Acme Cryogenics receives award from Air Liquide

Acme Cryogenics was awarded the 2004 Innovation Award from Air Liquide for its trailer team's efforts to develop and implement a new, improved hydrogen trailer design for the remanufacture of its fleet of hydrogen semitrailers.

The Acme team provided Air Liquide with three redesigned and refitted hydrogen trailers for its fleet. The “like new” trailers are in compliance with NFPA standards, but are unlike trailers of the past. By developing a new layout for the pipes, the team was able to place Acme bellows sealed valves and other controls in the front of the cabinet, allowing easy access. The Acme team also upgraded and replaced the trailers' suspension, brakes, safety features, electrical systems, and paint. The new look is both easier to use and easier to maintain.

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