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New options, features for Ford

Nov. 1, 2011
FORD announced a number of mid-year actions for the 2011 MY E-Series, F-650/F-750, and F-59, and new options and features for the 2012 MY E-Series, Transit
Ford displayed several trucks powered by alternative fuels, including this electric Transit Connect converted by Azure Dynamics.

FORD announced a number of mid-year actions for the 2011 MY E-Series, F-650/F-750, and F-59, and new options and features for the 2012 MY E-Series, Transit Connect, Super Duty, F-650, and F-59 stripped chassis.

Among the changes for Ford:

2011 E-Series mid-year actions:

  • Rear auxiliary heater/AC will be available on RV vans as a regular production option.

  • 5.4L gas engine ambulance prep package will be offered for Gulf Coast vans only.

  • Wheel lug wrench will be deleted on cutaways and stripped chassis with spare tire delete only.

  • Four key option (versus two) on cutaways, vans, and wagons.

  • Extra fuel/vapor line clamps deleted from incomplete fuel kit.

  • Re-use existing clamps (Q-205).

  • New aluminum wheel appearance/design (the differentiator is beveled openings).

2012 model year E-Series new options and features:

  • E-350 SRW school bus prep package available at 10,050 lbs GVWR and 138" wheelbase (6084 lbs rear GAWR).

  • Multi-function school activity bus prepackage on E-350 SRW/DRW and E-450 DRW cutaways (sales code 47J).

  • Dual-battery option replaces existing auxiliary battery option (all models).

  • Added B-pillar trim option (A1HAB) in Flint only, on cutaways.

  • Seat material change to the front driver's side and passenger side seats and rear passenger seats, with the area noted “Calvin” replaced with “Quantum.”

2012 model year Transit Connect new options and features:

  • AdvanceTrac with RSC now standard on all models.

  • New slide-on rod sun-visor provides additional sun block.

  • Fuel economy is now 21/27 mpg with 23 mpg average on vans and 22/27 mpg on wagons and taxis.

2012 Super Duty new options and features:

  • On the interior: new steering wheel with three-button message center; new four-way adjustable headrest options (trim level dependent); new SYNC functionality, powered by Microsoft; new second-row dome lamp on Super Cab (mid-year action); and underhood lamp replaced with LED (mid-year action).

  • On the exterior: new expanded usage of mud flaps on the F-350 chassis cabs.

  • Powertrain: new 6.2L gaseous fuel engine prep package (includes hardened valves); bi-fuel capable; and now both gas engines have an optional gaseous fuel prep package.

  • Chassis: new F-350 SRW chassis cab GVWR 10,200/11,500 lbs standard (9800/10,000 lbs payload downgrade options available); new F-350 SRW pickup 4x4 137" wheelbase 6.2L gas engine and 18" wheels/tires has 11,100 lbs GVWR standard with camper or snowplow prep package (same configuration without equals 11,300 lbs GVWR); new F-250 pickups have optional fixed 9900 lbs GVWR payload downgrade package 6.2L/6.7L engines; new fleet delete option on TPMS on F-350 SRW over 10,000 lbs GVWR; heavy service package for pickup box delete (63R) was F-250 only (heavy service front springs, rear stabilizer bar/ auxiliary springs).

2011 model year F-650/F-750 mid-year actions:

  • Fuel tank: New aluminum fuel-tank offerings.

  • Transmission: new Allison 6-speed transmission on 2000 Series (up to 660 ft-lbs of torque).

  • Mirrors: new sail-mounted exterior side-view mirror in 96" and 102" wide.

  • Vehicle: F-650 low profile and dock height GVWRs up to 30,000/33,000 GCWR (gas engine only).

  • Exhaust: new diesel engine side outlet — wheelbase dependent.

  • Chassis: new dual side outlet offering — wheelbase dependent.

2012 model year F-650:

  • Engine: new 6.8L 3V (362 hp/457 ft-lbs of torque), F-650 only (late availability). Also available in an optional 6.8L 3V gaseous fuel prep package.

  • Transmission: 6-speed 6R140 transmission (with and without optional stationary PTO prep package).

  • Mounting: engine and transmission mounting system.

  • Wheelbase: offerings from 158" to 281".

  • Cooling: radiator module with OEM fan/clutch and new shroud.

  • Controls: single powertrain control module for engine and transmission.

  • Fuel tanks: outside-the-rail tanks (40 and 60 gallons under cab LHS).

  • Exhaust: utilizing Ford-supplied exhaust compatible with 6.8L.

  • Emissions: dyno cert emissions.

  • Coolant: new OAT engine coolant (Ford spec WSS-M97B44-D). Important: do not mix coolants.

2011 model year F-59 mid-year actions:

  • New climate-control condenser: multi-flow unit 1.75 lbs of Freon, as opposed to 2.75. Carryover evaporative canister and compressor with slight change to the lines (same efficiency).

  • New 6.8L 3V gaseous fuel prep package.

2012 model year F-59 stripped chassis:

  • New three-channel ABS module available on 16,000-19,000 GVWR.

  • Active front-wheel speed sensors; the rear-wheel sensor comes from the transmission via the output shaft sensors.

  • Trailer brake controller wire takeout location was changed to the left-hand side of the steering column support to improve customer access and service to the connector. The end-of-frame trailer wiring harness is a carryover and is not affected (Q-206).

New B-pillar trim kit will be available for the E-Series cutaway. Ford cautions upfitters to keep the seatbelt retractor free of debris and contact during upfitting.

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