TRINCON Starts New Webinar Series

TRINCON Group, a national transportation industry advisory firm, has released a series of five educational webinars focused on key survival issues survival within the trucking industry: New Strategies for Business Development, Driver Development & Retention, New Approaches to Incentive & Productivity Based Compensation, Activity Based Costing applied to Trucking and Profitability of Increasing Truck Productivity.

The program will be monthly staring August 23. Web site,

The program series is designed to address the most pervasive issues affecting the trucking industry today—driver recruitment, retention, strategic account development, and increasing costs. New approaches are explored in selling accounts that make your equipment the most productive. New ideas are explored for developing a driver career path within an individual company or the industry. The series explores what is needed to absorb the increased driver, fuel, infrastructure and operating costs in the future through increased truck productivity. The programs on costing and truck productivity show how the industry can create additional profits that can be defined, priced and measured with an activity based costing methodology.

“We continue to see companies fighting the same battles of cost containment, recruiting and retaining a viable workforce,” said TRINCON President Duff H. Swain. “Companies that wish to be successful in the future must begin selecting the right customer relationships, viewing drivers and increased truck productivity differently, and measuring the cost / profit; effect of their pricing. This provides a basic strategy and answers to absorbing the industry’s ongoing increases in operating costs.”

The series of five webinars will be conducted once a month. The next two programs are scheduled for August 23 (Strategic New Business Development) and September 20 (Driver Development and Retention). Upon completion, the series will start over again for companies unable to attend due to date conflicts. A registration fee of $49 will be charged for each program, or $150 for the series.

To get more data and to register, visit, call 614-442-0590 or e-mail [email protected]

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