RearSight helps avert backing-up accidents

Rostra Precision Controls Inc. introduces the new RearSight back-up camera system specifically designed for use in fleet vehicles.

The RearSight kit (#250-8040) features a 5-inch TFT-LCD monitor that mounts directly in the vehicle's headliner to display with a large, wide-angle view for drivers. The monitor has a reverse override function as well as dual video inputs for navigation, interior camera, and/or DVD.

A heavy-duty, waterproof color image camera provides a 150-degree wide-angle view behind the vehicle that is transferred to the in-cab monitor. The camera features auto infrared for night vision and a heavy-duty bracket with a 5-foot harness, which allows users to easily adjust the camera's angle.

Rostra offers a three-year/36,000-mile warranty on the new RearSight kit. Professional installation is recommended.

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