Product Focus: Adhesives/Sealants

April 1, 2007
Arnco introduces Intellethane spray elastomers The Performance Polymers Group of Arnco has introduced three spray elastomer systems under the trade name

Arnco introduces Intellethane spray elastomers

The Performance Polymers Group of Arnco has introduced three spray elastomer systems under the trade name Intellethane that can be sprayed through conventional equipment and feature durability, toughness, and abrasion resistance as well as easy processing and affordability.

The new systems include Intellathane 500 LP, 100 percent polyurethane for low-pressure spray coatings; Intellathane 520 HP, urethane/urea hybrid for high-pressure equipment; and Intellathane 530 HP, 100 percent polyurea for more demanding applications. Advantages they provide include:

  • Less moisture sensitivity and better coatings in high humidity, better protection against pinholding, orange peel, and delamination.

  • Outstanding color retention — System protectants have passed the Automotive 2000 Hour Xenon Arc test and have been documented to retain original color without chalking or fading up to three times longer.

  • Superior physical properties — Engineered with superior tensile, tear, and adhesion properties, and also offer anti-slip capabilities when needed.

  • Proven in variety of end uses — Versions of these products have performed successfully for more than 10 years in a broad range of applications.

According to Intellathane sales manager Michael Noye, these systems are designed to provide protection and to extend the life of steel, wood, concrete, fiberglass, and other substrates. “They offer the ultimate safeguard against chemicals, UV, corrosion, physical wear, and weathering,” he said, “and are also environmentally friendly in that they are 100 percent solids, with no solvents or VOCs. All three systems are tack-free in seconds for fast installation and minimal downtime.”

Intellethane spray systems are suited for everything from truckbed liners to secondary containment systems. They have been used for mining chutes and conveyers, dumpsters, horse trailers, parking decks, pipe coatings, boat decks, refuse trucks, military vehicles, floor coatings, and maintenance coatings. E-mail [email protected] for more information.

To ‘torque and go,’ have the Right Stuff

Mechanics continue to discover the benefits of the Right Stuff by Permatex, a supplier of products that meet the needs of professional vehicle technicians and do-it-yourselfers.

The Right Stuff is an elastromeric instant rubber gasket maker that fits many applications easily and quickly. Permatex says instant, form-in-place gaskets such as the Right Stuff are more reliable than cut gaskets made of cork, paper, or felt, particularly in areas where flanges, pans, and covers are repeatedly moved and adjusted. Such areas are subject to leakage and performance impairment if not properly sealed.

“The Right Stuff is a ‘torque-and-go’ product which will fit every application perfectly every time,” said Mitch Bolinsky, senior product manager at Permatex.

E-mail Tony Battaglia at [email protected] for complete details.

Structural adhesive effectively bonds metal

New Plexus MA820 methacrylate metal bonding adhesive provides a combination of high strength, fatigue endurance, impact resistance, and toughness on metals and other substrates including stainless steel, aluminum, thermoplastics, and composites.

Plexus MA820 is a two-part adhesive that requires no primers and little or no surface preparation on most substrates. A non-sagging gel with excellent tolerance to off-ratio mixing, it has a working time of four to six minutes, achieves 75% of ultimate strength in 30-35 minutes, and cures with no surface tack. MA820 is supplied in ready to use cartridges, pails, and drums, and can be applied in bulk using Plexus FusionMate dispensing equipment.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Advanced airflow technology in spray guns

DUX Inc has three new spray guns that reduce the amount of overspray and booth fog created by typical spray guns.

The three coatings products are:

  • DUX Pressure Feed — Typically used in industrial environments where large quantities of coatings are sprayed throughout the day, this product receives both atomizing air and fluid through the base of the gun for better balance and ease of use.

  • DUX Gravity Feed — Used when smaller quantities of coating or more frequent material changes are required, this version of the DUX spray gun is designed with a center-mounted fluid cup and a shorter barrel. This also allows it to fit into tight spaces while maintaining a balanced and lightweight feel for the operator.

  • DUX Automatic — Used with robotic applicators or reciprocators, this version is mounted directly to automated spray equipment. Its compact design results in a nearly 25% reduction in weight.

E-mail Matt Carlson at [email protected] for more details.

SB-1 Powerseal bonds various substrates

Surebond Inc introduces its new SB-1 Powerseal urethane sealant. SB-1 Powerseal is a heavy-duty, economical, low-VOC assembly adhesive that is suitable for sealing panels, side walls, flashings, and other applications by creating a durable bond to a variety of substrates.

E-mail Zach Fatla at [email protected] for more information.

Geobond MAXX provides variety

Geocel announces the release of Geobond MAXX, an adhesive/sealant for sealing and bonding vehicle bodies, composite panels, and roofing components including roof skin to roof bows in aluminum or Kemlite. Suitable for exposed body seams and waterproofing tack-welded seams in trucks/trailers, Geobond MAXX can replace all sealant products and provides a warranty-free manufactured body.

Geocel also has released Geobond MAXX SUPRA, a specifically formulated adhesive/sealant for very high initial bond strength and grab on various complex substrates. It is for high-strength bonding of aluminum, steel, painted metals, fiberglass structures, and panels, including Kemlite roof and wall sheets, composite panels, and many plastics used in vehicle body manufacturing. This adhesive can be used for bonding of floors to subfloor or metal frames.

Both products contain no added solvents, are UV-resistant, HAPS-free, and have primerless adhesion.

E-mail John Bencsics at [email protected] for more details.

3M adhesives come in portable cylinders

The new line of 3M adhesives in self-pressurized cylinders ensure optimal use of contents with no waste in setup or cleanup. Portable cylinders offer increased productivity and fast application without the expensive capital equipment and maintenance of spray equipment and compressors.

This line includes nine Scotch-Weld Adhesives with formulations to meet a variety of regulations and a choice of properties to optimize production efficiency and end-use reliability:

  • High solids for high coverage that puts more usable adhesive to work.

  • Fast tacking for immediate handling.

  • High strength for long-term peace of mind.

  • High temperature-resistant bond for more demanding applications and continued durability during end-product warehousing and shipping.

These adhesives bond a variety of substrates: high-pressure laminates, foam to foam, carpet to fiberglass, and rubber to metal. For more information, access