The Work Truck Show & NTEA Convention preview: Work Truck Show returns to Indy, expecting a repeat of last year's event, which set records for attendance and exhibitors

IT's working in Indy.

It worked last year, when The Work Truck Show — held in conjunction with the 47th annual National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Convention at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis — broke all event records. Verified Show attendance was 10,020, a 24% increase over 2010 and a 10% improvement over the previous record of 9084 set in 2007. With an unprecedented 560 exhibitors occupying 16% more floor space than in 2010, The Work Truck Show 2011 was also the largest in the event's 12-year history.

It's expected to work this year. As this issue went to press, deputy executive director Steve Carey said registrations were tracking ahead of last year.

The NTEA loves Indy so much that it has committed to holding The Work Truck Show 2013 there for an unprecedented third straight year.

“Indianapolis works well for the event as it is very centrally located and provides easy access to a very high percentage of NTEA members and other industry professionals that both attend or exhibit in the event,” he says. “The downtown environment also provides a pleasant experience for those in attendance as the majority of the hotels and restaurants are either connected to or a short walk from the convention center. This allows all of the participants to easily connect with one another and conduct business outside of scheduled Work Truck Show hours.”

Produced annually by the NTEA, The Work Truck Show showcases over 500,000 square feet of Class 1-8 vocational trucks and equipment. The event also features more than 40 educational and technical training programs. Work truck professionals, including fleet managers, equipment buyers, maintenance personnel, manufacturers, distributors and dealers attend.

“They recognize that this is their best opportunity to find the latest trucks and equipment, as well as industry-specific education and training,” executive director Jim Carney says.

In response to demand from attendees and exhibitors, show floor hours will be extended for the event, which runs March 6-8. The NTEA Annual Convention, educational sessions, and Green Truck Summit kick off March 5. The show floor will open 30 minutes earlier on Tuesday, March 6, and Wednesday, March 7. The show will be open from 10:30 am to 5 pm both days. Show hours on Thursday, March 8, remain unchanged at 9 am to noon.

“The Work Truck Show has always been the industry's best venue to strengthen business connections and see the newest product developments and technology solutions,” says Frank Livas, NTEA 2012 convention chairman and senior vice president of Brake & Clutch Inc in Salem, Massachusetts. “We're excited to provide attendees even more time to make face-to-face connections and examine the thousands of products on display.”

The Opening Reception is March 5 from 6:30 pm-9 pm at the JW Marriott Indianapolis Downtown.

All in the family

Former President George W Bush will be the keynote speaker at the President's Breakfast & NTEA Annual Meeting on March 7. The 43rd president of the United States will offer his insights into the challenges facing our nation in the 21st century, the power of freedom, the role of faith, and other timely and pressing issues. President Bush will be the second former US president to address The Work Truck Show. His father, President George HW Bush, was the keynote speaker in 2004.

“President Bush led this country through times of great economic growth, as well as times of national tragedy,” Livas says. “It is a privilege to have him address our members and event attendees. We look forward to hearing his reflections on the presidency and his thoughts on leadership and decision-making.”

Truck equipment distributors will have the opportunity to learn how to improve their businesses through lean principles in a special session, “How Truck Equipment Distributors and Small Manufacturers Can Deploy Lean Principles to Maximize Productivity,” on Monday, March 5, from 9 am-noon. The session covers techniques and takeaways for effectively implementing lean concepts.

With the understanding that companies are constantly under pressure to improve operational performance and reduce costs, the Special Session reveals eight specific wastes that lean targets and several common countermeasures that can be implemented for significant productivity gains‥ The session is led by Mark Sessumes, lean product manager for TMAC in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Show's educational conference includes more than 60 training sessions offering competitive strategies, technical insights and regulatory updates.

“In this competitive business environment, companies need an edge to succeed,” Livas says. “This year's educational sessions are designed to help distributors learn techniques for improving their businesses on a number of different levels, from customer service to inventory management. Investing time in Work Truck Show educational sessions is truly investing in the future of your company.”

The Show will once again max out available space at the Indiana Convention Center to provide show attendees with access to 21 environmentally friendly vehicles during the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive. Equipment demonstrations of electric PTOs and similar technologies also will take place in a stationary display area adjacent to the outdoor Ride-and-Drive course.

The Green Truck Ride-and-Drive is open to all Show attendees on Tuesday, March 6, and Wednesday, March 7, from noon-4:30 pm. A fixture of The Work Truck Show since 2007, the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive gives Show attendees the opportunity to experience cutting-edge technologies and energy-efficient vehicles firsthand. This year's event includes a wide range of environmentally friendly drive systems, including CNG, propane, battery-electric, extended range electric, ultra-clean biodiesel, bi-fuel CNG, electric hybrids (series and parallel), and hydraulic hybrids. Some of the vehicles will also feature lightweight and aerodynamic technologies that further reduce the vehicle's fuel consumption.

“Driving a truck under real-world conditions provides insights into the vehicle that you can't get any other way,” says Bob Johnson, NTEA fleet relations director. “You can experience for yourself the vehicle's handling characteristics, sounds, user-friendliness and more. If you're interested in green vehicles, be sure to allow time in your Show schedule for the Ride-and-Drive.”

A lot of choices

A variety of work trucks will be represented in the Ride-and-Drive, including cargo and service vans, pickup trucks, dump trucks, shuttle buses, walk-in vans, tree-trimming trucks, utility trucks, box trucks, cutaways and more. The Ride-and-Drive is sponsored by Hino Trucks.

