Webb brake drum technology can handle vehicle stopping-distance regulations

Brake drum technology developed by Webb Wheel Products Inc offers trucking fleets a reliable, cost-effective way to comply with new federal regulations on stopping distances for commercial vehicles. Webb manufactures a range of application-specific and new technology brake drums that can help fleets meet the new requirements.

For most vehicle operators, upgrading to larger and/or wider S-cam drum brake sizes is a viable alternative to air disc brakes. Webb has a selection of brake drums for these applications, and the patent-pending Vortex brake drum technology introduced by the company in 2007 offers additional benefits. Gray iron Vortex drums are a lighter, more durable alternative to other drums. Superior heat dissipation characteristics of the Vortex drums can maximize lining life and reduce life cycle costs. Webb has applied Vortex technology to its newly designed steer axle and wide drive axle brake drums specifically to meet the new stopping distance regulations without weight penalties over the existing standard drums.

In addition to the lower initial cost of specifying vehicles with drum brakes capable of meeting the new stopping distances rather than changing to air disc brakes, commercial vehicle operators and repair facilities are familiar with the easy removal and replacement of today's outboard-mounted brake drums, making servicing them economical as well. Replacement air disc rotors are more expensive than brake drums, and because they are inboard-mounted, the hub must be removed during service.

Besides the existing Vortex technology, Webb's R&D team is working to develop application-specific brake system solutions. For more information, visit www.webbwheel.com.

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