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Webb VORTEX drum enters aftermarket

The Aftermarket Business Unit of Webb Wheel Products Inc. announces the availability of the lightweight Webb VORTEX brake drum for aftermarket replacement needs. Part number 76864, the 16½ x 7 drum weighing 100 lbs. is produced from standard gray iron metallurgy. It is an alternative replacement drum for more expensive steel shelled or other lightweight drums used in rear and trailer applications.

The patent-pending Webb VORTEX design profile with reinforcing center band and ribs results in a conventional gray iron brake drum that weighs less, but does not compromise the structural integrity, reliability, and braking capabilities expected in heavier drums. The advanced technology contour adds 15% to the surface area and conducts heat away from the brake surface. FMVSS 121 test results indicate that the Webb VORTEX runs 75° to 175° cooler than other drums, is structurally strong, and has exceptional stopping performance. More test data and other performance criteria for the Webb VORTEX drum can be found at

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