The Green Truck Summit includes 22 breakout sessions, five general sessions and two keynote addresses over a day and a half. The first general session, “Trends in Work Truck Technologies and Fuels,” led by Doyle Sumrall, NTEA senior director of business development, and John Boesel, president and CEO of CALSTART, covers upcoming changes that will affect the vocational truck industry. The discussion will cover new clean technologies and fuels, as well as new vehicle efficiency and emissions standards. This session takes place at 9 am on March 5.

Three panels of technology experts and experienced fleet managers take the stage on Monday for the general sessions “Gaseous Fuels: A Successful Alternative,” “Work Truck Electrification: Leveraging the Ultimate Clean Fuel,” and “Watching the Bottom Line: Technologies for Increasing Fuel Efficiency and Eliminating Fuel Waste.” These panel discussions combine information about the latest technologies available with real-world deployment experience.

Day two of the Green Truck Summit kicks off with the keynote address “Roadway to Fuel Independence and Air Quality Improvement in North America and Globally.” Russell Musgrove, managing director of FedEx Express, provides insights based on his global company's experience using sustainable technologies to position itself for the future. This presentation takes place at 8:15 am on March 6.

The final general session of the Green Truck Summit explains recently announced regulations (scheduled to take effect in 2016) and details how companies can prepare to meet them. “A New Generation of Clean Work Trucks: Understanding the EPA and NHTSA Joint Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Work Trucks” is moderated by Darren Gosbee, engineering director at Navistar Inc and includes a panel of experts from the EPA and NHTSA. This session takes place at 8:45 am on March 6.

Green truck technology is also highlighted in several other areas of the Work Truck Show, such as the CALSTART Clean Technologies and Fuels Pavilion. In addition, exhibitors with products that improve fuel utilization, are environmentally friendly, use recycled materials and/or support environmentally sustainable practices are profiled throughout the hall as part of the Green Product Showcase.

Fleet management professionals in any industry or government agency may benefit from the expanded Fleet Management Symposium.

In the Symposium, consultant Kelly Walker, president of Kelly Walker Associates, and Bob Johnson, fleet relations director for the NTEA, teach methods to drastically improve fleet and shop productivity while reducing costs. The Symposium runs from 9 am-4 pm March 7, and continues on March 8 from 9 am-noon.

Fleet managers are also invited to an exclusive Training Session & Networking Luncheon covering “Implementing a Complete Fuel Management Program to Increase Performance and Reduce Costs” on March 9 from 11:30 am-1:30 pm.

Symposium registrants will receive the FleetWhiz CD ($500 value), which helps managers make better, quicker management, purchase, and outsource decisions on a daily basis. The CD includes 36 Business-Fleet-Shop-Parts-Fuel-Employee-Supplier-Mobile Workforce Management Textbooks covering 2500 topics over 7500 pages.

Session participants will also receive the NTEA Vehicle Life-Cycle Cost Analysis CD ($85 value), which assists fleet managers in the evaluation of vehicle acquisition cost scenarios, including “what if” scenarios, and admission to all remaining Work Truck Show concurrent educational sessions ($329 value).

Here is a preview of the sessions by area of interest:


Changing of the Guard: Millennials and Generational Differences in the Workplace, March 5, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Each generation brings new skills, perspectives, and challenges to the workplace. Today's youngest generation in the workplace, millennials, are taking different approaches to problem-solving, communicating, and decision-making than previous generations. The role of technology has had a major impact on the lives of millennials as well. This session will review the latest trends of millennials in the workplace and compare them to other generations; review different technologies, including social media, that are large parts of millennials' lives; and offer recommendations on how to manage millennials in the workplace. Presenter: Jeanna Mastrodicasa, assistant vice president of student affairs, University of Florida.

State of the Industry Overview — The NTEA Perspective, March 5, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: The truck equipment industry is evolving faster than at any other time in history. Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of today's marketplace with insights into the current trends dramatically impacting our industry. Gain an understanding of how the current US and global truck industries are changing and driving evolution through the global channel. Most importantly, find out how these elements will impact your company. Presenters: Tim Campbell, managing director, Campbells Commercial Vehicle Marketing Group (Leyland, Lancashire, England); and Steve Carey, deputy executive director, NTEA.

The Ins and Outs of Federal Excise Tax Implications for Work Trucks, March 5, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Mistakes in applying and collecting Federal Excise Tax (FET) can be costly. Learn how seemingly simple errors can make your company (not the purchaser of the truck) financially liable. Hear the current status of FET laws and requirements applicable to the work truck industry and get answers to all of your questions regarding which truck bodies and equipment are taxable or non-taxable. Better understand your responsibilities for payment and collection of this tax, whether you are a supplier or a buyer. Find out the tax implications for the sales of chassis, truck bodies and equipment, trailers, parts, and accessories. Understanding these rules and regulations can help you reduce your risk, lower your tax burden, improve your bottom line, and allow you to be more price-competitive. Also, learn about the NTEA's FET publication, a comprehensive reference manual for the work truck industry. Presenters: Michael Kastner, senior director of government activities, NTEA; Bob Raybuck, director of technical services, NTEA; and Mark Sidman, Weiner Brodsky Sidman Kider PC (Washington, DC).

Government Regulatory Implications for the Work Truck Industry, March 5, 3 pm-4:15 pm: With laws and regulations changing on a consistent basis, make sure your company stays on top of current issues affecting the work truck industry. Learn how the government's latest requirements are impacting your organization and what you should expect in the future. Presenters: Kastner and Raybuck.

What is the Future Economic Landscape for the Work Truck Industry? March 5, 3 pm-4:15 pm: Review current data and forecasts for truck sales and end-user markets with expert analysis from the NTEA's staff economist. Discover where the truck equipment market is headed, identify expected trends and learn what role the US and international economies play in short- and long-term business cycles. Also, review current NTEA statistical and forecasting information. Presenter: Stephen Latin-Kasper, director of market data and research, NTEA.

