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Aftermarket eForum scheduled for July

While e-commerce has already impacted the way the aftermarket does business, the technology continues to evolve rapidly. This year's Aftermarket eForum, set for July 29-30 in Chicago IL, is designed to deliver relevant take-away e-commerce information.

John Washbish, president of Dana's automotive aftermarket group, will share the answers he looks for in making profitable supply-chain technology decisions. Bill Maggs, president of National Pronto Association, will explain how to overcome challenges inherent with independent owners running various computer systems.

A panel will discuss how technology and marketing expertise have combined in customer relationship management. Rod Bayless, supply chain manager for CCITRIAD, will describe technology to bring distribution channels into full view.

The Aftermarket eForum is produced jointly by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association, and the Automotive Industries Association of Canada. To register, phone 301-654-6664 or visit

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