 is suitable for cutting threaded rod, Unistrut conduit, pipe, cable trays, angle iron, duct work, metal studs, and ornamental iron.

When cutting 2" black pipe, the DW934K-2 is 50% faster than a portable band saw. It also makes a cleaner cut compared with using an abrasive grinding wheel or a reciprocating saw.

The DW934K-2 uses allmetal upper and lower blade guards and a stainless steel shoe to withstand a typical industrial jobsite. This stainless steel shoe does not develop magnetic properties that attract metal shavings to the bottom of the shoe.

A special multi-coated Sight-Line window is built into the upper guard. This scratch-resistant window allows for a clean view of the blade and stays clear up to four times longer than plastic windows. DeWalt also uses a large Ultra Sight-Line scope built into the shoe to help users follow their cutting lines.

The DW934K-2 uses DeWalt's new 40-tooth DW7763 titanium carbide-tipped cordless metal cutting blade. The 6¾" blade has a thin kerf that requires less energy when cutting, maximizing the number of cuts per battery charge.

A modified alternate top grind tooth design provides a smooth, burr-free cut. The high-back shoulder on each tooth adds strength behind the tip. The DW7763 has a 20-mm arbor and a 3,500 maximum rpm.

For further details, contact DeWalt, 701 E Joppa Rd, Baltimore MD 21286.

Grease Caddy senses when to lubricate

UE Systems' Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy senses lubrication conditions in bearings. Users can tell when to lubricate, when not to lubricate, and when to stop lubricating.

Easily attached to most common grease guns, the portable Grease Caddy senses high-frequency emissions produced by bearings and translates them down into the audible range, where they are heard through headphones and seen as intensity increments on a meter. When applying lubrication, users can determine when a sufficient amount of lubricant has been applied, preventing overlubrication. Ultrasound is a short-wave “localized” signal that allows users to identify bearing lubrication condition with little to no interference from surrounding noises.

As lubrications levels fall, the Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy senses a rise in ultrasonic amplitude. Amplitude levels can be set to determine whether to lubricate or not.

For more details, contact UE Systems, 14 Hayes St, Elmsford NY 10523.

Spring brake actuators boost efficiency

The MGM Brakes LTR-L3 3" Long Stroke series spring brake actuators have a double-diaphragm design for an increased reserve stroke, helping to reduce out-of-adjustment citations and improve braking efficiency.

A new non-coil clashing power spring provides 100 lb/445N of additional parking force (at 1.25"/32 mm of stroke) over standard 30/30 brakes. The newly engineered “weatherseal” diaphragm is designed to cover breather holes during operation, effectively sealing out contaminants.

The integral release bolt is permanently installed and cannot get lost. Made entirely of aluminum, the brake's head is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The spring brake side of the LTR-L3 is backed by a full six-year warranty.

For further information, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.

Gen-Tech heightens air-ride performance

Tuthill Transport Technologies, manufacturer of Reyco-Granning suspensions, has introduced a new brand name and member to its air-ride suspension family: Gen-Tech integrated air-ride systems. Gen-Tech systems offer a lightweight air-ride suspension and axle with benefits such as a 10-year limited warranty on the axle connection, factory installation in a quality-controlled ISO 9001-certified environment, and industry-standard components.

These systems are provided in 20,000- and 40,000-lb capacities. Various ride heights, hanger and frame options, slider subframes, tapered or parallel spindles, and the choice of straight tube or inverted drop-center axles are available.

The axle connection has undergone testing to ensure that its welding design, both inside and outside the trailing beam, will exceed most performance expectations of both manufacturers and fleets.

For more information, contact Tuthill, 2715 N Airport Commerce, Springfield MO 65803.

Self-closing slide handles harsh conditions

Accuride has added the 3832 heavy-duty self-closing slide to its 3800 family of slides. Featuring a stronger pull force, the 3832 HDSC is designed for mobile applications subjected to harsh load conditions such as vibration or impact. This new heavy-duty model retains all the features of the 3832 self-closing slide: 100-lb load rating, .50" side space, and signature-smooth movement.

The self-closing action has nearly twice the pull force of the 3832SC and begins within 1½" to 2" of the drawer's closed position. Spring tensioning secures drawers into a flush-closed position, eliminating bounce-back while keeping drawer fronts square and neatly aligned. The 3832 HDSC is available in even lengths 12" to 26" in a clear zinc finish.

Contact Accuride, 12311 Shoemaker Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 for further details.

Lifter lets one person handle awkward loads

Anver Corp has debuted an ergonomic vacuum hoist lifting system that lets one person easily handle awkward and bulky loads without bending, reaching, and stretching.

The Anver VB vacuum hoist lifter has a lightweight vacuum head equipped with a vacuum gauge, quick-release, check valve, and fingertip controls right on the handlebar that are integrated with the hoist. This lifter is powered by a remote vacuum station and has a frame with two adjustable vacuum pads.

