Rickson adds beauty to plain steel wheels

Now you can enhance the look of the plain steel wheels on a truck with stainless steel trim rings (a.k.a. “beauty rings”) exclusively from Rickson Wheel Manufacturing. Available for both 19.5" and 22.5" steel wheels, these trim rings snap securely onto the perimeter of the wheel — no tools required. Trim rings will enhance the look of a truck by giving the wheels a “finished” appearance, while hiding and protecting those unsightly wheel weights.

Rickson's trim rings offer an economical yet effective alternative to full wheel covers (simulators) and can be used in conjunction with hub covers and/or lugnut covers for a custom look. Trim rings are sold in sets of four (replacements sold individually). The cost per set is $150 for the 19.5" size and $160 for the 22.5" size.

Call Rickson at 1-800-587-7633 or visit the firm's website at www.ricksontruck.com for more information.

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