Alcoa service manual keeps users up-to-date

The Service Manual for Alcoa Truck, Trailer, and Bus Wheels offers the most current wheel specifications and service instructions from Alcoa Wheel Products. This updated manual includes a new torque chart for hub- and stud-piloted cap nuts. In a quick-reference format, the chart shows proper torque levels for dry and lubricated cap nuts.

Listed on the manual specification chart are three new wheels: 22.5" × 14" hub-piloted wheels (part #841600) and Severe Service 22.5" × 8.25" (part #885600) and 24.5" × 8.25" (part #985600) hub-piloted wheels.

The manual organizes information into sections with numbered topics for cross-referencing. Sections include wheel inspection, installation, care and maintenance, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105; phone 800-242-9898; or visit for more information.

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