Ramsey 9500 UT comes in two versions

Ramsey Winch, a subsidiary company and brand of Ramsey Industries, announces the Patriot 9500 UT (Ultimate Technology) in both standard and low-profile configurations.

The Patriot 9500 UT and the Profile 9500 UT (low-profile) offer features including the patent-pending semi-automatic clutch that reduces winching time and improves safety.

“When used with the patented Ramsey wireless remote, the 9500 UT models can be engaged and operated from up to 50 feet away of the winch itself,” said Phil Halt, Ramsey marketing product manager.

The new sealed high-torque 5.5-horsepower series wound motor delivers a no-load line speed of 33 feet per minute. The sealed drum and sealed gear assembly protect the winch from the elements even in severe operating conditions.

Major features of the Ramsey 9500 UT and the Profile 9500 UT include:

  • Rated line pull single line of 9500 lbs

  • Gear reduction ratio of 138:1

  • Weight — 93 lbs

  • Cable supplied — 105 feet of 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable with replaceable clevis hook with safety latch

More information may be found at www.ramsey.com.
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