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PSI Announces MTIS Stimulus Package

Pressure Systems International, along with Wirth Financial and Velociti, announced a program for the trucking industry during the Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

The “MTIS Stimulus Package” is a turn-key, buy-four-get-one-free retrofit program that will allow fleets to purchase four retrofit kits, including installation, directly from Velociti, for any axle combination, TN/TQ, TP, WP, HP, HN, HQ etc. and have an immediate 20% savings on the cost of the MTIS by PSI product.

Velociti will perform kit installations at fleet locations, with its nationwide presence of PSI certified mobile technicians, as it has for many fleets during the past decade. The entire product and labor cost of the package can be financed by Wirth Financial, and the fleet can pay for this retrofit right out of their existing tire expense budget.

An example of the savings available through the “MTIS Stimulus Package”: A 50-unit retrofit would have the company pay for 40 units and receive 10 free units with an estimated savings of $10,000. Wirth Financial will finance the entire amount for 36 months costing the fleet approximately $30.50 per month per trailer. Longer payment options are also available.

In addition to the savings realized through the “MTIS Stimulus Package”, fleets adding the Meritor Tire Inflation System to their trailers will experience on-going savings due to better fuel economy, improved tire wear characteristics and tire retreadability, a reduction in expensive road side service calls and elimination of costs associated with manually checking tire pressures. Automatic tire inflation is a Smartway recommended technology.

Fleets can visit or to calculate their own ROI and expected savings based on their fleet size and operation. A free cost savings hand-held calculation wheel is available upon request from ArvinMeritor, just call (210) 222-1926 x 230, and mention “The Stimulus Package Promotion.”

“Every fleet is looking for ways to save money, but many are restricted in this tough economic environment by cash considerations to add technology to do that,” said Frank Sonzala, Executive VP of Pressure Systems International. “We think the initial 20% savings offered in this new “Stimulus Package” on top of Wirth’s financing options can address that and encourage fleets to add MTIS which ultimately will save them money.”

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