Ancra Lift-A-Deck II boosts load averages

Ancra International announced that its Lift-A-Deck II Load Maximizing System is generating an estimated 10% to 30% increase in load averages while reducing freight damage claim experience as much as 50%.

The company developed the estimates from proprietary studies and analysis of companies that have installed the Lift-A-Deck II, which was developed by the company's Cargo Systems Division.

Ancra provides the Lift-A-Deck product both as a new equipment OEM installation and as a trailer upfit or retrofit installation for existing trailing fleets.

The Lift-A-Deck II has a high-strength design that is easy to configure and creates multiple decking platforms for palletized freight. The system starts with a foundation of narrow, low-profile, aluminum aircraft-style cargo tracks. The tracks' sloping shoulders reduce the chance of forklift damage and attach to the trailer's vertical structural posts every 16 or 24 inches, becoming an integral part of the sidewall structure.

Horizontal shoring beams clamp securely into the vertical tracks, and the ends of the metal beams are each independently height-adjustable at one-inch increments. The system allows loaders to accommodate freight pallets of varying shapes and sizes by precisely setting the right second-tier deck height. When not in use, shoring beams can be retracted to the trailer ceiling.

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