How Can Truck Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Minimize Their Litigation Risk? March 6, 8 am-9:15 am: During this session, an attorney from Bowman and Brooke LLP, a nationally recognized products liability defense firm, will discuss lessons learned during recent litigation and ways to protect your company in similar situations. Topics will include: a shift in litigious focus for equipment manufacturers and distributors; the importance of a well-developed accident response plan for equipment manufacturers and distributors; the effectiveness of warranties and disclaimers as a form of defense; the top three things business owners are concerned about with regard to their own product liability; things companies can do internally to reduce their product liability risk; and insurance products that can address those specific concerns Presenters: Becky Harding, CPCU, director of association programs, JD Fulwiler & Co Insurance (Portland, OR); Michael R Carey, associate, Bowman & Brooke LLP (Minneapolis, MN); and Gene Rappe, senior underwriter, Travelers Insurance Company (Portland, OR).

Build Your People Strategy First, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Steve Miller thinks the business world has fallen victim to ADSO: Attention Deficit, SHINY OBJECT! So much attention is focused on technology's nifty new tools, like Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and Google+ that we're losing focus of the most important and age-old Rule of Business — it's all about the people. In this session, Steve will remind, refresh, and re-stress those strategies needed to build true people-driven relationships in today's “shiny object” world. Presenter: Steve Miller, marketing strategist, The Adventure LLC (Federal Way, WA).

Making Vehicle Investment Decisions Using Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Financial constraints often force fleet managers to choose between two or more investment alternatives. A net present value (NPV) life-cycle cost analysis can determine the actual return on investment for each alternative which will, in turn, allow you to make the best long-term investment decisions. This session will show you how to make accurate NPV life-cycle cost studies using the NTEA's Life-Cycle Cost Analysis spreadsheet programs. Presenter: Bob Johnson, director of fleet relations, NTEA.

Old Rules/New Tools: Staying People-Focused Using Today's Technology, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Technology isn't going to slow down, and new communication tools hit the streets literally every day. You can't afford to be left behind, right? But if your company is like most, you struggle with learning, using and balancing all these amazing tools while maintaining personal relationships with your customers. What's a company to do (especially if you don't have a big budget)? Presenter: Miller.


How Engaging Customers Can Improve Your Business, March 6, 8 am-9:15 am: Customers are no longer just recipients of your products and services — they are now considered partners in your company. Or, at least, they should be. With today's Internet technology advancements and worldly awareness, it is imperative that you build an ongoing dialogue with your customer base to stay ahead of the competition. In this hands-on workshop, techniques will shared that are used by organizations that have successfully transformed customer feedback into strategies and protocols for individual and organizational improvement. Participants will have the opportunity to: learn the five key areas of concern among customers; develop customer feedback processes that build relationships as well as business opportunities; learn how to utilize daily interactions with staff to identify and address customer concerns in a way that accentuates the positives and diminishes the negatives; build customer awareness as a part of new employee orientation; and develop strategies for improvement based on customer feedback. Presenter: Jep Enck, president, Enck Resources (Fort Collins, CO)


Demystifying Weight Distribution and Payload Calculations for Work Trucks, March 5, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Weight distribution and payload calculations are critical in the utilization and design of commercial work trucks. Learn the ins and outs of vehicle weight distribution to safely and legally position equipment and payloads while maintaining regulatory compliance of the vehicle. Review sample weight distribution calculations and discuss the beneficial software tools designed to help you perform complex vehicle calculations. Session participants will also receive login information for a complimentary, 30-day trial of the NTEA's Weight Distribution Fundamentals online course.

Presenter: Richard Toner, principal, Toner Associates (Pentwater, MI).

Learning to Avoid Costly Truck Frame Modification Errors, March 5, 3 pm-4:15 pm: Examine basic truck frame characteristics and requirements needed for sturdy, expert mounting of truck bodies and equipment. Learn how the effects of welding and fastener usage can impact frame strength and durability, and identify ways to avoid modification mistakes that can lead to costly repairs. Session participants will also receive login information for a complimentary, 30-day trial of the NTEA's Weight Distribution Fundamentals online course. Presenter: Toner.

Optimizing Work Truck Body and Equipment Specifications, March 6, 8 am-9:15 am: When developing specifications for a new work truck, the process should be guided by a number of factors. These include the proposed unit's functional requirements, critical design limiters such as weight and size, operator safety, regulatory compliance, operating costs (including fuel) and environmental concerns. Other factors that should be addressed include maintenance considerations, company policies, labor agreements and, in some cases, resale value. Once these factors are properly identified and incorporated into the specifications process, the completed unit is more likely to provide both optimum performance and a safe working environment. Learn how truck specifiers can identify and use these critical factors to improve the design of work truck bodies and truck-mounted equipment. Presenter: Matt Stewart, senior automotive equipment analyst, Department of Fleet Management, City of Chicago (Chicago, IL).

Why Should I Care About Vehicle Certification? March 6, 8 am-9:15 am: Proper vehicle certification is much more than a simple label on your truck. Aside from being required by law, proper vehicle certification helps ensure a safe, reliable, and capable truck. Find out what goes into certifying a vehicle and how the appropriate label for a given truck is correctly completed. Learn about weight distribution, payload analysis, and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards — and why they matter to you. Whether you are an OEM, a body or equipment manufacturer, a distributor, a dealer, a truck purchaser or an operator, take advantage of this opportunity to learn how a truck is properly certified and how that certification can help you determine if a truck will be able to do the job that is needed. Presenter: Kastner.

