Smart Lamps integrate strobing LEDs and turn signal override functions

OEMs and fleet operators will find a lot to like in Peterson's latest additions to its patented line of Piranha LED Smart Lamps — warning light technology that combines strobing LEDs and automatic turn signal override functions in one self-contained lamp.

The new 10-diode, 4-inch Round models are SAE J845 Class Two-compliant and DOT-approved, and offer rugged wiring options plus the economy of only 10 diodes.

An efficient way to integrate strobing LED warning lamps into new vehicles and to retrofit existing vehicles, Smart Lamps are designed for full compatibility from model to model. Each self-contained lamp unit has electronic strobe and turn signal functions built in, plus digital “synchro wire” technology that keeps lamps in both dual and quad system installations perfectly synchronized. No cumbersome external flasher or control box is required.

Like all Smart Lamps, the new 10-diode models feature a triple-flash strobe function that can be manually activated or configured for automatic strobing when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Activating the turn signal automatically overrides the alternating strobe function.

The 10-diode models are available in two series. The 4344 has an AMP-compatible main port plus hardwired Packard hardshell connector for sync wire connection. The 8344 accepts AMP SuperSeal 1.5 connectors for all functions. Both models fit standard 4-inch mounting grommets, and their 9- to 32-volt operating range is compatible with 12- and 24-volt systems. Access for further details.

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