Webb offers hydraulic disc brake rotor

Webb Wheel Products Inc's Aftermarket Business Unit has released new hydraulic disc brake rotor, part number 54773P-65 for front and rear truck applications with ABS. The 10-hole 54773P-65 weighs 38 lbs with a 6.00“ pilot diameter and 7.25“ bolt circle diameter.

The firm offers a range of “U” and “HAT” type rotors manufactured in the United States for hydraulic disc brake school bus, medium- and light-truck, and RV chassis applications. Webb rotors are made from a high grade of cast iron for long service life and maximum performance. ABS rotors have corrosion protective coating.

A copy of Webb's Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotor catalog can be requested by completing a literature order form found at www.webbwheel.com/aftermarket/orderliterature.html.

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