Spec'ing Your Truck Powertrain for Optimum Efficiency and Performance, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: When it comes to trucks, today's order of business is fuel economy. In order to optimize a truck's fuel efficiency, while still maintaining satisfactory performance, the powertrain components (engine, transmission, and drive axle) must be properly matched — both to the application and to each other. Far too many truck powertrains are spec'd by trial and error, past experience or just a gut feeling. Even when the individual spec'ing the powertrain avails themselves of an OEM's powertrain design program, truck performance criteria such as starting gradability and reserve gradability are often not properly identified. This session will cover the procedures for identifying truck performance criteria, determining torque and horsepower requirements, and matching the transmission and drive axle to the selected engine. Presenter: Joe Johansson, senior applications engineer, Allison Transmission Inc (Indianapolis, IN).


The Future of Fleet Operations, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45am: Rapid advances in technology, environmental issues, new regulatory requirements, financial pressures — all of these factors are impacting both the design of vehicles and the way fleet managers do business. What will a fleet operation look like in five years? Or in 10 years? Explore trends in vehicles (advanced technologies, hybrids, alternative fuels); management tools (telemetry, MRP systems); and regulatory controls to gain insight into the future of fleet operations. Presenters: Bill Burns, fleet operations manager, City of Columbus-Fleet Management Division (Columbus, OH), and TJ Reed, Director, product marketing, Freightliner Trucks (Fort Mill, SC).

The Next Generation of Work Truck Telematics, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Most people equate telematics with GPS, but newer telematics systems offer far more than just the ability to track a vehicle's location. This session will provide a general understanding of the telematics market and its segments (tracking versus routing versus monitoring) and identifying the right components and costs of a (useful) solution which will allow the small/medium-sized operator to reduce expenses and improve productivity. Presenter: Chris Ransom, director of product management, Networkfleet (San Diego, CA).

Truck Fleet Manager Training Session & Networking Luncheon: Develop Your Fleet Manager's Tool Box, March 7, 11:30 am-1:30 pm: By using technology solutions, you can gain greater insight into your overall fleet performance. Today's hands-on managers must leverage various technical tools at their disposal to effectively analyze and manage fleet performance. During this session, attendees will learn: how to use technology solutions to proactively analyze data for continuous improvement; strategies to leverage economies of scale, improve performance, and reduce costs; various modeling techniques to promote continuous improvement. Presenter: Steve Saltzgiver, group director of fleet operations, Coca Cola Refreshments Inc Fleet Operations (Atlanta, GA).


Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation — Chassis Update, March 5, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: During this session, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

Mack Trucks Inc — Chassis Update, March 5, 1:30 pm-2:45 pm: Mack will present an up-to-date overview of its vocational truck lineup, including the new Mack Medium Heavy Duty model, with special emphasis on chassis configurations and options available to spec' Mack Trucks for body upfit. Mack will also share updates on its powertrain product offerings and emissions technology.

Nissan North America — Chassis Update, March 5, 3 pm-4:15 pm: During this session, Nissan North America will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

Peterbilt Motors Company — Chassis Update, March 5, 3 pm-4:15 pm: Peterbilt will present firsthand technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment mounting options.

Western Star Trucks — Chassis Update, March 5, 3 pm-4:15 pm: During this session, Western Star will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

International Truck — Chassis Update, March 6, 8 am-9:15 am: During this session, International will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc — Chassis Update, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Isuzu will provide the latest technical product information on its 2012 model year N-Series chassis and the 2012 model year Reach commercial van.

Ram Trucks — Chassis Update, March 6, 8 am-9:15 am: Ram Truck builds on its leadership in the commercial vehicle market with an innovative lineup of best-in-class hard-working trucks to meet small business and fleet commercial needs. During this session, Ram Trucks will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

Ensuring Your Next Truck Chassis Matches the Job Requirements, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Matching a new truck chassis to the application requirements is critical. If you downsize too much for fuel efficiency, you risk an overloaded chassis. If you over-spec the chassis to reduce maintenance costs, you may end up with an overpriced unit with poor fuel economy. This session will help you get it “just right” by optimizing fuel efficiency, achieving full regulatory compliance and improving vehicle performance. Essential design issues will be addressed, including frame selection; axles and suspensions; vehicle performance and powertrain design considerations; accessory component selection; payload analysis; weight distribution; and completed vehicle certification. Other considerations such as the potential use of hybrids; alternative fuels (including electricity); and advanced fuel use reduction technologies will also be discussed. Presenter: Robert J Aquaro, vice president, TARA Commercial Vehicle Consulting Services, Inc (Lake Placid, FL).

Ford Commercial Truck — Chassis Update, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Ford Commercial Truck will present firsthand technical information on chassis specifications, design, body installation, and equipment mounting options. Freightliner Trucks — Chassis Update, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45 am: During this session, Freightliner will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

Hino Trucks — Chassis Update, March 6, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Learn about the new features of the 2013 model year Hino conventional trucks. Hino will also present the detailed specs of its Class 4 and 5 COEs.

Chevrolet & GMC Commercial Truck — Chassis Update, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Representatives will present technical information on Chevrolet and GMC chassis specifications as they relate to design, body installation, and equipment-mounting options. Attend for the most up-to-date technical information on issues that can affect body and equipment installation, along with alternative fuel solutions being offered by GM. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and operation.

Kenworth Truck Company — Chassis Update, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: During this session, Kenworth will provide the most up-to-date technical information on chassis specifications and issues that can affect the installation of bodies and equipment. Participants will gain insights into vocation-specific options to help optimize body and equipment installation and designs.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. — Chassis Update, March 7, 9:30 am-10:45 am: Mitsubishi Fuso will review the recently introduced Class 3-5 Canter FE/FG-Series trucks, covering all technical product information, including chassis specifications and body installation and mounting options. Updates and changes for the 2013 model year will be presented as well.

