Using tarps can help reduce fuel costs

Truckers may not be able to do anything about the rising price of gasoline, but they can cover their load with a tarp to help lower fuel costs. Research shows that using a tarping system can improve fuel usage of dump trucks by 3 to 9 percent. The study was jointly conducted by UK-based tipping gear manufacturer HARSH Ltd. and MIRA, an international provider of product engineering, research, and testing.

In a series of tests, the companies proved that covering a truck's bed with sheeting helps maintain optimum airflow over the rest of the vehicle. Maximizing the truck's operating performance can lower fuel usage — whether the truck is carrying a load or empty.

While the research was conducted by a United Kingdom company, the principle is universal and applicable anywhere. Trucking companies in the United States can also use a tarping system to save fuel and money, according to William McRea, chief executive officer of Pulltarps.

To learn more about the fuel-saving benefit of tarping systems, contact McRea or visit

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