AMRC heavy-duty committee begins aftermarket product forecasting project

The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Committee of the Automotive Market Research Council (AMRC) has begun the 2004 research phase for the organization's pioneering annual aftermarket product forecasting project. This project gathers market information, both in dollars and units, for nine different product lines and systems, using the data to prepare an authoritative forecast on aftermarket demand.

The committee's first heavy-duty aftermarket forecast was in 2003. That project established demand trends by product line and for the heavy-duty aftermarket overall, including a three-year dollar forecast by product and a review of market issues impacting sales.

In 2003, the AMRC forecast estimated modest heavy-duty aftermarket growth of 1% in 2004. Results of this year's forecasting project, when released at the AMRC's fall 2004 national conference, will provide the first benchmark for past projections when compared with actual industry performance.

The AMRC includes nearly 100 leading on- and off-highway part and vehicle manufacturers. Both AMRC member and non-member companies are invited to participate. Participating non-members will receive a report detailing the specific heavy-duty product lines for which they provide information. AMRC Heavy Duty Aftermarket Committee members receive a detailed report that includes all product lines.

As in past years, TLG Research Inc will conduct data collection, analysis and forecasting for the program. By using TLG Research as the facilitator of the forecast project, the AMRC assures participants that they will remain anonymous and that their information will be kept absolutely confidential.

For more information about the AMRC forecast program, phone Steve Carini of TLG Research at 414-302-1740 or e-mail [email protected].

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