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Ridewell RAR-260 suspension comes in overslung, underslung versions

Ridewell announces the release of RAR-260, a trailer air-ride suspension providing a balance between price and performance. Available in overslung and underslung configurations for both 25,000- and 30,000-lb capacities, RAR-260 suspensions are manufactured with Securelok pivot nuts for maintaining pivot clamping force. The unitized nut, washer, and shim combination is resistant to loosening under vibration.

Additional features of the RAR-260 include:

  • Industry-standard Tenneco multi-functional bushing

  • Integrated shock absorber mounting

  • Pivot bolt requires only 500 ft-lb torque

  • Axle alignment adjustment capability +/- .25" at hanger

Mounting heights range from 14" to 18" for RAR-260 overslung and 5.5" to 9" for underslung.

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