Available with an extruded aluminum or steel frame, depending upon capacity, the Anver VB can be supplied with a variety of interchangeable vacuum pad attachments. Providing capacities up to 2,000 pounds, these lifters can incorporate one or more pads and various frame structures to accommodate a range of load requirements.

For more information, contact Anver, 36 Parmenter Rd, Hudson MA 01749.

Bedmats provide sturdy, handsome finish

Protecta Heavy Weight bedmats have the thickness to offer superior protection against dents and scratches. The new pebble finish helps prevent cargo shifting and looks attractive.

Made of Nyracord, an almost indestructible blend of rubber and strong synthetic fibers, Koneta's Heavy Weight bedmats not only help prevent cargo from shifting, but the raised ribs also make loading and unloading easier. The bedmats also have a knobby underside for air circulation, thus helping to prevent rust. Custom-fit sizes are available for all popular pickup truck models.

For more information, contact Koneta/LRV, PO Box 150, Wapakoneta OH 45895-0150.

Acrylic Plus tape outperforms predecessors

3M Automotive Division's new Acrylic Plus PT 1100 tape is a 45-mil-thick, black acrylic foam tape bonding system for vehicle accessories and trim.

This tape outperforms the 3M Acrylic foam tapes it replaces. It has a black foam core for improved bond line aesthetics and an original equipment appearance. The tape's low elongation property means parts are held closer to the vehicle, eliminating part gapping and flare-out and resulting in a sleeker, tighter bond. Stress relaxation properties of 3M Acrylic foam tape are included in Acrylic Plus tape. A new, aggressive adhesive system delivers higher initial adhesion of parts and a three-times-faster rate of adhesion build.

Contact 3M Automotive Division, 3M Center, Bldg 223-1S-02, St Paul MN 55144-1000 for further information.

Adhesives offer immediate handling strength

New polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives formulated for the RV and related industries provide immediate handling strength, fast setting speed, and good deflection resistance.

Test results in customer operations show that use of Pur-Fect Lok 34-9014 and 34-9023 adhesives result in trouble-free application. These 100% solids, moisture-curing adhesives run cleanly at 250° F. Pur-Fect Lok 34-9023 provides the same performance as 34-9014 but includes an ultraviolet dye, making this product appear blue under UV light.

These products are suitable for RV panel bonding, assembly bonding, and vinyl laminating involving substrates such as wood, foamed plastics, and high-pressure laminate. Roll coating is the preferred application method to ensure full substrate coverage, but these specialty adhesives also may be sprayed or slot-applied. For assembly bonding, these adhesives may be applied as a globule or in a bead 1/8" or more in diameter. Parts may be joined via nip rolls, pneumatic clamps, or a cold press. A handling bond is attained as soon as adhesives cool.

For panel bonding, these adhesives are applied at approximately 8 to 10 grams per square foot. Nip rolling or pressing for five seconds in a cold press provides enough compression to bond substrates together adequately.

A handling bond develops immediately after nipping or pressing. Full cure takes place after three to seven days.

For more details, contact National Adhesives Information Center, One Matrix Dr, Monroe Township NJ 08831.

Webb, Lynnfin create self-cleaning brake drum

Webb Wheel Products Inc has teamed up with Lynnfin Truck Technologies Inc to create a self-cleaning brake system. Webb has developed a new series of brake drum called the Webb BTS (BrakeTurbines System) brake drums, which are engineered for use with Lynnfin's BrakeTurbines.

Lynnfin manufactures BrakeTurbines, which decrease the surface temperature of the brake friction material up to 30%. This decrease, when combined with the expulsion of gases from the drum chamber, is enough to increase brake torque by up to 18%.

The BTS brake drum is engineered to maximize performance of BrakeTurbines. The drum is contoured to accommodate BrakeTurbines, which causes a cooling, cleaning stream of air between drum and friction material. Hot air and brake dust are blown from the drum, creating a cooler, cleaner braking system.

Webb developed the brake drum with many cooling features to maximize performance. Multiple ribs create more surface area for improved heat dissipation, while special vents in the brake drum allow heat to escape. BrakeTurbines are positioned behind these vents to keep materials out and blow out hot air, brake dust, and other debris.

Contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055 for further information.

Elite wheel-end assembly cuts maintenance

East Manufacturing's Elite wheel-end assembly eliminates the usual “while-we're-at-it” practice of replacing the seals whenever a brake job is performed on trailers. Maintenance savings are estimated at $1,200 over five-year life of the special limited warranty.

This assembly is now standard equipment at no extra cost on all East aluminum dump, refuse/transfer, and platform trailers.

