AL-KO Kober job fair attracts big crowd

Industrial and RV axle and brake manufacturer AL-KO Kober received many applicants at a recent job fair to fill positions at its Elkhart IN facilities. The turnout was so high that although the fair was scheduled from 8 am to 11 am, it took AL-KO staff until 2 pm to process applications.

Almost 250 people applied for the 15 to 20 jobs that were posted. Nine were filled that day and 12 more in subsequent days. More new hires are still being brought in, particularly CNC machine operators, said Suzanne Griffin, director of human resources.

AL-KO president Tim Kuppler said there are a few reasons for this expansion. “We needed to allow for early training and development of new employees for our peak season starting in March,” he said. “We also anticipate at least 20% sales growth over the coming year as a result of substantial progress we've had in gaining new customers both locally and across North America.”

Both the upturn in business and optimism within the staff are a result of a new company strategy called The AL-KO Advantage, he said.

“The AL-KO Advantage creates advantages for our customer base, such as new products, a parts program, marketing support, and so on,” Kuppler said. “That all leads to increased sales and sales potential, which increases activity and in turn allows us to hire more people.”

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