Knapheide Honors Top Distributors

April 1, 2001
KNAPHEIDE Mfg held its annual dinner and entertainment event for its distributors during the NTEA convention in Baltimore. The event was held at the popular

KNAPHEIDE Mfg held its annual dinner and entertainment event for its distributors during the NTEA convention in Baltimore. The event was held at the popular Bohager's, a renovated warehouse in Baltimore's prime entertainment district.

The evening featured a performance by singer Lee Greenwood and recognition of the company's top distributors — those companies that sold at least 152 Knapheide service bodies and other products during 2000. The 152 matches the number of years that the Quincy, Illinois, truck body manufacturer has been in business. The company was started in 1848.

Knapheide welcomed ten distributors into its 1848 Club. Joining the 1848 Club for the first time were Coastal Trailer, Savannah GA; Commercial Truck and Van Equipment, Norcross GA; Cross Truck Equipment, Canton OH; Fleet Body Equipment, Kansas City MO; Miller Truck Equipment, Evansville IN; Owens Truck Equipment, Corbin KY; Structural Metal Fabricators, Northampton PA; T/S Truck Body and Equipment, Arcata CA; Truk'Quip, Tulsa OK; and Unicell Body, Rochester NY.

Second-time winners were AG Van & Truck Equipment, Dallas TX; Auto Safety House, Phoenix AZ; Bob's Services, Anchorage AK; Dealers Truck Equipment, Little Rock AR; Dealers Truck Equipment, Buda TX; Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment, Smithfield RI; Fort Wayne Fleet Equipment, Roanoke IN, Precision Truck Body Equipment, Candia NH; Regional Truck Equipment, Addison IL; Truck Equipment, Des Moines IA; and Utility Sales and Service, Appleton WI.

Third-time winners were Hi-Tech Truck Rigging and Equipment, Houston TX; Pacific Utility Equipment, Sparks NV; Seely Equipment and Supply, Farmington NJ; and Stiles Truck Body & Equipment, Turlock CA.

Four-time winners were Cherokee Truck Equipment, Chattanooga TN; Fountain Truck Equipment, Ft Lauderdale FL; General Truck Body, Houston TX; J & J Truck Equipment, Somerset PA; Jim Hardee Equipment, Lakeland FL; Kalida Truck Equipment, Kalida OH; and Wilbar Truck Equipment, Springfield VA.

Five-time winners were Aerial Truck Equipment, Olive Branch MS; Allied Truck Equipment, Grand Rapids MI; Carter Industries, Union City CA; Fountain Truck Equipment, Indianapolis IN; Midwest Truck Equipment, Wichita KS; and New Harrisburg Truck Body, Mechanicsburg PA.

Six-time winners were Clark Truck Equipment, Albuquerque NM; Dixie Trailer Equipment Manufacturing, Ashland VA; Dixie Upfittings, Fayetteville NC; Knapheide Truck Equipment Center, St Louis MO; Park-Built Body, Sylvester GA; Simpson Equipment, Wilson NC; and Wilbar Truck Equipment, Portsmouth VA.

Seven-time winners were Fontaine Truck Equipment, Louisville KY; Lodi Equipment, West Sacramento CA; Manning Equipment, Louisville KY; and Moxley's Truck Equipment, Street MD.

Eight-time winners were Fontaine Truck Equipment, Charlotte NC; JC Madigan, Harvard MA; Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment, Cincinnati OH; Keystone Truck Equipment, New Britain PA; and Madison Truck Equipment, Madison WI.

Nine-time winners were Baker Truck Equipment, Hurricane WV; Bennett Truck Equipment, Orlando FL; Lee Transport Equipment, Columbia SC; Stewart's Truck Equipment, Hopkinsville KY; and Truck Utilities & Manufacturing, St Paul MN.

Ten-time winners were Fontaine Truck Equipment, Nashville TN; H & K Truck Equipment, Salt Lake City UT; LCL Truck Equipment, Hastings NE; and Truck Body, Lynchburg VA.

Eleven-time winners were Frontier Truck Equipment & Parts, Commerce City CO; and Perfection Truck Parts and Equipment, Oklahoma City OK.

Twelve-time winners were Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment, Kings Park NY; Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment, New Carlisle OH; Shade Equipment, Winchester VA; Truck Equipment Sales, Mobile AL; and WA Messer, Westbrook ME.

Thirteen-time winners were Brake & Equipment, Milwaukee WI; Drake-Scruggs Equipment, Springfield IL; and Nelson Truck Equipment, Kent WA.

Fourteen-time winners were Fontaine Truck Equipment, Birmingham AL; Fontaine Truck Equipment, Forest Park GA; Layton Truck Equipment, Colorado Springs CO; and Zoresco Equipment, Pittsburgh PA.

Fifteen-time winners were General Truck Equipment and Trailer Sales, Jacksonville FL; and RA Adams Enterprises, McHenry IL.

Sixteen-time winners were Knapheide Truck Equipment, Flint MI; and Western Truck Equipment, Phoenix AZ.

Seventeen-time winners were Critzer Equipment, Spokane WA; Knapheide Truck Equipment Center, Jefferson City MO; Knapheide Truck Equipment Center, Kansas City MO; and the Knapheide Truck Equipment Center, Quincy IL.