The only regular maintenance required is a visual inspection of the Elite assemblies for traces of leaking oil. If any problem occurs, the first owner is covered by a special limited warranty good for five years or 350,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Elite employs a hub machined to the precise dimensions of the Timken bearings it will house. Seals are Scotseal Plus XL by Chicago Rawhide.

The hub nut on the East Elite wheel assembly locks securely and allows only 0.003" of end play, a 40% improvement over current industry standards. The locking feature means that the nut cannot back off over time.

Elite is filled with synthetic oil, which resists the high-temperature breakdown characteristic of refined oils.

For more information, contact Charlie Wells, 1871 State Route 44, PO Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

Yokohama tire designed for the long haul

Yokohama Tire Corp's newest long-haul trailer commercial truck tire, the RY587 MSC, is designed to meet the increased maintenance demands of long-haul commercial truck drivers. Based on the design of the RY637 steer axle tire, the new tire is designed for on-highway trailer use.

The RY587 MSC reduces both suspension component wear and irregular tire wear, using technology developed on steer axle tires. This tire also uses the firm's Stress-wear Control Groove (SCG), which reduces tire and suspension component wear by minimizing pressure at the edge of the tread. Reduced pressure results in reduced free-rolling wear and longer, even wear over the life of the tire. Stone ejector ribs prevent stones from reaching the bottom of the groove where premature casing damage can start.

Yokohama also designed a Belt Edge Cushion and Edge Cover Sheet that bond together and allow steel belt flexibility. Additional flexibility reduces strain and increases casing life.

Finally, Yokohama incorporated a fuel-efficient rubber compound into the design of the RY587 MSC. The compound, forged with curing technology, lowers average cost per mile of the commercial trucker by providing long wear and reducing rolling resistance — without sacrificing grip.

Casing design is based on a computer-generated casing profile to maximize overall tire life by reducing heat and internal tire stress. Additionally, the RY587 MSC is designed using existing Strain Energy Minimization (STEM) technology.

The tire design also enhances wet traction. A five-rib tread design allows for effective water evacuation from under the tread, reducing hydroplaning. Extra-deep sipes maintain sharp edge effect, boosting wet grip until the late stages of wear.

For full details, contact Yokohama, 601 S Acacia Ave, Fullerton CA 92831.

Ridewell drive axle air-ride unit can defeat bad roads

Ridewell Corp presents Model RAD-241H, a lightweight drive axle air-ride suspension for light truck, transit, paratransit, and shuttle use. The low-maintenance unit was designed for maximum-load vehicles operating in high-traffic metropolitan areas in China. It is now offered to the North American market.

Model RAD-241H is equipped with oversize bushings for ride stability and long-term durability on bad roads. Load distribution is 70% supported on the air springs, 30% on the main pivot bushing. The unit's a “three-link” parallelogram trailing arm design with hinged axle seat provides constant pinion angle.

Standard features include ±3/8" axle alignment at the beam and ±3/4" at the spindle, adjustable upper torque rod for setting pinion angle, easily serviceable bolt-on axle mounting, rubber and urethane bushings, heavy duty shock absorbers, and variable mounting heights.

Model RAS-238, a companion air suspension for steer axles, is available with 6,600- to 10,000-lb capacity. For more information contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

Tarp arm is unbreakable

Mountain Tarp Inc has unveiled the StrongArm unbreakable tarp arm. Designed for use in a range of containment applications, this product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Constructed of 2"-thick extruded aluminum, StrongArm features a single-piece design with no elbow joints or telescoping parts. Virtually maintenance-free, the entire StrongArm system requires only periodic applications of penetrating fluid to keep its springs and bearings in good working order.

StrongArm has a 1/4" sidewall and a 1/2" base along the top and bottom edge. The arm is available in both manual and electric versions for use on end-dump trailers up to 38 feet long. For more details, contact Mountain Tarp, 500 S 30th St, Middlesboro KY 40965.

Eternabond stops leaks instantly, permanently

D&W Inc's Eternabond is a high-tech tape sealant that instantly and permanently prevents leaks by sealing all types of recreational vehicles, manufactured housing, marine, automotive, and similar products.

This product does not ooze, crack, or harden and never loses its adhesive qualities. Eternabond can be installed in temperatures from -20° to +150° F and will remain flexible to -70° F. The stretching factor of Eternabond is 700%, yet it will not sag in temperatures of more than 200° F.

Because the adhesive remains sticky and pliable indefinitely, it maintains a permanent seal on joints, surfaces that flex, and between parts that have a small amount of movement relative to each other. Eternabond will stick to all solid surfaces, even slippery materials like polyethylene and TPO roofing.

Eternabond instantly adheres to metal, rubber, fiberglass, or plastic and is non-reactive so it won't harm rubber or other substrates. It has no VOCs and emits no harmful solvents. The adhesive is harmless to human skin and will not react with the plastic in skylights.