What's on the agenda

Sunday, March 4, 2012
Noon-5 pm Registration Open
Monday, March 5, 2012
7 am-5:30 pm Registration Open
8 am-6:15 pm Green Truck Summit
9 am-4 pm Fleet Management Symposium
9 am-noon Special Session — How Truck Equipment Distributors and Small Manufacturers Can Deploy Lean Principles to Maximize Productivity
1:30-2:45 pm Concurrent Educational Sessions —
• Changing of the Guard: Millennials and Generational Differences in the Workplace
• Demystifying Weight Distribution and Payload Calculations for Work Trucks
• State of the Industry Overview — The NTEA Perspective
• The Ins and Outs of Federal Excise Tax Implications for Work Trucks
Chassis Updates —
Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp
Mack Trucks, Inc
3-4:15 pm Concurrent Educational Sessions —
• Government Regulatory Implications for the Work Truck Industry
• Learning to Avoid Costly Truck Frame Modification Errors
• What is the Future Economic Landscape for the Work Truck Industry?
Chassis Updates —
Nissan North America Peterbilt Motor Company Western Star Trucks
6:30 pm-9 pm Opening Reception: JW Marriott Indianapolis
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
7 am-5 pm Registration Open
8-10:45 am Green Truck Summit
8-9:15 am Concurrent Educational Sessions —
• How Can Truck Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Minimize Their Litigation Risk?
• How Engaging Customers Can Improve Your Business
• Optimizing Work Truck Body and Equipment Specifications
• Why Should I Care About Vehicle Certification?
Chassis Updates —
International Truck
Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc
Ram Trucks
9 am-noon Fleet Management Symposium
9:30-10:45 am Concurrent Educational Sessions —
• Build Your People Strategy First
• Ensuring Your Next Truck Chassis Matches the Job Requirements
• The Future of Fleet Operations
• The Ins and Outs of Lean for the Truck Equipment Industry
Chassis Updates —
Ford Commercial Truck
Freightliner Trucks
Hino Trucks
10:30 am-5 pm Trade Show Open
12 pm-4:30 pm Green Truck Ride-and-Drive
2-4:30 pm Work Truck Show 2013 Exhibitor Sign-up (Platinum, Gold Silver & Bronze)
3-5 pm Special Session — YEN Leadership Workshop & Networking Reception
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
7 am-5 pm Registration Open
7:30-9:15 am President's Breakfast & NTEA Annual Meeting
9:30-10:45 am Concurrent Educational Sessions —
• Making Vehicle Investment Decisions Using Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
• Old Rules/New Tools: Staying People-Focused Using Today's Technology
• Spec'ing Your Next Truck Powertrain for Optimum Efficiency & Performance
• The Next Generation of Work Truck Telematics
Chassis Updates —
Chevrolet & GMC Commercial Truck
Kenworth Truck Company
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc
10 am-5:30 pm Work Truck Show 2013 Exhibitor Sign-up
10:30 am-5 pm Trade Show Open
11:30 am-1:30 pm Special Session — Truck Fleet Manager Training Session & Networking Luncheon (Offered exclusively to fleet managers)
Noon-4:30 pm Green Truck Ride-and-Drive
Thursday, March 8, 2012
8 am-noon Registration Open
9-11:30 am Work Truck Show 2013 Exhibitor Sign-up
9 am-noon Trade Show Open
Schedule is subject to change.
All events take place at the Indiana Convention Center, except where noted.

