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Resource Manager 2001 Simplifies Scheduling

Dec. 1, 2000
User Solutions Inc is offering Resource Manager version 2001, designed as an add-on to the Excel spreadsheet.Resource Manager 2001 allows critical resources

User Solutions Inc is offering Resource Manager version 2001, designed as an add-on to the Excel spreadsheet.

Resource Manager 2001 allows critical resources such as manpower, materials, and work centers to be managed in near real-time. End users can use their familiar desktop tools to assist them in delivering products and services on-time, reducing cycle times and inventory shortages, planning labor and work center requirements, and tracking schedules.

Resource Manager 2001's new APS Module features detailed work center calendars that can be adjusted at any time. Labor fluctuations, work center downtime, and unexpected material shortages can be immediately accounted for, allowing the user to regenerate a schedule with new priorities - on demand.

A secondary constraint has also been added that permits finite capacity scheduling, in either forward or reverse mode, subject to both machine and labor constraints. In addition, a flow manufacturing option has been added, allowing for variable transfer sizes for work center processing. New reports - which can be generated, sent, and received via e-mail, Palm-Pilots, and over networks - are ideal for communicating portions of the master schedule, as well as receiving feedback directly to the main program.

Resource Manager 2001 offers a new Data Integration Wizard to assist clients with reading in bills-of-materials, routings, orders, and inventory levels from various ERP Systems including MAPICS, JD Edwards, SAP, and Macola.

For full information, contact User Solutions, 11009 Tillson Dr, South Lyon MI 48178.

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