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Aerofficient39s new quotSliderquot trailer fairing

Aerofficient's new "Slider" trailer fairing.

A recap of new product announcements from the Mid-America Trucking Show

Aerofficient unveils “Slider” fairing

Aerofficient, designers and manufacturers of aerodynamic enhancement devices for heavy-duty truck trailers, announced that production of its Slider side fairing for on-highway trailers will begin in April. (see photo in the related image gallery)

The patent pending system automatically expands or contracts when the trailer's axles are moved, filling the gap between the trailing edge of a standard “fixed” trailer side fairing and the trailer's tires.

The Aerofficient “Slider” is affixed to the trailer's sliding axles, and moves forward/rearward with the axles. No driver involvement is required and the “Slider” does not interfere with operations. If maintenance is required beneath the trailer, the “Slider” is easily detached from the axles and slid forward for quick and easy under-trailer access.

The Aerofficient “Slider,” and all Aerofficient side fairing products, have been verified by the Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership as an “advanced trailer skirt.” Aerofficient trailer fairings are made with an engineered, injection-molded plastic panel material. The company's patent-pending hinged technology permits the fairings to bend in or out 90 degrees to pass over obstructions without being damaged. The fairings are also designed to hold their shape in extreme temperatures and to resist ice and snow packing.

Aerofficient “Slider” fairings will be manufactured in Livonia, Michigan and will be available from the manufacturer and through trailer dealers nationwide. (www.aerofficient.com)

Truck-Lite can give trailers a CHMSL

The center high-mounted stop lamp (CHMSL) that provides extra visibility to cars and light trucks can now go on truck trailers, the result of a wiring adapter for existing Truck-Lite LED marker lamps. (see photo in the related image gallery)

“We know that many Class 8 truck and trailers require wider turning radiuses or longer stopping distances, and can benefit from advanced awareness to following traffic” said Brad Van Riper, Truck-Lite's chief technology officer.

The dual-function pigtail adapter has been designed to work together with select Truck-Lite LED marker lamps to manage the amount of light the lamps deliver, adding a second, brighter function to the lamps. Van Riper continued, adding “With many traditional stop and turn lamps positioned lower to the ground, it's often the case that tailing traffic can't see the indication of turns or stops. This pigtail allows high-mounted marker lamps, which are more easily seen by vehicles behind a truck or trailer, to provide additional indication of stops and turns.”

During normal driving, the pigtail operates the lamps at standard marker light output levels, until a brake function is made. Upon doing so, the pigtail increases the light output, providing an increased level identification to those tailing the vehicle. By providing a second function to the marker lamp application, typical marker lamp installations can now assist with stop and turn awareness, even to those multiple vehicles behind in traffic. The pigtails install directly into traditional harness connections, making use of existing brake functions.

The pigtail is available in a variety of configurations for use with different harness connections and a number of Truck-Lite LED marker clearance lamps.

Bendix expanding tire pressure monitoring

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC expects to release SmarTire TPMS for trailers in the third quarter of 2012 as an aftermarket retrofit kit. (see photo in the related image gallery)

A typical kit for the company's tire pressure monitoring system would consist of eight wheel sensors, harnessing, and a wireless receiver. The company also intends to make SmarTire TPMS available to OE trailer manufacturers.

SmarTire technology continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on a commercial vehicle to provide real-time tire status information to the driver or maintenance technician. When paired with the latest version of SmarTire for tractors, the SmarTire trailer system will wirelessly link with the trailer, displaying both the truck and the trailer tire information. Through this automatic link, the system will display the data provided by sensors monitoring the trailer tires on the existing TPMS display.

The SmarTire technology warns the driver of tire-related problems before they pose a safety hazard. The temperature compensation feature allows the system to provide earlier warnings of a tire problem. (www.bendix.com)

Kinedyne promotes double decking

Kinedyne displayed its Kaptive Beam double-decking system designed van fleet operators. 

Using a system of tracks and beams, the system creates a second deck in a trailer for storing cargo. In the traditional “floor load” method, a trailer is usually filled to capacity before it reaches the allowable cargo weight limit. The Kaptive Beam System utilizes the maximum cargo space inside the trailer, decreases loading time, reduces freight damage, and reduces lost decking beams. (www.kinedyne.com)

ATDynamics triples sales at close of 2011

ATDynamics, Inc announced a more than 300% increase in TrailerTail orders versus the last quarter of 2011. The TrailerTail® Roll retracts automatically along the sides and top of the trailer when a trailer is backed into a loading bay and deploys automatically as the vehicle pulls away.

Fleets placed new orders for over 2,800 TrailerTail units in the first eleven weeks of 2012. In the last year, 51 US and Canadian trucking fleets have commenced TrailerTail pilot programs, full fleet retrofits or OEM factory installations.

The company also said that it now has developed a version of the aerodynamic device for trailers equipped with roll-up rear doors.

The TrailerTail Roll, or “RollTail,” will be aimed at the more than 500,000 trailers that are estimated to have roll-up doors. Over half of the top 10 largest for-hire and private trucking operations in the United States depend on roll door trailers to ship freight, the company said.

The TrailerTail® Roll will qualify as an EPA Smartway Verified Advanced Rear Fairing and will allow stand-alone compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations for trailer aerodynamics. The device does not impact trailer loading or cube capacity and is compliant with Department of Transportation dimension and visibility requirements. (www.atdynamics.com)

Axle manufacturer offers trailer suspensions

Ingersoll Axles (An IMT Company) introduced a line of suspensions at Mid-America.

Several years in the making, the ISS (Ingersoll Suspension System), features an optimum I-beam trailing beam design, a fully wrapped axle connection, and industry standard parts. The line includes 15 new suspension designs. (see photo in the related image gallery)

Having only offered axles in the past, Ingersoll Axles is now able to be a one stop shop for the company's axle offerings (standard, drop centre, steerable, in-line, and others). www.ingersollaxles.com.



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