Rockinger has towing hitch training video

Rockinger, a manufacturer of towing hitches for trucks, has released a new training video. Free of charge, this video offers important information on selecting the right coupling and its operation, service, and repair.

The video, which is 20 minutes long, is divided into clearly arranged chapters and is aimed at workshops, fleet managers, and drivers. It gives an overview of the application areas and set-up of the different couplings. The video is not only a means for decision support when selecting the right coupling, but also a source of information for maintenance and repair of couplings.

The individual chapters show different areas of application for couplings using cut-view and 3D animation. The operation and care section gives information on correct coupling and decoupling. With tips and information on professional repairs, the training video supports training sessions and further education in workshops. An online version of the training film is available at; the DVD can now be ordered free of charge at [email protected].

In other news, Rockinger, the brand for towing hitches within the Jost group, has won the “Best Brand 2009” award for the fifth time in a row in the towing hitches category. This award is granted by the publishing company ETM and decided on by its readers.

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