Push/pull valves stand up to punishment

AIRman push/pull valves are designed specifically for the heavy transport industry and include the ability to withstand the punishing environmental concerns of a mobile pneumatic application. A -40° to 180° F temperature range and a capacity to cope with typical airline contamination while providing for millions of trouble-free cycles has been independently tested and validated.

Construction materials include tumble-impact finished barstock aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Seals are rated for -65° F and formulated for the best resistance possible to airline chemicals such as anti-freeze. Assembly lubricants are rated to -75° F and are designed to withstand the constant presence of water without being washed away.

AIRman push/pull valves are ergonomically designed with large knobs to accommodate gloved hands and standard mounting options provide for easy installation to frames or panels. Flow function is available for three-way or four-way. Porting options include 1/8 to 1/2 NPT. Any valve is available with DOT fittings installed.

Visit www.airmaninc.com or www.amimobileair.com for complete details.

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