The Tough One boasts HDPE lining sheets

The Strick Trailer Corp unveiled its latest dry-freight semi-trailer, the TF1 (The Tough One). It has a new sheet-and-post trailer design with an HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lining and a full 100.5 inches of interior width.

Weighing only 13,700 pounds as a 53-foot van, the TF1 is one of the lightest trailers on the market with more than 100 inches of interior width. The aluminum exterior sheets are protected on the inside by an HDPE lining that snaps in between galvanized steel logistic posts that are set as standard on 24-inch centers.

HDPE lining sheets are designed and proven to withstand the rigors of forklift impact. Unlike traditional plywood linings, this water-resistant “earth-friendly” material is made for Strick out of recycled plastic products. It has been developed in partnership with Strick's preferred vendor and is available in a white color that makes the trailer brighter and safer.

Other TF1 features include Stick's tension roof system that expands and contracts with temperature changes to keep the roof sheet tight in all weather. Also, a split-wire harness system has separate grounded electrical lines that run down the curbside as well as the roadside of the trailer to minimize connection points and therefore potential shorts in the system.

E-mail Ben Katz at [email protected] for more details.

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