NTEA Exhibitor List

Exhibitor Name Booth #
300 Below Inc 2433
A L Lightech Inc 3953
A&A Manufacturing Co Inc 3066
A. L. Hansen Mfg Co 5061
A.R.E. Accessories LLC 4388
ACARI Engineering 2119
Access Roll-Up Cover 4593
Adrian Steel Company 1403
Aero Industries Inc 3259
A-G Body Inc 5345
AireDock 3885
Air-Flo Manufacturing Inc 2235
Airworks Compressors Corp 5783
Akro-Mils Inc 5649
Alan International Technology Ltd Co 3273
Alcoa Wheel Products 5847
Alemite 5861
All Power Supply 5549
Allison Transmission Inc 4275
Ally Financial Inc 2441
Altec Industries 2215, 5269
AlumiTank Inc 2152
American Eagle Accessories Group (See ad p. 76) 4639
American Express OPEN 5761
American Midwest Fleet Solutions 5450
Amerimax Building Products Inc 5276
Ampliroll Hooklifts - Marrel Corp 636
Anthony Liftgates Inc 4581
APSCO Inc 4959
Aqua Blast Corp 5485
Arctic Equipment Manufacturing Corp 3465
Arctic Fox 2216
ARI - Automotive Resources International 2303
ASA / Voyager Cameras 3981
ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) 637
Astoria Industries 5959
AT&T 5868 5670
Auto Crane Company 1023
Auto Meter Products Inc 5957
Autoequips Tech Co Ltd 5646
Automotive International Inc 622
Autotherm 5470
Avery Barron Industries 3372
B&W Trailer Hitches 4995
BAE Systems 5359
Baldwin Filters 738
Bauer Compressors Inc 715
BEAU-ROC Inc (See ad p. 33) 4339
BEDNET Cargo Restraint Systems 5075
Bedslide/Takit 5752
Bennett DriveAway 3976
Bergstrom Inc 5277
BeStar Technologies Inc 4783
Better Built 943
Bezares USA 2218
Bibeau Enterprises 4873
Blizzard Snowplows 3059
Blue Ox 3172
Blue Ridge Manufacturing 4773
Bosch Rexroth Corporation 4181
Boss Industries Inc 1418
Bostik Inc 3558
Brand FX Body Company 3519
Brandon Truck Equipment Inc 917
Brenntag 5473
Bright Automotive 5740
Bucher Hydraulics Inc 1619
Buyers Products Company (See ad Cover 2-p. 3) 4659
C.E. Niehoff & Co 826
Cadet Truck Bodies 3425
Canadian Transportation Equipment Association 734
Canimex Inc 916
Cargo Ease 5974
CargoGlide 5787
CARR 5584
CASECO Manufacturing Inc 1901
Cast Products Inc 5060
CCV 624
Cequent Performance Products Inc 5547
Certified Power Inc 5053
Champion Pneumatic 3985
Chelsea Products Div of Parker (See ad Cover 4) 3011
Chemline/GatorHyde 5580
Chevrolet & GMC Commercial Truck 1829
Cinch Connectors 2116
Cirus Controls LLC 4081
Clean Cities - U.S. Dept. of Energy 3605
Clean Seal Inc (See ad p. 70) 3010
Cleveland Hardware & Forging Co 4739
CM Truck Beds 4791
Collective Data 4991
COMEQ INC (See ad p. 80) 1321
Compressed Air Systems LLC 3267
Conception GSR Inc 816
Convoy Technologies Inc 727
Cougar Vibration, Div of Martin Engineering 4961
Covercraft ( 4588
Coxreels 3877
CPI Divisions 5971
CR Brophy Machine Works Inc 5539
Crane Composites Inc/Kemlite (See ad p. 41) 2015
Crysteel Manufacturing Inc 3328
CTECH Manufacturing 4893
CTW 5090
Cummins Crosspoint LLC 5173
Cummins Inc 2101
CURT Manufacturing 5653
CVG - Bostrom & National Seating 2447
Cyclone Air Power 4150
Daimler Vans USA LLC 3565
Dakota Bodies Inc 5081
Dalton Hydraulic Cylinders LLC 2439
D-Brake LLC 2118
Dealer Solutions 5571
DEL Hydraulics Inc 5771
Delta Consolidated Industries 4781
DewEze Manufacturing 3338
DHP Power Packs LLC 2305
Diamond Roll-Up Door 3271
DiamondBack Truck Covers 5858
DICA 824
Dimensions/Sensata Technologies 5251
Donlen 5647
Donovan Enterprises 5058
Doosan Portable Power 2009
Dow Kokam 5374
DRM Diversafab 5377
DSM&T Co Inc 4780
DuraClass 3329
Dur-A-Lift Inc 5764
DuraPlate Products Group/Wabash National 5474
East Manufacturing Corporation 3014
Eberhard Manufacturing Co 1425
EBY Truck Bodies By MH Eby Inc 5151
ECCO Group 4551
Electric Vehicles International 5099
Elston Manufacturing Inc 2409
Esco Industries Inc 2437
Eskridge 1326
Espar Heater Systems 5268
Eureka Chemical Company/Fluid Film 838
Evans Cooling Systems Inc 5663
EZ Connector Inc 4176
F Barkow Inc 2431
Fabco Power 4784
Fabick Inc 5552
Fairview Fittings & Manufacturing Inc 2443
Falls Snow Plows 5677
Federal Signal Corp 4641
Fiber-Tech Industries Inc 5255
Fisher Engineering 4165
Flaming River Industries Inc 4082
FLD Inc 4785
Fleet Engineers 5447
Fleetilla LLC 739
FleetOwner Magazine 3050
Flink Co (See ad p. 72) 1620
Flitz International Ltd 5358
FORCE America Inc 2045
Ford Commercial Truck 3439
FRAS-LE North America Inc 5776
Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation 4169
Freightliner Trucks (See ad pgs. 14-15) 3859
FrygyCube International Inc 808
Gardner Denver Inc 3987
General Services Administration Automotive 5077
General Truck Parts & Equipment 2401
Getec Inc (See ad p. 54) 4842
Glasteel 3028
Global Finishing Solutions 2121
Go Power! By Carmanah Technologies Corp 5177
Gold Eagle Company 3883
Golight Inc 1527
Goodall Mfg 3022
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 5559
GPS Insight 5742
Graphic Impressions Inc 2406
Greater Indiana Clean Cities 3607
Green Alternative Systems 5958
GreenRoad Technologies 5749
Grote Industries 3659
GS North America LLC 2436
GVM Snow Equipment 729
Hamsar Diversco Inc 5364
Hannay Reels Inc 5642
Hansen International Inc (See ad p. 69) 5161
Harrison Hydra-Gen 2411
Hella Inc 2307
Henderson Products Inc 4045
Hendrickson (See ad p. 17) 3419
Henkel Corporation (LOCTITE) 843
HercuLoc LLC 5750
Hillsboro Industries 3073
Hiniker Co 2025
Hino Trucks 4139
Hi-Way 5439
Horton Inc 709
Hydro Aluminum 2353
HYVA USA Corporation 617
Illinois Auto Truck Company Inc 5751
IMMI/Cargo Buckle 711
IMPCO Automotive 5465
Innovative Access Solutions 3269
InPower LLC 4080
Insta-Chain 4180
Insurance Auto Auctions 4589
InterMotive Vehicle Controls 3464
International Truck 4359
Iowa Mold Tooling Co Inc 3345
Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc 4747
ITW Plexus 705
J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers 4941
J&S Coatings Inc 3777
Jame Rollform Products 2351
Jammy Incorporated 5871
Jason Industries Inc 2339
Jasper Engines & Transmissions 623
JD Fulwiler & Co Insurance 3603
Jergens Inc - Specialty Fasteners 2404
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies (See ad p. 59) 3977
Jones Mfg 5947
Jotto Desk 3881
Jyco Sealing Technologies Corp 817
KampCo Steel Products Inc (See ad p. 18) 4154
Kargo Master Inc 5575
Karmak Inc 4676
Kenworth Truck Co 3039
Keystone Automotive Operations 3173
KISSLING Electrotec Inc 5867
Knapheide Manufacturing Company (The) 3739
KS Hydraulic Machinery Co Ltd 728
KTI Hydraulics Inc (See ad p. 62) 1519
Ladd Industries/Deutsch Industrial 5675
Leece-Neville 5094
Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products 1817, 3249
Leyman Lift Gates (See ad p. 65) 1718
LHP Software 726
Liftmoore Inc (See ad p. 82) 3411
Light Engineering Inc 703
Lightning Hybrids Inc 5468
Lincoln 5863
Lincoln Composites 5767
Link Manufacturing Ltd 4381
Littelfuse/Cole Hersee 733
LPI Inc 5953
Lucerix International Corp 4681
Luverne Truck Equipment 5966
M&L Trucking Services Inc 3166
Mack Trucks Inc 3939
Magnetic Applications Inc 5453
Mailhot Industries 4840
Maintainer Corp of Iowa Inc 5145
Manufacturers' Sales Agents 2120
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) 2151
Manus Products 5096
Maranda Inc 907
Marion Body Works Inc (See ad p. 75) 3955
Master Lock 4590
Maxon Lift Corp (See ad p. 29) 1431
Maxwell Technologies 633
MCC Equipment & Service Center 4084
McLellan Industries Inc 3149
McNutt Auto Transport Service 3369
Metaris Inc 735
Meyer Distributing 5739
Meyer Products LLC 1605
MGM Brakes 2417
Mid-State Truck Equipment 3040
Midway Specialty Vehicles 5667
Midwest Truck & Auto Parts Inc 2400
Miller Electric Mfg Co 2335
Miller Industries 4992
Mitchell 1 5638
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc 1809
Mobile Awareness LLC 3986
Mobile Power 5668
Mohawk Lifts 4489
Monroe Custom Bodies Inc 5587
MOR/ryde International 5788
Morgan Corporation 3219
Motiv Power Systems 5666
MOTOR Information Systems 5753
MTE Hydraulics 1626
Multi-Seal Corporation 3984
Muncie Power Products (See ads pgs. 11, 43) 3029, 3030
NAFA Fleet Management Association 724
NAFTC 5476
Nagy FleetNet Inc 5870
National Auto Mart 635
National Fleet Solutions 717
National Liftgate Parts Inc 3018
NBB Controls Inc 612
Networkfleet Inc 645
Networks Enterprises Inc 732
New Eagle 5375
Next Hydraulics S.R.L. 5065
NGVAmerica 5376
Nissan North America 1437
Noregon Systems Inc 5759
North American Signal Company 3036
NRG Dynamix 5572
NTEA - The Association for the Work Truck Industry (See ads pgs. 12, Cover 3) 3401
NTEA Demo Theater 3400
Odyne 5360
Omni Gear 5746
Onspot of North America Inc (See ad p. 71) 3155
On-Trux Ltd 2325
Opdyke Inc 5455
Optronics International (See ad p. 53) 5659
Orscheln Products LLC 5747
P.U. Tech Fender Flares 628
Pacbrake Co 616
Palfinger North America Group 1641
Pana-Pacific 3983
Paneloc Corporation (See ad p. 20) 3254
Parkhurst Manufacturing Co Inc 1531
PartnerShip 5172
Perfection Gear Inc - Subsidiary of Peerless Winsmith 5850
Performance Courseware Inc 5073
Permco 5352
Peterbilt Motors Company 2125
Peterson Manufacturing Co 3466
PEWAG Chain 4182
PG Adams Inc 2435
Phoenix USA Inc 4048
PNS Tech 1004
Pollak 2425
PolyBilt Body Company LLC 4683
Power-Packer Inc 2201
PPG Industries 4049
Pran Systems Inc 807
Premier Mfg Co 4475
Prime Design 4389
Pro-Hauler By MULTI-CART 5973
Propane Education & Research Council 5191
Protean Electric Inc 5371
Pro-Tech Industries Inc (See ad p. 19) 1921
Pro-Tech Manufacturing & Distribution 5181
PRO-VISION Video Systems 3366
Pulltarps Manufacturing (See ad p. 73) 5347
Quebec Ground Transportation Cluster 808
Quick Cable Corporation 5755
R4Tech Suspension By Sanluis Rassini 630
RAD Woodwork Co Inc 5869
RAM Mounting Systems 4674
Ram Trucks 1003
Ramsey Industries 1025
RC Industries Inc 3239
Reading Truck Body LLC 3527, 5380
Real Power/Contour Hardening Inc 4691
Rearview Systems LLC 2410
Reelcraft Industries Inc 4077
