TTMA upbeat at 62nd convention

June 1, 2004
THE Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association had 61 conventions under its belt, but Number 62 had a new look and a new feel. There is nothing quite like

THE Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association had 61 conventions under its belt, but Number 62 had a new look and a new feel.

There is nothing quite like the enthusiasm that comes from having weathered tough economic times and experiencing a faster pulse from the market. Those attending the 62nd Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association convention affirmed the feeling that good times are here, and better times are coming. They heard it from the speaker's podium and from one another.

Speaker Ken Vieth with ACT Research delivered this year's trailer forecast, pointing to continued strong demand for truck trailers through 2008. Details on his forecast can be found elsewhere in this issue.

The 2004 TTMA convention was held April 14-18 at Marriott's Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Taking the position of chairman of TTMA for 2004-2005 is Charles Dutil, president of Manac. Shortly after the convention, The Canam Manac Group announced that the Solidarity Fund QFL, the Bourgie family and the investment group Partenaires de Montréal managed by Mr. Pierre Bourgie and Charles Dutil would purchase Manac in May. The equipment, land, and the building of the Orangeville, Ontario, plant were not included.

Manac has a presence on both sides of the border. In addition to its headquarters in Quebec, the company has manufacturing facilities in Oran, Missouri.

Dutil assumes the chairmanship from Jerry Thomsen, Trail King Industries. Joining Dutil in leadership positions for 2004-2005 will be:

TTMA Officers and Directors

Chairman of the Board
Charles Dutil
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Vice-chairman of the Board
Menno Eby
M H Eby Inc
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania

Don Wahlin
Stoughton Trailers Inc
Stoughton, Wisconsin

Chairman, Policy Committee
Brian Ling
Reliance Trailer
Cotati, California

Vice-chairman, Policy Committee
Jerry Thomsen
Trail King Industries
Mitchell, South Dakota

Richard Bowling
Alexandria, Virginia

Chairman, Tank Conference
John Cannon
Brenner Tank LLC
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Vice-chairman, Tank Conference
Tom Anderson
Omaha, Nebraska

Chairman for Associates
Tom Kinnucan
Hoosier Tank & Manufacturing
South Bend, Indiana

Vice-chairman for Associates
Jim Hutchison
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Waco, Texas

Immediate Past Chairman for Associates
Dan Wallace
Phillips Industries
Santa Fe Springs, California

Chairman, Convention Committee
Menno Eby
M H Eby Inc
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania

Vice-chairman, Convention Committee
Bill Gruebel
Wabash National Corporation
Lafayette, Indiana

TTMA Directors for 2004-2005

Kenney Allred
Timpte Inc
David City, Nebraska

Bruce Black
Trailmobile Trailers LLC
Northbrook, Illinois

Glenn Chambers
Fontaine Trailer Company
Haleyville, Alabama

Rich Dessimoz
Vanguard National Trailer
Monon, Indiana

Bill Greubel
Wabash National Corporation
Lafayette, Indiana

Larry Hartog
Kentucky Trailers
Louisville, Kentucky

John Hodson
Barrett Trailers Inc
Purcell, Oklahoma

Rick Odle
Talbert Manufacturing Inc
Rensselaer, Indiana

Bill Persinger
Wilson Trailer Company
Sioux City, Iowa

Jeff Pitts
Pitts Trailers
Pittsview, Alabama

Ray Schaffer
Weld-It Company
Los Angeles, California

Scott Semlinger
Lufkin Trailers
Lufkin, Texas

Dave Shannon
Beall Trailers of Montana
Billings, Montana

Grant Smith
Ceres, California

Densil Williams
Strick Corporation
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania