Remote Start/Stop Module built for Dodge, Sterling transmissions

VMAC's Remote Start/Stop Module is designed for 2007-2009 Dodge 6.7L 2500-5500 automatic transmissions and 2007-2009 Sterling Bullet 6.7L 3500-5500 automatic transmissions to allow easier remote start/stop of the vehicle. Ideal for bucket truck operators or any work truck requiring a remote engine start, this module allows a vehicle with the key in the “run” position to be engaged remotely.

The Remote Start/Stop Module reduces complexity of installing a remote start/stop. It allows for all-day use versus the limitations of OEM and can eliminate the need for an extra PTO-engage switch. From a safety standpoint, the Remote Start/Stop Module requires use of the parking brake.

This module is designed to work with air-actuated electronic controls for bucket trucks as well as with electric momentary switches. It also interacts with Dodge's Remote Start functions.

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