SAF-HOLLAND, DAF Trucks Join In Aftermarket Business

SAF-HOLLAND S.A. and DAF Trucks have agreed on an aftermarket cooperation deal. DAF Trucks will integrate SAF-HOLLAND parts in its Truck and Trailer Parts program (TRP) and supply its service dealers across Europe with SAF-HOLLAND parts. Original SAF-HOLLAND parts will thus now be available at all 1,100 DAF service dealers across Europe providing a one stop shop solution to customers for Truck and Trailer.

"We are very pleased with this strategically important cooperation, since the DAF service dealers are an ideal addition to our global distribution network, and an important part of our plan to expand our Aftermarket business," said Rudi Ludwig, CEO of the SAF-HOLLAND Group.

The aim is to increase Aftermarket's share of total sales from currently 22% to 25% in the medium term, and 30% in the long term, thereby boosting SAF-HOLLAND profitability.

The Aftermarket division supplies parts to the parts business of the car makers, to car dealers, as well as to independent service centers and trucking companies. Currently, SAF-HOLLAND's own service network consists of more than 7,000 outlets across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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