This sealant is guaranteed not to peel, crack, or shrink for 10 years. Contact D&W Inc, 941 Oak St, Elkhart IN for further details.

GateSaver kit empowers dump body tailgates

Crysteel Manufacturing Inc's new GateSaver is designed to change a standard dump body tailgate into a power tailgate. This retrofit hydraulic tailgate kit boosts a truck's operating versatility without having to replace the entire body. It increases the tailgate opening 15" higher than the tailgate itself.

Provided with an electric motor and hydraulic pump, the GateSaver doesn't require a PTO. The patent-pending Gate Saver is pre-assembled for simple installation and will adapt to most manufacturers' dump body tailgates. For more details, contact Crysteel, 52182 Ember Rd, Lake Crystal MN 56055.

Replacement fuel tanks boost pickup fuel capacity

Increase the fuel capacity and driving range on a newer GM pickup with a larger replacement fuel tank. Transfer Flow Inc, a manufacturer of aftermarket fuel tank systems, has introduced larger replacement fuel tanks for 2001-03 GM 2500 and 3500 HD series pickups with six- and eight-foot beds.

A 45-gallon replacement fuel tank is offered for six-foot bed pickups with an extended cab, while a 56-gallon fuel tank is provided for pickups with eight-foot beds. They are available for diesel and gas pickups. These larger replacement fuel tanks are not provided for GM 1500 series pickups due to low clearance.

Fuel systems come with all parts for installation, including straps and mounting hardware. The stock in-tank sending unit is reused in the Transfer Flow replacement fuel tank. Fuel tanks are made from a combination of 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel. Each fuel tank is baffled to reduce fuel sloshing, and is powdercoated black.

Contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico CA 95973 for further information.

Eaton Fuller Lightning adds flash to Kenworths

Kenworth Truck Co offers the Eaton Fuller Lightning 10-speed manual transmission for its T600, T800, W900, T2000, and C500 models.

The Lightning transmission, rated at 1,550 and 1,650 ft-lb of torque, is lighter than Eaton Fuller's previous Super-10 transmission and has fewer parts. The transmission has an aluminum clutch housing, electric splitter button control knob, and selectable Top-2 automated shifting between the top two gears.

This 10-speed transmission can be specified with Caterpillar C-10, C-12, and C-15 and the Cummins ISX (rated at 500 horsepower or less). The transmission is approved for gross vehicle weight up to 80,000 pounds.

For more details, contact Kenworth, PO Box 1000, Kirkland WA 98083-1000.

System tarps loads; no climbing necessary

Carbis' Powered Tarping Systems provide a safe way to tarp loads without having to climb on the back of trailers or on top of loads. The operator simply connects a tarp to the spreader bar and guides the tarp along the length of the trailer via hand-held pendant control and powered winch system. Tarping systems can be customized to fit a specific application and are available in a variety of materials of construction. Optional platform and stairs are available to provide safe access to side of trailers. For more information, contact Carbis, PO Box 6229, Florence SC 29502-6229.

Vibration test data accessible with MicroVibe

The MicroVibe, a portable vibration test and measurement instrument from SKF Reliability Systems, makes analysis of rotating equipment available to virtually any technician in any commercial or industrial setting.

Compact and lightweight, the MicroVibe is made for use with a personal digital assistant (PDA). With features including user-selectable measurement units (English or metric), the instrument offers vibration, time-waveform, and FFT spectrum plots. It also provides technicians with judgment criteria based on ISO standards, enabling an immediate assessment of a machine's condition.

MicroVibe is a card-type vibration meter made to fit the Springboard expansion slot of a Handspring Visor handheld. It accepts a variety of sensors, including accelerometers and electrodynamic velocity pickups. With the MicroVibe, a fully functional PDA can be used for other applications. For example, a user may “hot sync” the Handspring Visor to a desktop computer, then, using available data extract software, save collected vibration data to Microsoft Excel for documenting and review.

For full details, contact SKF USA Inc, 1510 Gehman Rd, Kulpsville PA 19443.

Lots of trailer accessories, all in one place

New trailer accessories provided by Del City include a five-way flat molded connector. It is equipped with an auxiliary wire for electric brakes, backup lights, or other lighting applications and is interchangeable with other brands.

A seven-way RV-to-five-way flat trailer connector adapter also has been added. This one-piece adapter converts a popular style of trailer connectors to a standard molded connector. It is suitable for light-duty trailer use.

Del City also carries a new trailer lighting kit. Contained in the kit are standard combination and clearance marker lamps, a license plate mounting bracket, trailer harness, and wiring hardware.

To protect loads from shifting, the company offers tiedowns. Several easy-to-use styles come in a variety of lengths and working strengths.

Contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209 for further information.