Reflexite Americas 639
Remy Inc 5475
Rhino Linings Corporation 5760
Rhodes Trailers & Truck Bodies 609
Ridewell Suspensions (See ad p. 42) 1315
RKI Inc (See ad p. 16) 3433
RMP Powertrain Solutions 600
Road Armor 601
Road Gear Truck Equipment LLC 4685
Roadmaster Tires (Cooper Tire & Rubber Company) 2408
Roadranger-Eaton Corp & Dana Corp 3511
Robert Hydraulique Inc 901
Roll-Rite LLC 2017
R-O-M Corporation 3760
Rontan Signals 4998
Rosco Inc 5350
Rotary Lift 3681
ROUSH CleanTech 5098
RSC Bio Solutions 5860
RUD Chain Inc 3032
Rugby Manufacturing Co 3229
Rumber Materials Inc 5275
Ryder Vehicle Sales 5848
S&S Truck Parts Inc 5291
Safeplast NA Company Ltd 5961
Safety Vision 3980
Sage Oil Vac Inc 4087
Scorpion Protective Coatings Inc 642
Screen Graphics of Florida 5481
September Forged Wheels Inc 5866
Shanghai Xin Baien Industrial Co Ltd 2434
Sharpvision Co Ltd 701
Shepherd Insurance LLC 5969
Sherwin-Williams 5546
Shur-Co (See ad p. 81) 4880
Siemens Industry Inc 618
Signature Series Gas Springs 3368
Sika Corporation 5174
Silent Drive Inc 801
Smith Electric Vehicles 4187
Snow & Ice Management Association 3052
Sno-Way International Inc 1325
Sonar Safety Systems Inc 2423
Sonetics 643
Sonnax Industries 725
Sortimo NA 5087
SoundOff Signal 4148
SPD Division/Barnes Group Inc 4577
Spokane Computer Inc 3949
SSAB (See ad p. 9) 4686
STAHL/Scott Fetzer Co 1337
Star Headlight & Lantern Co Inc 5772
Steelweld Equipment Co Inc 3761
Stellar Industries Inc 4547
Stertil-KONI USA Inc 3167
Sto-Away Power Cranes Inc 2214
Stone Hydraulics 2442
Sun Power Technologies 5775
Sunfab North America 4575
Superior Signals Inc 5859
SuperSprings International Inc 3054
Superwinch LLC 5887
Supreme Corporation 4347
Sure-Fit Truck Racks 606
SUV Products Inc/MAXXMOTOR DC Power Products 627
Swampy Hollow Manufacturing LLC 3882
SwapLoader USA Ltd 4481
Swenson Spreader LLC 1805
Switch-N-Go/AmeriDeck 833
Syn-Tech Systems Inc/FUELMASTER 614
System Edstrom US 2109
TAFCO Equipment Co (See ad p. 35) 4951
TailGate Master Truck Steps 3067
Taylor Pump & Lift 3058
Techno-Fab 9000 Inc 813
TecNiq Inc 5567
Teletrac 4997
Telogis 4881
Tenco Machinery Ltd 4673
Tendaire Industries Inc 5789
Terex Utilities 5159
Terminal Supply Company 2345
The Advance Metalworking Co Inc 5855
THE BOSS Snowplow 825
The Gledhill Road Machinery Company 5553
The Godwin Group 3213
The Mudflap Jack 3071
Thieman Tailgates Inc (See ad p. 61) 5041
Thule - UWS/TracRac/DEWALT 3471
Tiger Cranes 4884
Timbren Industries Inc (See ad p. 50) 3243
Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau 3074
Titan Fuel Tanks 5777
TKO Graphix 5487
TNT Transport Service 5846
TODCO 1432
Tommy Gate Company 1419
Topper Manufacturing Co 5643
Towmaster Inc 5581
Trailer/Body Builders (See ads pgs. 47, 55) 2421
Transfer Flow Inc 3342
Transglobal Inc 3880
Trilogy Machinery Inc (See ad p. 71) 5875
TriMark Corporation 4269
Trim-Lok Inc 610
Triple Crown Products 721
Tripp Lite 2427
Truck Accessories Group - LEER Fleet / Pace Edwards 3129
TruckCraft Corp 3373
Truck-Lite Co LLC (See ad p. 36) 3250
TruckOffice MobileDUZ 800
Transportation Safety Technologies Inc/Riverside Mfg LLC 1717
TUF-TUG Products 4495
Turbo Technologies Inc 5543
Turtle Top 5766
Tuthill Drive Systems 4375
U.S. Truck Body 4055
UD Trucks North America Inc 3119
Ultimate Power LLC 2115
Unicell Body Company (See ad p. 51) 1801
Unity Manufacturing Co 5655
Unlimited Services 4990
US Tarp 3252
USIMAX Inc 1002
Utilimaster Corp 4647
Utility Products 5651
Valk Manufacturing Company 4741
Valley Engineering Inc (See ad p. 68) 5639
Valley Manufacturing LLC 743
Vanair Manufacturing Inc (See ad p. 67) 3759
VanDyne SuperTurbo 4899
Vanguard Manufacturing (See ad p. 38) 4841
Vanner Inc 5263
Van's Electrical Systems 5270
Velvac Inc 3481
Venchurs Vehicle Systems 5975
Venco/Venturo/Ferrari Truck Cranes 1303
VHD Equipment Network LLC 4891
VIA Motors Inc 5459
VIBCO Truck Vibrators 5854
Victron Energy 2413
VMAC - Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors (See ad p. 32) 4967
Vulcan On-Board Scales (See ad p. 62) 5169
Wallace Forge Co (See ad p. 37) 3361
WALTCO Lift Corp 3341
Warn Industries Inc (See ad p. 48) 5339
Warner Bodies 3049
Warner Plastics & Liners Inc 2403
Warren Inc 4370
Watson & Chalin Mfg 3559
Wausau-Everest L.P. 3070
WD-40 Company 5744
Weather Guard/Knaack 1233
Webasto Product North America Inc 5687
WELDEX Corporation 4897
Weller Reman 2445
Wescon Products 3459
Western Mule Cranes 4738
Western Products 2141
Western Star Trucks 1045
Westport LD 5491
Whelen Engineering Co Inc 2135
Whiting Door Manufacturing Inc (See ad pgs. 44-45) 3365
Wilcox Bodies Ltd 2035
WorkSafe USA Inc 4594
WorkTruck Transport 5444
WW Engineering Inc 3581
Xantrex Technology Inc 1331
YSN Imports Inc 625
ZAPI Inc 5367
Zinga Industries Inc (See ad p. 31) 2429
Zip's Truck Equipment Inc 5883
Zolatone Industrial 2114
Zone Defense LLC 832
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